my milf and our aruban adventure

My b*****r loaned us his condo timeshare in Aruba one year and we were on a long overdue adventure.We arrived early afternoon and took a taxi to the condo. it was in a compound and had three large pools. one was right outside our door wall and made it great to watch the action.There were many hot young bodies in the pool and we realized my b*****r knew it was spring break and there would be plenty of young students in Aruba wanting to party. we decided to check out the night life and went to a night club. The place was dimly lit but the dance floor was awesome and bright. We danced for a while and noticed the table we had left our drinks on was being taken over by a group of young k**s. we got back to the table and reached for our drinks and one of the k**s, A cute young guy who was gorgeous as all fuck said I want to apologize for rudely assuming we could share the table, but all the tables are filling up . Could you be so kind as to share with us we just want to have a place to park our drinks. I looked at Peggy and she said sure. The young man took my wife's hand and kissed it and said thank you mam. Peggy said you call me mam again and you'll be picking your ass up off the floor. she then laughed and all the k**s began laughing. The cute one introduced his entourage as Himself, Ricky, (a native Aruban) and the rest of the group were all from Aruba. there were 3 other guys all relatively handsome and 2 girls. Ricky spent a lot of time talking to Peggy and she was doing the same. as he spoke we were getting a bit of history on the Island and a lesson in their laws. As it was They can drink age 18 in Aruba although most places never card. Therefore this group had been drinking as early as 14 or 15. Ricky told my wife they don't officially have nude beaches but that he would be happy to show us some private areas where many people go to sun in the nude. she said I'd love to see you there, and he said and I would love to SEE You there too and they both giggled. she was really getting along well with him. Ricky kissed one of the girls goodbye and hugged one of the guys. they left and there were now 2 guys and one other couple. Ricky introduced his friend as Guy but pronounced it as Ghi. Ghi and his friend Jamie and his girl were getting a little restless and they too decided to go. They asked if he wanted a ride, and he said he was with his new friends. Ricky rubbed my wife's thigh. since we were in a hot climate, My wife was wearing a sundress with nothing on under it, no nylons either and Ricky said he loved how smooth er legs were. she pulled her dress up a bit more than she should but she was flirting with him and she said I just shaved real good today can you feel any stubble anywhere. I glanced around to see if anyone was looking and like AI said it was dark. Ricky ran his hand up her thigh to just below her panty area although she wasn't wearing them and she said I even shaved higher up. bet you don't feel any stubble anywhere. Ricky slid his hand up to her pussy and rubbed around and said I can not feel anything with my hands but the true test is when you rub your chin along a freshly shaved leg. He asked Peggy if she minded. She said be my guest. she turned toward him and spread her legs allowing him complete access and he rubbed his cheek along her thigh to her pussy where he licked her slit. He sat up and said You did a very very good job, and then he kissed her on the mouth and they embraced. It was as if I wasn't around. she opened her mouth and was swapping tongue with him. I was so hard. I glanced down and saw his cock poking out the leg hole of his shorts. it was fairly thick, and uncut and was dribbling precum along his leg. Peggy noticed and slid her hand onto it and then pulled it back and licked it. as she licked it she said Umm that tastes good. I would like some more if you don't mind. Ricky said oh I wold be delighted. We walked out to the door and Peggy said we walked her from the condo and explained where it was. He said My friend Ghi would love to come and give us a ride. She said ok and he called him. they were talking in the native language and he said ok, Ghi will be back her in fifteen minutes. Peggy said it doesn't take that long to walk. he said we can begin walking and he can pick us up on Eagle beach. We walked to the beach and when we got there it was like a carnival as the spring break was in full gear.We sat on a bench and they began kissing and he slid his hand up between her legs where she spread them and allowed his hand to feel her slcik wet pussy. Ricky was an excellent lover and he began sucking on her breasts. it was very dark outside and they were taking advantage of it. As Ricky was sucking on her breasts he decided to slip her dress down to expose her breast. he slid one out and was nibbling on her tit as he fingered her pussy. she was beginning to cum and the cell phone rang. Ricky excused himself and Said ok we will be out there in one minute. They got her put back together and we walked out to the street where Ghi had a van parked and we got in. Ricky and Peggy got in back and I was in front with Ghi. Ghi pulled out and drove to the condo. We pulled in to the parking area inside the compound and ghi parked a short distance from the pool area. We walked back to the room and as we passed the pool there were many young couples naked in the pool and many boys naked on the outside with girls running naked along the pool. We got to the door wall, and I went in and got some beers. Ricky and Peggy were making out and Ghi was observing them. I asked Ghim if he wanted to watch the pool area out n the balcony. He said no, he was enjoying the show in here. Ricky and Peggy were now undressing each other and Peggy was soon out of her sundress and Ghi was now very observant as he watched her drop to her knees and lower his shorts. His cock popped out and she went down on him he as at least 8 inches long and fairly thick. Ghi said do you mind if I join them. I said as long as they don't. He stripped naked in a second and was now sporting a good 9 inch penis that was standing upright like it was pointing to heaven. he looked at me and said you like it? I said oh hell yes. He said come on suck it for me. I looked at his cock and again at his eyes and he said come on you know you want to. I was naked and sucking him in a heartbeat. Ricky was now fucking Peggy on the bed and she had her legs thrown over his shoulders as he pounded her while standing on the floor with her cheeks hanging off the bed. she was groaning so loudly. I know she was cumming. I kept concentrating on Ghi's 9 inch cock and I was loving it. he was ripping like mad and had me so turned on. Ricky was beginning to make noises as he was cumming and he finished cumming in her. he moved off her and Ghi pushed me aside as he climbed onto the bed and slid her on the bed with him. he ate her freshly fucked pussy and as she came again he climbed on and fucked her silly. I jacked off and went to sl**p in the next room and they fucked all night long. We awoke the next day with Peggy between the 2 boys. Ricky's wallet was on the floor and I took liberty to check his id. he was 17 and Ghi was 16

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