our first hot tub and my milfs new pals

When we first installed our hot tub one of the young guys from work helped me to install it into our spa room right off the f****y room. Mark and Yvonne, both 19, spent 2 days and one night helping us to install it and now it was time to fill it. We said you may as well spend another night to break it in once it filled. They agreed and we opened a few bottles of champagne and got prepared for the initial break in. As we finished filling it, Mark said is this like the pool, and no suits allowed after 10? I said I never realized it was that late, but yes it was. mark looked at his wife who looked a bit annoyed. Peggy stripped down and entered, butt naked. I followed suit and then Yvonne said I will take mine off once I am inside. Mark said he was going to get some more champagne and he walked into the other room fully clothed. He returned and Yvonne was now naked under the bubbles, but mark was fully nude and stopped to poor us all a glass of champagne and proceeded to spill some on Peggy's tit, and laughed saying Oh I am so sorry. Do you want me to lick that off. he was getting a semi hard on and his wife was really showing her annoyance now. we laughed it off and as mark lifted his leg to get in he had his ass and balls almost in my wife's face as if he really wanted her to get a good look. His cock had to be a good 8 inches when hard, uncut, and really thick, but as it was semi hard it looked to be around 7 inches long and he had enormous nuts that hung real low. Yvonne looked at him and then she looked at me and caught me staring at his package. She shook her head and said knock it off Mark or I am leaving. He said to chill out and have some fun. She shook her head again. Mark turned around as he got both feet in and he leaned back and his cock was well exposed in Peggy's face now. it was closer to a total erection and he turned and it touched Peggy's face. I saw this maneuver and so did Peggy, but his back was to Yvonne. As his cock was coming close to Peggy's face she had her tongue out and licked it a bit. Mark saw this and he looked amazed yet didn't stop to show it. He sat down between my wife and his and he was rubbing his wife's leg. She said Mark we can't do that in here. He said why not. nobody can see under the bubbles. she said Mark....stop it. I didn't know it but at the time his hand was also on my wife's pussy and she was leaning back allowing his fingers inside. I figured out what was happening cause she squeezed the fuck ut of my hand and pulled her legs apart to allow him access to her pussy. She had her leg spread over far enough that it could have shown above the bubbles if she wasn't careful. She was near an orgasm and Yvonne got mad cause Mark was still trying to avoid detection with my wife by bringing attention to his wife. She got real mad and said OK if this is what you want, I am out of here. she stepped out and was totally nude now. Her breasts were huge and the aureola were both pancake sized with inch long nipples. Her bush was shaved narrow like a landing strip and she was so pissed she didn't care that we saw it, as she was drying off now to leave. I stepped out and wrapped a towel around me and went to calm her, but she had her mind made up. Mark kept yelling for her to come back as he fingered my wife to an orgasm. She got dressed and said she would wait for him in the car for 5 minutes and she was leaving with or without him. Mark didn't even respond. She walked out the door with her clothes on and her hair still dripping. I stayed out of the spa and said Mark she is outside in the car. He said fuck her she gets so up tight. Then after 5 minutes she left. I told Mark she left and all he said was oh well. Do you guys mind me sl**ping here again tonight? Peggy said no problem as he kept fingering her and sucking her tits. I glanced between the door and wall along the hinges and saw them with her head thrown back and eyes closed. I hollered I am going to get more champagne. I will probably be half an hour or so. Peggy knew we had more in the garage and figured I was giving her more time to be alone with Mark. As I slammed the door, I snuck a look in the gap along the door hinges again and saw Peggy sucking on Marks cock. It was real clear now that his cock was very fat and big. His foreskin was pulled back and she was licking down in the area between it and his cock head. I stroked my cock as I watched. Mark then said I want some of your pussy before he gets back so he picked her up and set her ass on the edge of the spa and proceeded to slide his big young uncut cock up and down along her slit to get it slick with her juices and his pre-cum. he was literally drooling snot out of the end of his cock and it was getting real messy all over her pussy lips. Then I heard peggy say oh please fuck me with your big fat cock. Shove that fucking thing in me now! Mark grinned and slid it down along her slit once more and then drove it in and got it half way in before he stopped to back out and grease it up some more. Then he drove it deep again and this time he bottomed out and Peggy threw her head back and clenched his ass cheeks and said oh yes, please fuck me hard and fast. mark was pistoning in and out of her pussy as they both held each others asses and bucked into one another. He had his eyes closed and from where he was his back was to the door. I moved over so Peggy could see me and she opened her eyes long enough to see me jacking off. I shot a long string of cum across the doorway and it hit her breast and Marks arm. with all the water and motion and all he didn't notice it. But she did and it took her over the edge. she came and groaned real loud. I figured it was time for me to act like I just got home, so I went back to the garage and got a few bottles of champagne and carried them to the counter and dropped them on the counter to make a little noise. Then I slammed the door shut and figured he must know I am home now. I opened another bottle and walked in to the spa room to see them laying just low enough in the water to have just their heads above water. I then saw they were both breathing very quick short gasping