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My wife and I had gotten into hot-wife behavior only shortly before this story took place. We had had 3 other ventures and all were enjoyable but each was more enjoyable than the last. I had enjoyed watching only once and was about to enjoy my 2nd watching and join in to a small degree. We had met a young friend of a friend of her younger b*****r at a party and he and my wife hit it off together wonderfully. she shared a joint with him at the party and they smoked it to the nub. She was high and so was he. she was really turned on by Marty and it appeared as though Marty was turned on by her. She told me later after they were gone to smoke the joint and returned 45minutes later that Marty used to be very overweight and just recently lost about 75 pounds. She listened to him tell about all the girls he never got a chance with and she said she leaned in a kissed him and said you will never have that problem again. Marty responded by saying he really liked her and she said I like you too. They went back to kissing and eventually she sucked him off. She said do you want to go back to our house and sit in the hot tub. He said is your husband gonna be there? She said not if you don't want him to. He said I'd like it if we can be alone. She grinned and said OK. I will tell him to get lost. he laughed and said you're not really gonna tell him that are you. she said yes, don't you want to be alone. He said yes, but that is not nice. I told him I would be gentle. he grinned and said OK. I was waiting by the bar and when she found me she said I want to go back with Marty to the house. She said he wants to be alone with me. I said OK, I'll find a ride. I asked when she wanted me to come back home. she told me to come back about midnight. I agreed and kissed her and she told me i was the greatest and she walked over to Marty. She gave him the keys to our Vette and he was in awe. She told him to drive her home cause she was going to be busy. He drove off and she unzipped his shorts and removed his cock and she proceeded to lick his cock as he drove. she said he did a good job of focusing on the drive and didn't swerve or anything. she went down on him and sucked his cock up and down and eventually she sucked his cock in to her throat and was sucking the entire 8 inches of his s*******n year old cock. she was enjoying it immensely and he asked where do you live. She said let me finish you off and then I'll give you directions. she sucked him in to her throat again and swirled her tongue on his foreskin and sunk it in to his head and gave it a good tongue bath and he came into her mouth. He was enjoying it and bucking and humping like a horse. she finished sucking and just licked all around to remove any trace of cum. Then she zipped him up and gave directions back to our house. Marty drove into the garage and they went in through the kitchen door. she locked the doors and walked to the spa room and told him to get undressed as she got some drinks. She brought back a bottle of jagermeister and 4 beers. she set them down and poured 2 shots and they downed them and stepped into the sap. she sat across his lap and sucked his tongue as he guided his cock into her pussy. she sat down onto it and began a slow steady rise and fall as she kissed him passionately. Marty was moaning as she kept it up and he was gonna cum soon. she wanted him to fuck her for a lot longer but his inexperience was getting the better of him and he came in buckets. She was just beginning a cum and she pulled his face to her breasts and said c'mon and suck em for me. he sucked themm hard and she came. she was groaning and he kept sucking them as she came 3 times. she was finally wiped out and relaxing slumped on his shoulder and telling him that was the best. marty was proud and told her thanks. she said, "NO< thank you". and they relaxed for a while and enjoyed a few more shots and beers. she was talking about me and he asked what she had told me and she told him the truth. Marty was freaking out and said no you didn't. she said yes she did. Then he said isn't he gonna kill me. she said no way. He loves me having added adventures and then telling him about it. Marty twisted his face in disbelief. She said if you don't believe me I will call him and he can tell you himself. she called and told me the situation and had me on speaker phone. She said OK, Tell Marty what you know is happening right now. I told him that she took him home to our spa and was probably sucking and fucking his brains out if she got her way. Marty said no way. I told him yes and I was dying for the details. She said OK tell him how big he is. I told him 8 inches. Marty said how did you know. She said I told him before we left. Marty said I don't know how you guys can do this. I said I love to know she is sexually gratified and I love knowing other guys think my wife is hot like i do. She said Marty, do you mind if he comes home to watch us. Marty said I don't know. I said Please. I promise I wont touch.
Marty said OK but just to watch. I said hell yes and told her i was gonna call a cab. She laughed and said OK see you in a few. I arrived home and walked into the spa room naked. Marty was jittery at first. He calmed down when I poured us each a few shots. We did them and then we all sat in the spa and she said OK, Marty I want you to fuck me again and make me scream. He slid his cock into her and began a slow in and out as he licked her neck and ear. I know she loves her ears being kissed and licked and knew this would give her the added stimulus to cum. She was enjoying all the attention and i reached over and squeezed her nipple as they kept up his slow assault on her pussy and ear. she was moaning and i knew she was prime. he slipped his hand down and flicked her clit as he slid in and out. his kisses were now on her mouth and i was flicking her nipples and he was rubbing her clit. This did it and she was beginning a mind blowing orgasm and she let out a groan and said oh my gawd Marty you are fucking me so deep. I love it. make me cum hard. fuck me deep. he slammed it in deep and she was singing now as she exploded. this brought Marty over the top and i came too . Marty slid out and I pushed her up on the top edge and spread her legs and began devouring her well fucked cum filled pussy as Marty watched me eat his cum. That brought on another orgasm and now Marty was jacking off watching me eat his cum from her pussy. I knew we hit it off good and Marty became a regular lover for her.
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yes, me too!
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Nice story.