stranger spends the night with my wife

after one of our late night parties, the crowd was dwindling down and Mark had brought one of his buddies and he was ready to leave, but his buddy wasn't. He told him he'd find a ride. so Mark left. Donny was about 19 and was a solid built k**. My wife was about 30 and she was flirting with him all night. Three other couples were still there and they were kissing and laying out by the fire. I told Peggy to walk Donny up by the back of the house as if she was in bed already and Donny had left so I could get the rest of the guests to leave without asking too many questions. I then went out to pour water on the fire and said I was tired and if they wanted to stick around by the fire, I was going to turn all the lights down. they all were in agreement it was late and they left quickly. I checked on Peggy and she was kissing him by the rear of the garage and he had a hand up under her bra with her blouse unbuttoned. I figured they had made good progress and went into the f****y room to set up the hide a-bed. I got it all set and then went out and said I'm going to bed, goodnight you guys. I went in and laid down. They came in and were on the bed laying there and began stripping each others clothes off. I went out the bedroom door and across the deck to watch. she was sucking his cock and I could not tell how big it was, but she was really enjoying it. The next thing I see is her gulping and him falling down sideways on the bed. she leaned over and kissed him again and in no time he was hard again. She laid there and allowed him to plow into her really quick. I could hear the noise of his wet cock in her wet pussy and it made a squishy sound as he bottomed out. He was fucking her real hard and fast for a good 10 minutes and she was coming real good about 4 times before he drove in deep and dumped huge load of cum into her pussy. I saw them both fall asl**p but he was laying to the side of her and she was spread eagle laying on the bed next to him . I couldn't help myself and went to eat her pussy. I was loving it so much that I came while eating her. I then noticed his cock was hard again so I figured he was awake but his eyes were closed. I called out to him and said Donny are you awake? he didn't move so I touched his cock and he still didn't move so I sucked it until he came. he even grabbed my back of my head as he shot a huge load in my throat. then I kissed Peggy and went to bed. they laid like that for quite a while but obviously got up some time in the night and she was straddled on his cock as I awoke the next day.
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it was hot that you also sucked him off too. great story thanks