the amusement park with my (little?) friend Bert

during High School I hung around with a lot of different groups. i wasn't really that cliquish and often times I would hang with groups that wouldn't be caught dead with another bunch of my other friends. I met Bert in an art class we took and he was really a little cutie. he was just 4 months younger than me but looked like he was 2 years younger. I was 16 and had my own car. we began hanging out together and we discussed going to the amusement park for the weekend. we took off after work on Friday and it was about a 2 hour ride. We got there at about 9 oclock and had a hard time finding a room. I asked one of the clerks if they could call around for us and find a room since we were both tired from driving . He found us a room and I tipped him 5 bucks. We drove there and found out it was a real lower priced dive. it had one full sized bed, no tv and one dresser in the room along with a toilet and sink, No tub, That was down the hall. I had been admiring Bert for 3 months by now and was hoping a motel would let us get sexy together. I didn't know how to make a move on him. We were so tired, we both just wanted to go to bed. We stripped to our undies and I could see he was hiding an erection. It was hard to see cause he kept covering it. We both got into bed, and I said I hope you don't mind, but I like to sl**p nude. he said me too, but didn't want to ask. We both snuck our undies off under the blanket. I laid down and it was difficult not to touch each other cause it was such a small bed. I told him to please excuse me if I rub against him or touch him due to the small space, and he said yeah me too. so I roll over on my side and my back is too him. We both went to sl**p. I wake up about 3 am and feel his cock against my back and his arm around my shoulder and his hand rubbing my nipple. I was startled cause he was hard and his cock was rubbing up my crack of my ass. I pretended to be asl**p yet and see how far he went. he is rubbing his cock back and forth real slow and I am getting hard. then I feel him trying to lift my leg to spread my legs for his cock. I gave him some assistance but still played sl**p. Now he is really throwing caution aside and he is humping his cock between my legs when all of a sudden he is reaching around to jack my cock. I let him and i was soon gasping loudly and enjoying the feel of his cock between my legs, but now wanted to feel his cock in my ass. So I begin to fake waking up and he freezes and i slowly draw my ass away until I feel my asshole line up with his cock and then I thrust back to him and feel his cock with its pre-cum soaked head slip into my asshole a bit. He freezes and I ram back a bit softly and it goes in deeper. His hand is now back on my cock and i am vigorously ramming back on his cock with no pretense now and he is kissing my ear and nibbling away. I feel about 5 inches of cock kin me now and finally say damn I have been wanting this for so long. he kisses me and hugs me and says me too. Then I roll over and spread my legs as I lay on my back and say climb on and give it to me like you know you want to. He kisses me and slips his cock in my ass and drives it all the way, I still have not seen his cock but now can tell it is fucking huge. I want to suck him off now but he is ready to cum. he cums in my ass and drives it forward several more times before he gives it a final lunge and relaxes on my chest. I rub his hair and say now I want to see and suck that big old cock and cant wait for my lips to go around it. In a minute he rolls over and i go down on him. as I can see from the moonlight he is really much bigger than I am and i have a whole new respect for Bert. I felt like the daddy to him before but now I feel he is my daddy. he is so cute and small except down there. I taste his cum and my ass on his cock and I suck him hard again and then I feel him pushing forward into my throat. I let him and when it is finally all the way til his pubes are on my nose, I and so turned on i cum all over the sheets. he is now feeling my cum and he is turned on also and he cums in my throat. I can taste it and am gasping for breath and I finally relax and fall asl**p. We are awakened by the house maid and she opens the door and sees us both naked on the bed together and she says oh my this is no good. we scrambled naked in front of her getting our clothes and she must have gotten the thrill of a life time to see 2 hot young studs naked and rummaging around in front of her til we finally run past her. I bet she fingered herself off. it was 2 in the afternoon. We went to the park and found another hotel on our way home and had a much better night of sex with out own bathroom.
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1 year ago
great story I got caught once by a mans secretary as he was stuck up my ass but she smiled and left us to it
1 year ago
loved it
2 years ago
Hot story
2 years ago
Great story dude ;)