westpoint grads and my hot wife

When My b*****r-in-laws best friend graduated, My wife found out they were having a party. Seeing that my wife had already had sex with her younger b*****r several times, she asked him if we could get an invite. He grinned and said why are you wanting a lot more of that young cock. she said umm Ill owe you if you get us invited. Tom laughed and said ok. I'll see what I can do.
We were invited and on the day of the party Peggy wore a sundress that was very light colored and if you stood across the room from her and she was in the light it looked like she was nude. She had nothing under the dress and was carrying a small purse that only contained some tissues for wiping.
As we arrived Tom introduced us to his Friend Jimmy. and in turn to all the other graduates there. only 3 of them were to Peggy's liking. One was a bit heavy (even though they were supposed to be in shape, and one was toooo hairy for her tastes. She likes em young and smooth.
Todd was the best looking guy of the bunch and he was dressed in some kind of pajama or jump suit. One piece and zippered top to bottom. Peggy went to him and struck up a conversation. They soon dissappeared and then tom came to me and said they were in the upstairs bedroom. then he asked if I wanted to do a line with him. I never did before but figured what the hell. I went into the other room and he shut the door and pulled out a packet of paper and unfolded it. it was about the size of a single edge razor blade. as he opened it he pushed some powder onto the table and spread it with his credit card. he then chopped it and folded it and played with it for a while until he licked his card and put it away. then he rolled a dollar bill and sniffed it up his nose. I followed suit and it gave me a rush. I felt real good but i was feeling intensely more horny than before. I mentioned this and tom said yeah it doe that to ya and it makes it harder.
We stood there talking for a minute and then Jimmy walked in. he said Tom did you want to have a quick sniff. Tom said yeah. he handed him a bottle with a lever on the side and tom flipped it and turned the lever and then he took a sniff. he did it again but gave it to me. I hit it and then Jimmy said we had to leave the room since it was his moms. we left and when we got downstairs 2 of the guys were asking where Peggy was. Tom said I think she went to do a line with Todd. They ;laughed a bit and said ok. I didn't get it but then tom told me Todd didnt do coke. I punched him and said now they know. he said yeah but it lets you act like you think they are doing coke. He said OK. I agreed and then a half hour later Todd showed up and he was alone. Tom asked where Paggy was and he said she went to the bathroom. I walked in the direction of the bethroom. and met her on the stairs. She said damn he is big. I asked how big she said I don;t know, he was almost too big and she said she was a bit tender. I asked if she was going to do anymore. she said oh hell yes. she then saw one of the other guys and they went up to the bedroom and she was back down in 15 minutes. then the other guy followed her up and they were back down in 10. she said she wasnt able to cum with either of the other guys but wanted to go back to Todd. she found todd and convinced him to go into the motorhome. she went out there and licked the doors and she was in there with him for over an hour. When she came out he was looking weak and she was looking freshly fucked. As she saw me she came and kissed me with a mouthful of cum. after we swapped it back and forth she said todd wanted her to do that so he could watch the expression on my face. I saw him looking and gave him a thumbs up. I guess he got the message. he came back over to us and said I am lost. what is going on. Peggy kissed him and rubbed his cock and he was almost freaking out. she then said dont worry he approves of me having other guys. He looked relieved and then she asked if he wanted to go home with her. He said he didnt know and she said ok but you think about it and Ill ask again before we leave. As he walked in the house she said oh my gawd I want you to eat me out. we were walking to the RV when up walked Joey her former neighbor that she used to babysit for and she kisssed him and joey felt her bare us . He said I thought I might find you two here. we talked for a minute and then I said I am going to get us a few beers. I came back out a bit later with 3 beers and they were nowhere to be found. I checked the rv and the door was locked. I unlocked it and looked in and found joeys naked body buried between peggys legs with her heeels in his ass pulling him in deeper. he was also sucking on her tits and rubbing a finger around her asshole. I set the beers down and watched the two of them fuck for another 10 minutes before she had cum 3 times and Joe was lunging forth to unload his cum filled balls into her pussy. I was jacking off and couldnt wait for him to get off. As he completed I got between her legs and said ummm not bad for 5 loads. She said no 6. I said I only counted 5. she said jimmy came in and joined them after she finished with Todd the first time. We went back home after I finished eating her. By that time Joey was hard again and as i got off her he rubbed his cock up between her lips and shoved it home. I drove while they fucked and joey spent another 3 days with her fucking her brains out. I sucked him off a few times to stimulate him again and peggy loved it
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5 months ago
Joe is back today and he brought another younger friend with him. he is home from boot camp.They are playing tag team on her.