babysitter and my milf again

my wife has always had a thing for younger guys, and I enjoy hearing about all her conquests and absolutely adore the few times I am allowed to watch or better still join in.
Peggy had gone out with a group of girls to a bachelorette party and I figured they would drop her off trashed later that evening.They were going to a male strip club and every time she went there, she was always one of the girls that got the strippers attention.
I was enjoying a captain and coke and watching a movie when I heard a knock on the door-wall. I got up and found Joe. Our old babysitter at the door. he was d***k on his ass and had a 40 ouncer in his hand. I let him in and helped him to a chair.Joe offered me a swig. I told him I had plenty for myself. he asked if he could spend the night here cause his mom and dad were already ragging on him for his drinking. it would be better to come home in the morning then to show up d***k and have everybody screaming.
I agreed and told him to get comfortable cause peg was out and I was alone. He took another drink and I started the movie back up. we were watching the movie for about 5 minutes when Joe said..Man you guys are alright. I grinned and said thanks. Then he said I mean you have an open marriage or something, right? I said something like that. He said I mean I am cool with it cause I like our wife. I said thanks and wondered where this was going. Then he said you know i was here last summer with your wife, right? I said i think so, why. he said I mean you were asl**p and Scott and I came over and you guys had a bunch of people over and they were all leaving and when we got here, Peggy invited us in the backyard and said please make yourself comfortable and wait here while I walk out my friends. When she came back out she was only wearing a swimsuit coverup, with no suit. (I was loving hearing it from him cause she already told me everything that happened). Then he told me that Scott sorta passed out and she came over to me and sat on my lap and kissed me real nice. I was like cool and kissed back and we were both getting hot and then she said she was going to check on you and she went in. I was hard as a rock and she came back out the door totally naked and stripped my jeans off and sat on my cock and fucked me in front of Scott who was now awake and jacking his big dick. he said Scott got up and walked over to her and she sucked him off and that made me cum in her. she was getting off big time and Scott shot a load in her mouth and he dripped it all down my neck and pegs tits. I licked it off her tits and she licked it off my neck and then in a matter of a few minutes we left. I have always wanted to cum back but was afraid. That is until tonight and I got d***k to get the courage to do it. I told him that I was a little taken aback wondering what he would have done if I didn't know. He said he met up with a friend of his named beau and beau had told him he gets it her often and that I was cool with it. I made a mental note to kick beaus ass or lick it......Anyway we were talking about beau and Joe and the girls they have shared and then he says he would love to do Peggy again. I said she was probably going to be home soon cause the bachelorette party was going to be ending soon. Then we heard a knock on the door and I opened the door and one of the girls was holding Peggy up. she helped me to get her into the door and I asked her to close the door and I would get her to bed. She left and Joe came in to help me get her into bed. We laid her back on the bed and I asked Joe to help me get her shoes off. and then her coat and dress and we had her naked in no time. she had no undies on and Joe said wasn't she wearing them when she left the house. I said most likely. he shook his head and said I wonder where they are. I said who cares. She is d***k but she is plenty horny, so If you want to enjoy her, she will wake up and fuck your brains out again. Joe dropped his jeans and skivvies and climbed up between her legs and leaned over to kiss her. Peggy wrapped her arms around him and I could see Joe had a huge fat hunk of sausage between his legs. Peggy reached down and said oh yes, This is what I need tonight a nice big cock. She rubbed it up and down along her pussy and then I reached under him to guide it into her slippery drenched pussy. Joe said ohhhh damn this is nice. I took advantage and felt his gorgeous large nut sack and rubbed them gently in my hands and then I slid my thumb back and forth across his asshole for a little bit and watched him shove his cock in about 3 inches. She was moaning and gurgling and she said oh damn who is this. I told her it was Joe the babysitter, and she said I wondered when you were coming back. all this time her eyes were closed and she was slurring her words. She then said where is Scotty. Joe said he got married. She said aw fuck hes got a nice big dick too. Then she said call him up and tell him I want a double penetration. Joe said his old lady hates me and if I call him she wont let him out. she said then you call