My b*****r-in-law breaks up with his GF and I get

My wife's younger b*****r, Tom was always with a girlfriend, and it was he that usually called it off with them as he moved on. this is about the one time a girl broke up with him.
My wife and I were working in the backyard one summer day and Tom came into the yard and after looking at his s****r, He fell apart. He was crying she's gone...She's gone!. We thought she died. After we got the story out of him and Peggy had hugged and kissed him for over and hour, he finally stopped crying so bad. he was still crying and having the sup sups as I call them. He would literally just start sobbing all over again. Peggy took him into the Bedroom and laid down with him and in no time she was naked and so was he. Tom had just turned 18 and he had previously fucked Peggy on new years eve, so it wasn't new to him, but it had been a while since they fucked. After fucking for half an hour and both of them cumming 3 times, Peggy pulled out from under him cause he was asl**p. I ate her in bed next to him and kept glancing at his big soft cock that was laying across his leg. Peggy was still horny and had cum once already from me eating her. She said I see what you're staring at. I said what? She said you want to suck his cock. I said Yeah, and so what. She said I want to hold his cock as you suck it. I was so turned on. she took his cock in her hand and rubbed it against her pussy and then as it got hard she slid it into her pussy for a few strokes and she then took it out and slid it up to my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked it in. I think Tom was awake, but was trying to fake sl**ping. He was sliding his cock back and forth in my mouth and when I relaxed my throat and allowed his cock to go in deeper, He was extremely turned on and shot a big load in my throat. I felt it going down and wanted to taste some of it, but as I began to slide off his cock he grabbed my head and slid his cock back in. I was well aware of him now being awake and I shoved my finger in his ass as he rammed his cock in and out of my throat while holding my head to his groin. I had one finger in to the second knuckle and was slipping it in and out getting it well lubed so I could find his prostate. I shoved my finger all the way in and found his prostate and then I let him shoot another load in my mouth as I massaged it deep. He was about to pass out and I opened my mouth and said aloud to Peggy... Do you think I could fuck him. My finger was still in his ass and his puckered clamped down on it. Peggy said I want to see him fuck you first. I thought about it for a second and said OK, but you are going to have to get him hard again, cause I don't think I can. she licked it a bit and then she straddled him and shoved his cock up to her lips and slid it back and forth for a while and then she sat on his hard cock and fucked him good for a few minutes. then she pulled off his big thick hard cock and told me to climb on. I straddled him and lowered my ass on his cock as Peggy squirted some lube on his cock and fingered some in my ass. Then she kissed him and said OK tom I want to see you fuck him with you on top facing him. Tom got up as if he was awake the whole time and he turned me around and shoved his cock into my ass. It went in real nice and easy and he was buried to the bone in no time. he began a nice slow fuck and he leaned in to kiss my nipples. I saw him pucker and kissed his lips and slid my tongue in. Peggy said OMG that is so hot ...oh yes do it some more. Tom and I were on fire and he was sucking my tongue as i tried to get his tongue in my mouth. We were going nuts sucking and kissing and him fucking my ass as he rubbed my nipples and I rubbed his. I was on overload. I looked at Peggy and she was using the biggest dildo we had and was fucking the shit out of her pussy as she watched her baby b*****r screw her husband and make love to him like two dogs in heat. I think we were in heat and we continued for another few minutes til Tom erupted shooting his cum in me and then I shot my cum between us and reached down and rubbed it around and finally rubbed some on his lips and sucked his tongue in my mouth before he realized what happened. Then he reached down and took some of the cum dripping from my ass and rubbed it in my lips and then sucked face with me. Peggy finally lunged forward and rolled tom off me and she straddled his cock sliding it u[ and down her cunt as she got him hard again and then she started kissing us both and pulling our faces together as we all three sucked tongue and kissed and sucked face for what seemed like forever. We then fell asl**p. When we woke up the next day, Tom was son the phone with Denise and they had made up. Tom was real happy, but Peggy and I were too. We began making love all over again while he watched us and finally he said he had to help us make the beds up and clean up the house after the beer and the booze we drank last night. He hung up on her and got in bed with us and this time he sucked my cock.
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