My milf and her first younger man again

Peggy answered her phone and her face and voice beaned with a happiness not seen before. She said hold On while I turn down the television. she put her hand on the phone and said it's Steve, and he got a divorce. I hope he wants to fuck me again. I knew from that small bit of info which Steve she meant. Steve was her fist younger lover. she hadn't seen him since he found a girlfriend and got married. his wife knew he had been fucking my wife and never wanted him to see us again. He told her his wife decided to get a divorce after she got a new job at a lawyers office. He was lonesome and wanted to know if he could come to visit us for a few hours. She told him yeas and hung up saying I'll see you soon. Steve had one of the biggest cocks she ever had and he was 18 at the time. she wondered out loud if his cock had grown any. I said We ill soon find out. She said Steve was still a bit shy and wanted to fuck me alone. I told her that's no problem. Steve would be here in ten minutes and she asked me to leave before he fot there. I said OK and Kissed her telling her I love her. She said I love you too. I went to a movie and agreed to return only after 3 hours. I enjoyed the movie and was able to forget that he was going to be banging my wife again and after it ended, I remembered him fucking her the foirst several times. I was anxious, jealous and horny all over again.
I finished a few beers and watched a portion of a game when My phone went off and it was Peggy. She said Steve wants me to come home now.
I asked what she meant, and she said no questions just get home. I left a tip and went home. I drove into the garage and parked the car and dropped the door. I entered the f****y room and closed the door seeing steve and peggy laying on the couch naked with her mounted on his cock. She said Hi Honey remember Steve? I said Hi steve welcome back. he grinned and said I still can't believe you guys are cool with this. We laughed. I said we would have been kewl with him visiting her all throughout their 3 years of marriage. he said as it turns out he would have been better off. I said yes and we all would have been happier. I asked what she meant by her message. She said, well.... as you remember the last time we saw Steve, he was playing asl**p as you sucked his cock. He wants to try that again. Steve turned a bright red and shyly looked down as if his deepest darkest secret was now exposed. She then said and he would like to see if he can suck your cock as I watch. I said hell yes. Steve looked relieved and Peggy said I told you he would love it. Steve was now 22 and as she got off his cock she said as you can see he did have a bit of a growth spurt.I looked down and could see it was even fatter, and it appeared to be almost 10 inches long. Steve's cock was ridgid and looked so delicious. I stripped completely and leaned over and engulfed the first 3 inches and almost came. I had dreamed of this for a long long time. I felt Steve's hand on my cock and that did it. I shot a load that seemed like it was a good half cup. Steve brought his hand to his lips and licked some of the cum and said I like it. Peggy straddled his face and said um maybe you'd like to try this now. she was dripping his cum and he said not yet. I said I do. she repositioned herself and straddled my face and in a few minutes I was eating her freshly fucked pussy and she was cumming. I was hard again and I felt Steve's mouth on my cock. I almost blew another load. I withdrew my face and said be slow or I will cum again within a few seconds. Steve engulfed almost all my 6 inch cock as he breathed through his nostrils. They flared like a stallion as he sucked me to the pubes and I had all I could do to keep from blowing it in his throat all at once. He was purring and moaning like he enjoyed it. Peggy said Oh my Gawd Steve that is so hot. I love you two guys so much. I couldn't hold back now, and I blew everything I had in his throat. Steve swallowed and didn't lose a drop. I felt totally spent and was breathing like I had just run a marathon. I collapsed and was breathing like I had just run a marathon. Peggy kissed me and then turned to Steve and they began making out like two teenagers in heat. She was straddling him on his stomach and his cock was rock hard again. I sat up and took his cock and stared down at it and then engulfed almost 5 inches into my throat. Peggy looked back and said oh My Gawd this si too much and as steve licked her nippe; she began cumming and he knew she wouldn't last. he pulled her over his mouth and as I sucked his cock he sucked his cum from her pussy. Peggy had another multiple orgasm and then Steve erupted in my throat. We all fell asl**p and Steve spent the next 2 days in bed with Peggy making up for lost time. I continued to go to work as she fucked her long lost boy-toy to for the nest 2 days.

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