my wife the milf and our sons friend

while our sons were growing up, they all had many friends spend the night and swim in our
pool. we met many of their friends only once. \One such friend was joe.
Joe was built like an adonis and at the age of 16 when we first met him, he was a big flirt with my wife. she always said she would never do anything with their friends. Joe had a falling out with my son and they stopped seeing each other after that one visit to our house. My wife was happy because she said she could not agree to behave herself around joe.
My boys used to go south to florida to visit her mom and dad and they would usually spend a month. We enjoyed this time of freedom to pursuit or cravings. During the year after the visit by joe, we heard a knock on the gate by the pool. I went to answer the knock and as I opened the gate there stood Joe. He was smiling from ear to ear and I invited him in. He apologized for his actions that brought about the breakup and we were not sure of what caused it to that day so we were in the dark. he xplained it was over his interference with a girl my son liked. My wife hear Joe talking and came around the side of the house in a string bikini, glowing with oil and sweat and when she saw Joe she stopped dead and dropped her jaw. Joe said Hi, Peggy, I am so pleased to see you again, I have missed you so much. I noticed them staring at each other and then glanced at Joes bulge in his shorts. Peggy went to him and kissed him and wrapped her arms around him. joe immediately responded likewaise as if I wasn't there . They were swapping tongue and it git to me quickly I watched them and then saw peggy lift her leg and put it around Joes back of is legs and grind into him. joe responded by lowering his hand to her ass and sliding his fingers down to the edge of her string bikini. He slid it aside and shoved three fingers into her lips and tha moistness was obvious. he slid them up and down and then gradually slipped them into her slit deeply and she moaned and broke the kiss. joe was still in front of the gate and I realized I better shut it. I got it closed as I looked to see if anyone had been watching. I saw her lean back and his fingers slid in and out with a slurping noise that was so hot. She was coming and Joe was so turned on. i said why don't we get you two out of the sun and into the spa. they allowed me to steer them to the spa as he continued rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. she was lost in lust and Joe was hard as a rock. joes cock was sticking above his shorts. peggy felt it and she slid his shorts down as we got to the spa. he slid her bikini off and the top too. they climbed in and she sat on the edge as he stcuk a very thick cut long cock into her pussy. Joe began sliding deeply in as he slid slowly. he bottomed out and then peggy moaned louder and let me know she was going to cum very hard bu growling. she does this when she becomes voacl. Joe was drving in and out like a pile driver kind of roucgh but not too much. Then Joe was hunching deep and holding it in and I watched while jacking my cock. Joe stopped and held it in deep and leaned back and said aghhh! Peggy moaned a sigh of relief and she was obviously done cumming. they both slid into the pool and I shot across the floor and then went to get us all some drinks. We spent the afternoon with her fucking joe and I felt better after I realized he was in town so is parents could pick up some belongings from a storage facility and they were going back to memphis the floowing afternoon. She slpet with him and when she left she told me he was the best she had had in years and she fucked him 11 times that day and night.
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that was so hot
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Damn, hope he cums back!