him and I looked at Peggy and Joe and said what am I going to tell him? She said Tell him to come and help Joe out he is d***k and needs his help. I thought...what the hell it might work. So Joe gave me the phone while the tow of them proceeded to fuck. I watched and rubbed my crotch for a while and then Scotty answered. I said Scott are you asl**p? he said I just got out of bed to take a quick shower. he Knew who it was cause of caller I.D. and he said what's up. I said is it OK to talk or will i get you in trouble. He said no, she is in the shower now. and then I told him what Joe wanted but told him to tell his wife I had a flat tire and wondered if he could help me out and I would pay him to fix it. He said what about the money if I come home my wife is going to want to know where the money is. I told him not to worry I got it covered. Scott said OK gimme about 15 minutes. I hung up and I could hear them both moaning loudly and Joe was buried to the nuts against her pussy and his cock was slick with cum as he kept pumping. Peggy said keep fucking me I am coming again. he kept slamming it into her and then he hunched again and shot his cum into her deep as she screamed out his name. Joe laid back and his cock slipped out. Peggy lay back huffing loudly to catch her breath. Joe was out of breath too as I leaned over him to eat her pussy. Peggy said ummm I love it when you eat some young guys cum from my pussy in front of them. it turns me on so much. then she pushed my head toward Joe's cock and I licked his cock and she said that's a good boy suck his cock clean so he can get heard again for me so I sucked as much of his cock into my mouth and then licked it all over to clean him and her both up. By the time I finished sucking them both clean it had been 15 minutes and Scott knocked on the door wall. I let him in and he saw Peggy and Joe lying on the bed. The air was drenched with sex and I thanked Scotty for coming so quick and asked if he was ready to have a go with Peggy. he looked at me stunned and Joe said it's cool man he likes to watch her fucking me and wants you to join in so we can fuck her cunt and asshole. Peggy got up and stripped Scotty nude and bent over to suck his cock. He too was soon hard and Joe was licking her pussy from behind as I watched Scotty's cock rise to the occasion. Joe laid down and said Peggy climb up on me and then while your ass is in the air Scotty can fuck your ass while I fuck your pussy again. Scotty was rock hard and all of 9 1/2 inches long and although it wasn't fat, it wasn't skinny. it was a bit thicker than mine and a lot longer. Peggy sat down over Joe's cock and inserted it into her pussy as I leaned over and kissed her and she said Thanks... again she was still slurring all her words and then Scotty slid his cock up along her asshole. I said wait a minute and poured some lube into my hand and massaged her asshole a bit and lid a finger in deep and then re applied it to assure she was well lubed and then without asking I poured some on Scotty's cock and massaged it back and forth a few times.Scotty looked at me and grinned and got really hard and I poured some more on my hand and rubbed it up and down the length of his cock again as he leaned forward. I then guided his cock up to her little pooper and Scott leaned in sliding a few inches into her as she moaned. Then they stayed like that as she got used to it and then Joe began to hunch up and down as Scott slid a few more inches in and then Peggy groaned loudly as she said damn that's big and then she slid back into Scott and he was buried to the balls. I got behind them and saw both of their cocks were in to the hilt and she was grinding up and down against them and then she said ohhh yes this is too good to be true. I got me some hotties. Joe was still 17, and Scott was just 18. She was doing these young men and enjoying it as if there were no tomorrow. I saw both their balls rubbing each other and reached over and held them both ...One in each hand and then I leaned over and sucked on nut into my mouth and then the other and then I lay back down and jacked off watching them as the fucked her for all she was worth. I fell asl**p and the next day both of them were gone when I woke up. Peggy was asl**p and i slid up next to her and licked her pussy clean. she later awoke and said thanks for the wonderful gift. I explained it was just something that happened. She said no she meant thanks for calling Scotty over cause she wanted to do that the night they were here and knew they had to get home soon. she kissed me and I could taste a lot of cum in her mouth. She said she sucked Scotty off once more before he left and then Joe fucked her one more time before he left. she said she sucked him off after fucking him. She hugged me and kissed me and we swapped cum from one mouth to another for a while and then fell back to sl**p.
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Great story
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Good story but, dude, paragraphs :-) your eyes need to refocus occasionally.