my milf got sick and I had to take care of kenny f

Kenny (18) was one of my wifes young playtoys, but he was the largest of the group. She had been going through some test for pain in the pelvic area and the doctor told her he had 3 more tests scheduled. This didn't help her love life. She would often times get started and once the pain got her she had to quit having sex no matter who was left hanging.
One afternoon Kenny arrived and we got into the spa together. she had a good buzz going as did ken and i and she decided to stripp off her suit. We followed and she was sucking kens cock. I was in awe watching her swallow his big thick cut cock. I adored it. and so did she. kenny was holding her head and she said I got to go to the bathroom. She got up and as she left I saw her face and the pain. She said she would be right back, but i figured not. We waited for a good 10 minutes and ken was sitting legs spread and i was watching his cock bob in the water. I told him i was getting some more beer. I got out got the beer and checked in on her. she said she took a pain pill and wasnt going back. I returned and as i realized I was going to get a shot at kens cock. I figured I better get him hard again. I put my foot just under his balls and began playing footsie with his nuts as they hung over the edge. Ken put his between my legs and returned the favor. this got me real hard and as i got hard, so did he. I was staring at his cock and he said go on, you know you want to suck it. I didn't want to appear to eager and said i don't know. he said then go get peg. I told him she wasnt feeling good. and then he said well if I am not going to get sucked I may as well leave. I almost shit. I said wait. I'll do it. so i took it in my hand and was so amazed that i was actually touching his cock that i almost came right then and there. I leaned over and licked the slit and could taste his precum. I swallowed and he said tastes pretty good doenst it. I smiled and said yes. he said go ahead and suck it some more. I went down as far as i could whcih was probably only 3 or 4 inches and he was saying oh yes. oh yes. I thought he is going to cum so I said lets get out of the spa and lay down in the f****y room. I got out in the f****y room and retracted the soaf bed and lay down on it as he placed his cock in my mouth above me and he face fucked me like I was a pussy. I was loving it even though he was occasionally choiking me. He began to buck into my throat and shot a few good ropes of cum deep in my throat and then I pulled back cause I wanted to taste it and swallow it from my mouth. I was loving it. he must have poured a good half cup of cum in my mouth and I swallowed it and licked his cock all over. I laid him down and went to wkr cleaning his cock and balls and then lifted his ass into the air and sucked his asshole and licked it and actually got a small amount of my tongue into his ass as he was feeling an orgasmm comng on. I put my mouth on his cock again and was rubbing my finger lightly on his asshole as he shot into my mouth again and again and i just kept letting him cum in my mouth until I pulled off and let him shoot all over kens tummy and my face. He was so turned on that he let me kiss him on the mouth and we swapped tongue and his cum. after that he must have been embarrassed cause he grabbed all his clothes and pulled on his jeans and left before he finished dressing. We didnt hear form him for a few months and then he called her one day after she had been back to the doctors and was better. he asked if i would be home and she said no. he said he would come over. We discussed his possible mebarrassment and i told her i would leave. She was home alone and he came back and he fucked her like never before. she said he was a wild man and his stamina was greatly improved. she came four times before he finally came and after he came he said he had to go to work and he left. I saw his car leaving since i was at the neighbors house. I went home and she had me eat his cum from her and then we kissed and she fucked me good for a good half hour. I came 2 times that night. I sure do love it when ken returns. she says his cock fills her up so full and it goes nto her cervix and gives her the best orgasms.

30% (4/10)
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2 years ago
hot! talk him into letting you clean up both of them so you can watch again.