milf at the county fair

while visiting the county fair a few years ago, we were checking out the horse cock at the stalls. We noticed a young man watching us after several stalls and my wife noticed he was rubbing his crotch quite a bit. she whispered to me that she wanted him. I gave her a big grin and a nod and watched her work. She went around the corner to the next row a little bit ahead of me. This gave hjer the chance to remove her panties from under her short skirt. She also removed her bra. I rounded the corner and noticed the k** right behind me. I caught up to her and she was rubbing her eyes. She said loudly, " I think I dropped my contact. As we went through the motions of looking for a contact, i Watched her bend over really far and back up into the k**. He saw her bare ass and pussy and that was what she wanted. she kept looking in a bent over position and suddenly she got on all fours. The k** was backing up to get a better view, and she said Its gotta be here. please help me look. he got on all fours behind her and was watching her pussy as she moved around. It was fun to watch him as he tried to stay behind her. then she noticed he got into a corner and she backed up quickly and his face touched her ass. I was about ready to explode. she then said I think i found it. she stood up and noticing nobody else around, she said thanks for all your help. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him in mock thanks for helping her looke for her pussy, I mean for her contact. He was happy and she rubbed his crotch while kissing him. he shot off in his pants. She noticed the wet spot and said I am so sorry. Did I do that. then she suggested they go to the wash room. The k** said we can use the tenants wash room it is less crowded. They walked to the washroom and he went in first. I told her I would wait outside and let her no if they were going to have conmpany. Once inside she wrapped her arms and her leg around him and she was slipping her tongue into his mouth and feeling his tongue engagin with hers. She said he wrapped his arms around her and felt her ass. she told him oh my that feels good. then she looked him in the eyues and said can we fuck in here. he said lets go in a stall and they did. She slid her skirt up and her blouse too and then she slid his zipper down and pulled his wet slimy cum soaked cock out to find a deliciously long, thin uncut young cock. She dropped to her knees and began sliding her tongue over it and up and down the gorgeous thin shaft. he was moaning and as she lid her tongue under his cock and made contact with his balls she felt him tense and she went down on him. he was now rapidly fucking her mouth and soon came as he trembled and his knees buckled. My wife was not one to be left out so she sucked his cock clean and back to its former ridgid self. Then she sat him on the toilet and straddlede his cock as she brought herself to a qucik well sought after orgasm. she was well primed and couldnt wait for him to cum with her and she kept slamming her pussy down on his nice long uncut cock as she brought on number 2 cum and then she noticed he was humping back up into her and she knew he would be ready to cum again for a third time so she slowed them both down and prolonged their cum so she could cum with him the third time. He was gasping ans began moaning as if he was a virgin and then he almost screamed as he said oh yes. she held him to her tits and he wrapped his arms around her as she too came and they sat there relaxing together until she heard my request for her to come out cause I was ready to go. I then saw her getting herself back together and the k** came out right after her as an older man stared at the 2 of them coming out of the mens room together. she passed him and as they got into the first row of horse stalls she kissed him again and thanked him for a great fuck. He said thenk you too, Mam and we turned and left
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I want to be next
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great story
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Nice one.