Milf and the young man at the convention

My wife was a member of the local ceramic club and was voted in as an officer. We were invited to attend a convention out of town and we were going to work the booth at the convention. Peggy and I were assigned shifts and there were usually 3 people in the booth except when the committees met. Peggy and the other officers were scheduled to go to a meeting one day and that left me and a young man named Marty to tend to the booth. While we were there it was boring and Marty and I discussed a lot of things. Marty said your wife is very beautiful. I said thank, Marty. I told him we were very compatible and happy in our marriage. He asked if we ever tried swinging. I told him no, but we discussed it. He said what made us not try it. I told him I was OK with her trying other guys but she wasn't OK with me trying other women. He said really? You would be OK with her and another guy? I said yes, but he was not to discuss this with anyone else. He said Scouts honor. He then asked if she ever did it with another guy. I scrutinized my answer and then said you can not tell her I said anything, OK? he said sure. I told him she had sex with a fair amount of other guys, but she mostly like younger guys. He asked what do you mean by younger guys? I said guys of legal age but not too much older. He got a big smile and said you mean like me. I said maybe. She has to like the guy. How do you know which guys she likes. I said she usually flirts with them. He said she was flirting with me a lot yesterday. He told me how she worked with him the day before and she had bent over to pick up paper off the floor quite a few times and he saw her stockings were thigh highs and she wasn't wearing any panties. I said yeah she probably likes you, then. He said do ya think I could do it with her maybe? I said that is up to her. We talked more and more about it and then the officers were back in the booth and they talked about going out to dinner. I told her I'd like some time with my wife tonight. they agreed and we shut the booth down. Marty followed us out of the booth and I whispered to Peggy that he was interested in her. She smiled and said, I know. She turned around and asked him if he would join us for dinner. He said sure. she told him to get cleaned up and dress casual and meet us around 6:30 at our room for dinner. We ordered room service and both of us cleaned up before he got there. Mary knocked on the door and Peggy answered the door in her sheer nightie with a loose robe over her shoulders. she peeked out the door first and seeing nobody else she let the robe open to show off her nightie. He almost dropped his teeth as she pulled him in. I asked if she wanted me to stay or to leave. She said why dont we eat first and then we can decide. Marty was ogling Peggy as she removed her robe and said to make himself comfortable. I was in my jogging shorts and nothing else. he said what should I have worn. She told him you are fine, but if it would make you feel more comfortable We have a wrap around waist robe that has velcro so any size would fit you. He looked at me and I said it's your decision. He grinned and said ok. With that he dropped his shirt and jeans and ripped off his shoes and socks. He was only wearing a pair of boxers but was tenting them out real nice. she wrapped the robe around his wasit and then reached up underneath and dropped his boxers. She said now you're comfortable. We sat and ate and she poured us all some wine. marty ate and drank like he was real nervous. after 2 glasses he was much looser. She out her fork across her plate and said she was full and now wanted desert. He asked whats for desert? and she said you are. and then she went down on him and engulfed his cock. I must admit he was bigger than me. He had to be almost a full 8 inches and had nice nuggets for balls. He was so aroused and he grabbed her head. and drove deep and came in less than a minute. she said OK now that we got that out of the way I would like to enjoy a good fucking. He moved in front of her and she guided his long slender cock into her lips and slid his cock head up and down a few times to gather some of her juices and his pre-cum which by now was gushing. she got extra moist and then she pulled his cock into her lips and shoved up until the head was in and then he took over and began hammering into her real fast. She said slow down we have all night and then tomorrow I am going to be up here with you while he works the booth alone. He grinned and I watched as he fucked her real good. After a fifteen minutes he released a load of cum into her and she went nuts with an orgasm. she was very loud and it turned him on more as he began to buck and hump into her and he too groaned loudly as he dumped a huge load of cum into my wife. marry was awesome. I watched the 2 of them fuck each other four more times before falling asl**p. I awoke in the morning to go work the booth and they were sl**ping soundly. I gave her a kiss and looked at the sheets between them to see a flood of cum on the sheets and all over her pussy and his cock. I was tempted to eat her and suck him clean but time didn't allow it. I covered for Marty as they got to the booth and asked where Marty was. I told them I sent him for some coffee and doughnuts for us and they should hurry up to their meeting. We discussed the rest of the days adventure later as we drove home. Marty would become a regular at our house as he lived 10 minutes away and worked 5 minutes from our house.
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Makes me feel so hot all over..
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Awesome story! I just got motivated to fuck & cum inside a wife!