fun with the milf and her boytoy

My wife loves young guys and I get extremely turned on when she is having sex with them, also. I love it best when I am there, but I don't care if she wants to be alone with them either. One time one of her boy-toys was graduated from high school but he was going to attend a summer diving camp. She told him she wanted to join him and they could have sex every spare moment they got. he agreed and she arranged to drive him up and they left a day early so they could spend a night in a motel room together. They got to within a half hour of the college and stopped early in the afternoon. They got lunch and then went to the room where she arranged to get a suite with a spa. they were having a nice relaxing hot spa with the jets on and the temp up and Kenny began to kiss her and feel her breasts. he was kissing her ears and she reached down and grabbed his cock and they quit any foreplay and just began to have rough sex in the spa.Ken is nine inches and cut and very thick. I have sucked him off once in our spa at home. She was enjoying his big cock fucking her deep and she began to cum. She told me his cock was hitting her cervix and felt so full she could feel him entering her cervix and it was the greatest cum she has ever had. He came in her and she came 2 more times before she relaxed again. Kenny's phone was ringing and he jumped out of the spa to get it. His buddy terry was on the phone. she overheard his discussion and he told him that his dad dropped him off near the college and he was supposed to spend the night at his great aunt's house. Kenny said he could probably spend the night with him and his Aunt. Peggy shook her head no, but Ken said, "You'll like Terry, He is bigger than me, and snickered. She said to me later that she could imagine another young man in the spa with them and a bigger dick and she just melted. OK she said but you didn't tell him anything did you. Ken said no, honest. she said OK. He said we will have to go get him. she said OK, and they dressed and drove over to the cab stop and picked him up. He was a cute boy and she was horny just imagining his big dick. she was getting real wet again and Ken helped pack his luggage in the trunk. She said we only have one king sized bed. Do you mind sl**ping with the 2 of us. Terry was a bit shocked but ken said you'll love it the bed is huge. So they got talking about the diving coach and all other subjects. When they got to the room Ken said we should probably jump into the spa. Terry said you got a spa? and ken said yeah. He showed him the spa and terry said lets get my speedo from the bag. Ken said no way we are going in without suits. He said what about your aunt. He said she wont mind. she was in with me earlier. Terry looked shocked again and then ken dropped his clothes and stepped in. Peggy stripped and sat next to ken and terry hesitated for half a second and then dropped everything and got in. terry sat across from the both of them and with the jets on she couldn't see anything and he did a good job of hiding it when he got in. Ken leaned over and sucked on pegs nipples and about made terry drop his jaw. Peggy pulled him to her and kissed him and then with her foot she slid it between terry's legs and rubbed his crotch. terry was holding her foot as she slid it around and over his cock getting him hard and then she told ken to sit on the ledge and she went down on Kenny. She brought him off real quick and then she said well Terry are you gonna make me guess how big your cock is or are you gonna sit up here and let me suck it. he sat up next to ken and she saw a huge fatter cock that looked about an inch longer than ken. she could barely open her jaw to suck it. so she said lets get that thing inside me so I can get you off. She straddled terry's cock and slid down over it and fucked him for a good five minutes before he came. Terry almost passed out and she then sucked his semi limp cock and was enjoying it until he got hard again. Kenny said let me go first this time. Ken got her bent over the edge of the sap and fucked her good for ten minutes and after he came and she did too, Terry was ready for a second go. He fucked her from behind and they continued on fro 3 more hours until Ken reminded them they should stop so they would be able to dive tomorrow. They went to sl**p and when they awoke in the morning. She gave them each a blow job and after breakfast she dropped them off and went back to the motel to tell me all about it.
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