another aruban adventure for my milf and young guy

We just got back from another trip to Aruba.
My b*****r let us use his timeshare in Aruba again, and this time we really had an excellent trip. We arrived on a Sunday and we unpacked and went to the pool. We saw several young men at the pool, and one of them was very handsome and fit. My wife and I discussed the possibility of her getting it on with him. She said it would be best if I made myself scarce. We have discussed her going off with another guy alone and telling me all the details after during sex. This is what she told me about this young man after I got back to our room 4 hours later.
She said shortly after I left he approached her and asked if he could borrow her towel. she said sure. Do you need a hand drying off? he said sure if you don't mind. She got up and began toweling his hair and then moved down to his shoulders and back and then had him turn to her as she toweled his chiseled ABS. She said he was an awesomely built young man. She finished his Chest and moved down to his belly where she found his stomach jumping at her touch and she enjoyed this as she knew he was skittish. she rubbed his cock and asked if he could turn around again. he said I think you need to go back and finish drying my front a little more first. As she did she felt his cock and it was semi hard, now. and she remained rubbing it under the toweled cover of secrecy. He was getting very hard now and as she found out very big. she asked if he would like to go someplace, and he said why don't we go to the ocean where we can have the privacy of being underwater. she said OK. they went into the water and out to there chests deep. She turned around and he was pulling her bottoms down. and she felt his cock and discovered a thick long uncut cock and guided it to her pussy from behind. he fucked her and they knew people on the beach knew what they were doing but it didn't matter since no one could see anything. she came and he did too, and then they kissed for a while and she asked if he had a room where they could go. he said he was here with his parents. she asked how old he was and he said 17. she said would you mind coming back to my room. He asked about her husband, and she said he was going to the casino and wouldn't be back for hours. So she brought him back , but she called me while he went into the pool restroom to get his clothes. I left the room and was down the hall in the stair well to watch them enter the room. she was kissing him as they got to the door and I thought they were going to do it there in the hall.
As they closed the door she said she turned around and kissed him and they swapped tongue and he was hard again. She dropped to her knees and slid his trunks down and as she got it past his cock it flopped out and hit her on the chin. she said it was truly a huge thick uncut gorgeous young cock and she knew she wanted to suck him off. she lifted his big feet and threw his trunks on the couch. she lowered her lips to his cock and saw pre-cum on the tip. she licked it and tasted it and said it was delicious. she then lowered her mouth onto the head and began sucking and licking the head of his gorgeous cock as he tried to begin a face fucking motion on her. she backed away and jacked his cock for a few and then she stood and kissed him and undid her top and let him feel and see her tits for the first time. He was in awe as he stared and slowly felt her tits from the bottom and slowly slid a hand to the nipples and lightly pinched them as he continued his staring. She then said why don't you lower my bottoms and see if you like what you see down there. She said he dropped to his knees and slid her bottoms off and she lifted each leg and kicked them aside as he looked with hypnotic eyes at her pussy. she was so turned on to have this control over this young man and she was feeling a cum beginning. she asked him to lick her pussy and he did as he pushed his face into her wet folds and began a slow tongue lashing of her wet lips and she slid a leg up so he could get better access. he then saw her clit and was feeling it as he continued to tongue her pussy. Then she began a cum that as she described it was the biggest cum she had had in many years. he was now licking her clit and fingering around on her ass hole. She was hoping he would slide a finger in and sure enough he did. She buckled and fell to the floor as he continued to eat her. she had 2 more orgasms as he licked her pussy and before she was finished he got between her legs and slid his cock in and was slowly pushing it in and saying this is incredible. I did not think I was going to get laid while on vacation with my mom and dad at all and here it is the first day and i am getting my second fuck already. She clamped her legs around his young virile ass and began fucking him back. They were going at it strong and hard and she began another orgasm and was moaning loudly as he drove in deep and hunched forward making a grunting sound as he began humping and cumming deep in her. As he finished cumming he collapsed on her and she felt the weight of his body on hers and was loving it. He rolled off and she moved over to him and kissed his lips and lay her head on his chest and cuddled as he regained composure. Then he said can I fuck your ass. She said only if you eat me again. He said sure. then he got down on his knees and spread her legs and hesitated for a second and she said I asked him if he changed his mind about fucking my ass. he got a determined look on his face and dove in and ate her pussy and she began another orgasm and then he turned her over and licked her ass as he got her ready. He shoved one finger in and wiggled it about and then added a second finger and kept manipulating her ass as he got her ready. She told him to put his cock in her pussy to lube it up and then to give it a try. She was ready and was now wanting him to fuck her good in the ass. he slid his cock into her pussy a few times and tried it and then he did it again and now he slid it to the first inch past the head as he stopped and let her relax for a few. and then he drove in deeper and got about 4 inches in. Now she was rolling in an orgasm that wouldn't quit and she begged him to fuck her hard. She flt his cock drive all the way to his balls smacking her pussy. Now she was on fire and he was fucking her like an a****l. she was rolling over and through orgasm after orgasm as she felt the fourth orgasm begin and he was fucking like he had a second wind and didn't feel like he was going to cum. The continued fucking for another 5 minutes and then he hunched forward and froze with his cock buried deep and he grunted out an OMG I am coming. He held her tight as she felt his cum fill her and he kept throbbing spurt after spurt and pump after pump into her wet wanton pussy as he finished unloading into her. then he collapsed on her again and she fell to the floor with him on her back. They fell asl**p for a while and when they awoke she felt him slide out of her ass and shoved it into her pussy and he got off another few spurts as she lay still basking in the enjoyment of having been fucked five times in the last 4 hours since I had left.He got up and said I have got to go and I will see you again I hope. They kissed and he got up and left. I was at the pool and saw him leave and then I got up and went in and enjoyed the story as I ate her freshly fucked pussy and cum filled ass.
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2 years ago
hot, incredible. too bad you couldn't hide and watch