aruban adventure for my milf hot wife

while enjoying one of many trips to Aruba, my wife and I found ourselves at my friends condo with only one other person in the pool area. It was a young man in his early teens and he was very cute. My wife commented on how adorable he was. she got extremely horny and I began rubbing her back and shoulders with oil as she watched this k** play in the pool. she caught his eye and smiled at him several times and he finally overcame any shyness and walked over to say hi.
We exchanged some small talk and he said it was boring with so few people around this time of the year. We found out his parents were there on business and left him at the condo alone during the day. As I rubbed lotion on her shoulders, Peggy asked him to get her feet and legs. He was up and rubbing her feet in minutes. He sat on the edge of her chaise and held her feet as if he was worshiping them. One at a time he slowly massaged each toe and rubbed all around each cuticle and all over the bottoms of her feet. she was really enjoying this. I said I needed some more oil and went to our condo. I watched them as I was in the condo and saw him rubbing up her leg to her crotch. she moved her legs wider to give him more room. she was so horny. I got back and suggested we finish this in our room. she said that would be better as it was more private. Richie said he wasn't sure, but than Peggy said she would love to return the favor and rub him like he was rubbing her. That was all it took. He got up and said lets go. We entered the condo and Peggy lay on the bed and removed her top. Richie was aghast and wondered if she shouldn't get dressed cause after all Her husband was there and he was a boy. I smiled and said you can get comfortable too if you want. Richie was wearing a pair of shorts with a bathing suit under them and a pair of sandals. he wondered what I meant. Peggy gave him more lotion and laid back on her back with her breasts exposed. she said rub my front now. he began rubbing her shoulders and then moved to her arms and she redirected his hand to her breast and held it there. he got the idea and soon was rubbing her breasts very nicely. Peggy began moaning and she let him know he was doing a good job. she then rubbed his crotch through his shorts and he was rock hard. She then went to town and removed his shorts and pulled his suit down to expose a nice long thin uncut cock. It was about 6 1/2 inches and Richie was leaking pre-cum and dripping all over. She went down on him and was sucking his cock as he rubbed her tits. he was soon losing interest in rubbing and he began to shoot into her mouth. Richie was in heaven and he kept squirting into her mouth. after a rest she rolled over on top of him and removed all her clothes and then removed the rest of his clothes down his legs and off and they got busy again as if they were making out like this for ever. She slid his cock into her pussy and fucked him silly. I was now the one in heaven. They fucked four times before he noticed his mom looking for him. then he left. We saw him again the following day and I went out to tell him Peggy was waiting for him and that I had to leave for a few hours. The fucked undisturbed for 5 hours before I came back and was rewarded with a juicy cream pie. Ummm I loved teaching him about the deliciousness of eating a freshly fucked pussy.

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