Leaving the adult video bookstore 2

As we left the bookstore, I was so horny i could hardly believe my luck. I called me wife and told her I had a surprise for her. she asked me what it was and I said it was a surprise, but I wanted her to be naked and laying on the bed when she heard the door open and to have a towel over her eyes until I said OK. She agreed and we hung up. Now we had only been married five or six years, so she was some prime meat, but this k** was too. we had had a few extra marital encounters and she had a few threesomes where I was on the outside looking in cause we didn't want anyone thinking i was gay. This was going to be different. I explained to the k** how we would find her and told him I was going to act like it was me climbing into bed, but once i secured the towel over her eyes he was to get between her legs and eat her our, then he would move up between her legs and insert his cock after she had a couple of orgasms. That is when I would release the blanket. We drove into the garage and let the door down. I opened the door quietly and made sure we had our shoes off so she couldn't hear more than one set of feet. As we got to the bedroom I peaked in and asked if she was covering her eyes. she said yes, but what is the surprise. I said wait until I have you good and horny. then I leaned over and held her towel over her eyes and kissed her as the k** knealt on the bed. he knelt between her legs and as instructed he didn't touch her with his hands and only used his face. He was munching on her pussy and clit and in no time you could see her lift her ass to meet the motion of her orgasm as he nibbled her clit. I kept talking to her and saying things when he would lift his head. As he saw my head nod after her second orgasm, he slid between her legs and pushed his cock into her. She was in heaven as he slid half of his cock in and then as he slid in further she said do you have a new dildo or what. it is so much loooooonger. I then removed the towel and asked if that was a nice thing to ask our guest. she was in a bit of a shock but never quit humping against him and then I said baby I knew you would love his young cock since it is so long and thin and you always talked about a nice young long thin cock, so I brought one home. I new she was in a horny frenzy and would take finding out that we just had anal sex better now than when she wasn't in heat. I explained how we met and she got hotter and hotter and she exploded all over his cock and then he hunched up into her and shot a load into her belly and as he finished he leaned over her breasts and laid his head down. she pulled his head up and kissed him and they both swapped tongue for quite a while. I began feeling his asshole and was sliding a finger into him and Peggy just realized my finger was in his ass when she slid hers down to do the same. she looked at me and her nose flared and she gleamed in her eyes. I kissed her cheek and then kissed his cheek (ass cheek) and slid up behind him and said you want to do a sandwich. she said oh yes. she felt his cock and finding it hard slid it back into her cum filled pussy for another glorious fuck. We fucked him silly and after she came three more times he and I came at the same time and now he was finished for a while. I got down and ate her freshly fucked pussy and she was talking so dirty. all about how she has wanted to fuck a nice young guy like him and now she didn't want to stop and ooooh how she wanted me to swallow all his cum and then clean his cock so she could fuck him some more. We spent the rest of the night like that. He was d***k with sex and she was too. Me, I was so happy I finally found my fantasy come true.
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2 years ago
i would love to come home to meet your wife, anytime!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
That was a great part 2. I'm going to have to read alot more of your stories Thanks
2 years ago
mm like this, got me hot, i want to fuck you and your wife
2 years ago
very HOTT !!!!