breaths. I said you guys are probably wiped out from the heat. Mark said yeah this is awesome. I poured us all more champagne and stepped into the spa. I leaned over and kissed Peggy. She kissed me long and hard and I got hard again. I felt her arm under the water and could feel it was going over towards Marks cock. I was tempted to slide it onto his cock, but she knew me and held my hand to keep me from doing that. Mark was also feeling her pussy under water cause she wouldn't allow me to feel er pussy. I chuged down three glasses of champagne, and opened another bottle. I drank 2 more glasses and then I acted like I was asl**p. I lay there and Mark asked if I was asl**p. She said yes. he does this a lot. Then he said will he wake up. she said not unless I wake him up. She said he is out of it from drinking so much champagne. Then she said watch this. she straddled my face and slid her cummy pussy back and forth along my nouth. I was licking her like crazy but he couldn't see that part of it. he said ewe he is letting you slide your pussy on his face and I just came in you. She laughed and said He eats me after fucking me anyway. Mark said damn you made him eat my cum. Then she stepped over me and sat down beside me and mark slid between her legs and slid his cock along her tits and she slipped it down between her legs. Then she spread her legs far enough that one of her legs went over the top of me and onto the ledge next to me. She then grabbed my hand and slipped it around Marks cock and stroked his cock with it under the water. She said ummm I bet you like the feeling of fucking me in front of him even though he doesn't know it. and then she said Im going to slip a finger in your ass and she took my hand and slid it along his ass under the water and dipped my finger into his ass. I was then feeling his balls and they were so big I got hard again. I wanted to feel his cock inside her and I slipped a finger into her pussy from underneath as he was fucking her. I could feel his cock in her pussy and slid it back and forth for a while and then slid it back into his ass. This brought him off again and she came too as he shot several ropes of cum deep into her. then Mark said get on top of him again and let me see my cum drip from your pussy onto his mouth. she did and as she got over me she put her fingers in my mouth and opened it and let his cucm drip into my motuh as he watched. mark said damn that is so hot. He said ya think he would wake up if I slid my cock on his lips. she said oh fuck that would be so hot. Do it. Mark stood over me and peggy gripped his semi hard cock and slid it along my mouth and then she oepend my mouth and slid his cock into my mouth. mark stood still and Pegy was now fingering his asshole and he was getting hard in my mouth. then she began jacking his cock and rubbing his nutsack. She would alternate between his nuts and his anus as she jacked his cock. I could feel his cock getting harder and harder. I then decided to stick my tongue into his foreskin. mark said stop I think he might be waking up. she said I doubt it. He said he moved his tongue. She said don't you move your tongue in your sl**p. I figured I better stop that. then peggy stood next to mark and he was sucking her tits. With his face buried in her tits I could open my eyes a bit and not worry about his seeing this. I then felt her fingers go down and grip his cock tight and she began a deliberate jacking and he said your gonna make me cum in his mouth if you dont stop. she said I always wanted to see him suck another guys cock and since he wouldn't do it conciously, why not get my wish this way. Mark got into it and was now holding my head as he rammed his cock deeper into my throat while she jacked his dick. I was so turned on that I came without anyone touching my cock and then I felt marks nuts tighten and he shot several ropes of cum into my mouth as I swallowed all of it. Mark said damn I can't believe he swallowed it. she said cool I am so turned on. Lets go get him laid down on the couch and you and I can go to the bedroom where you can fuck me silly with your big cock. Mark said I wish my wife was more like you. Peggy said give her a chance. he said I'd rather fuck you. They went to the bedroom and she laid down and mark crawled over her to get between her legs. he pulled her knees up and out and drove his big thick young uncut cock into her and she enjoyed him burying it into her til it touched her cervix. she let out a moan that I heard and now I knew they were busy and got up and went to see if I could watch again. mark was fucking her real hard and fast now and she was cumming. she came several times before he came again. When he came this time he shot a few strings of cum inside her and then he pulled out and shot it all over her face, hair and tits.
I came into the bedroom like I was out of it and laid down next to her ignoring him as if I didn't know he was there and I kissed her deep as I felt his cum all over her face and now mine. I then laid down and faked being asl**p again. mark said that is amazing. he didn't even see me. Then she said wait a while and we can make him suck your dick again. mark was into that saying OK, Cool. I want to shoot all over his face this time. She said cool let me suck you hard again. I kept opening my eyes enough to see what was going on but not enough to be caught. Mark was so into me sucking his cock again that he was hard in no time. He straddled my face and she opened my mouth a bit and he shoved his cock in. This time she got over him and was sliding her pussy on his face as he slid his cock in and out of my mouth. I was actually sucking on his cock this time and there was no way he didn't know I was awake. He was so caught up in all of it that as he came I gulped it all down and he collapsed on my face and i fell asl**p with his cock in my mouth
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1 year ago
Great story
1 year ago
Great I love getting "straight" guys to bi sex
2 years ago
well done!
2 years ago
very nice
2 years ago
Hot, thanks for sharing!
2 years ago
love it but it would be hotter if they fuckd doggy style directly over his face