ships in dock and wife is horny

My wife mentioned to me that there was a ship coming in to dock for $th of july weekend and a newspaper article was looking for families that would adopt a sailor for the weekend and allow him to have a f****y style fun 4th while in a strange port where they may not know anybody. I knew what she had on her mind and got hard thinking of the possibilities. I told her to call, and she said I already did, and they had questioned her on specifics. she told them she would prefer a sailor that was a newer reruit as he may be more homesick...(Yeah right) and then the guy asked if she was specific about race. She told him know it didn't matter. He asked if we had any plans for barbecues or parties and she told him yes we had plans for both. the man said he had an individual in mind and if she would be so kind as to leave a number he would have the young man call back at 5. She agreed and looked at me and said we don't have to go through with it, and I said yeah but think how homesick he might be, I was laughing as I said it. she punched me and laughed and then she kissed me. I said I like the idea. We discussed the k**s and wondered if we should take them. She said well they do want to see the fireworks. I said ok. so we picked him up at 6 shortly after they called. He wanted to know id he should bring his uniform or if he should bring civvies. she said bring uniform, but bring shorts and tees in case. We picked him up at the dock and he said he would be hard to find so how would he know which one was Peggy. She said I will be in a hot pink tank top and white short shorts with pink tennies and a balloon with a heart on it.
He said that will make it easy. He found her real quick and kissed her like she was his girlfriend. I have to admit for a young black recruit he was a Denzel Washington type only less toothy.The k**s were excited as he got in the car and they were all over hm as if he was a long lost b*****r or uncle. We drove home and put on some burgers and told him we had a bunch of beverages and snacks already packed. and we were going to see fireworks. Peggy worked at a company with an office overlooking the river and the city had a big fireworks display planned.
We finished dinner and drove to her office. We had a parking pass for the garage and the offices were crammed with people. One of the secretaries had her k**s with her and they wanted our two boys to come with them. We took snacks to their office and she said she was going to lock her door. she also said you may want to do the same in case too many people think they can come into your office since we had good spots with windows facing the river. She told Peggy if something happens we can call one another to let each other know to unlock the door. The k**s ran off with them and they closed the door. Peggy walked down the hall to her bosses suite and unlocked the door. as she unlocked the door one of the other secretaries wanted to know if she could come join us. she told them her boss said not to let anyone else in the office. We closed and locked the door. Cerome was impressed. her boss had a huge suite with a bathroom and a ceiling to floor window. There was a divider in the window with 2 large sets of blinds that adjusted to close or open with a remote. The refrigerator was already packed with beer and wine, and we had some sandwiches and munchies in the cooler. there was also a separate room for Peggy where she worked and her office too had a huge window in it. We had a sofa in the main suite and a sofa in her office. Cerome said I bet these sofas have seen some fun. We both grinned and Peggy said they probably will again real soon too. He kissed her and she kissed him back as Cerome looked over to me. I was smiling and I rubbed myself.I grabbed a few beers and handed them out and Cerome asked if we smoked. Peggy said sure, why? He produced a bag of weed and began to roll one. the phone rang and it was her secretary saying that her boss was there and all the k**s were too much for her. could we come get the k**s. I thought this is going to screw things up but told her yes.
I thought about the carnival on the riverfront and told peg I would go get the k**s and take them to the waterfront until it got dark and then we would be back. she said good idea and she gave me a big kiss and said thanks, I love you. then I left. it was about 7 now and that meant I would be spending a while with the k**s. I took them to the carnival and they went on the rides and then we played some games, and it was almost 10 so I called Peggy and told her we were on our way up. She said OK, and thanked me again. I asked did I miss anything, and she said oh yes, big time....I laughed and said that big, huh? she laughed and said yep and more. I was real turned on now and the k**s and I got up to the room. we called from outside and she took a few minuted to unlock the door. When she unlocked it she said don't let anyone in. I slid through with the k**s and locked it. Cerome was sitting on the sofa with his shoes and socks off and his shirt off and his pants were just barely done up in front. Peggy was I believe nude under his uniform shirt. It was much too big for her so it covered enough. the k**s were jumping around telling mom what a good time we had when all of a sudden the fireworks went off. We went into Peggy's room and I said wow k**s come in here its a much better view. they both ran in and sat on the window sill and watched in awe since this was the closest and highest up they had ever seen it. Cerome and Peggy watched (I think) from her bosses office on the sofa. I could hear some moaning and groaning once in a while and one of the k**s asked if mom was ok. I said yeah she is just as excited as you guys are about the fireworks. as the grande finale went off the k**s were screaming and I think that let Peggy know it would be time to leave soon. I told her it would be stupid to leave now and fight all that traffic. I said we should put on the tv in her office and if the k**s fell asl**p we could carry them to the garage and put them in the car while they slept.They watched one of their many videos that we had down there for when she took them in to work. They were asl**p in no time. Peggy came in to check on the k**s and I took the opportunity to slide a hand up her thigh to her pussy which as I thought bare and ever so slippery with cum. I slid a finger in and pulled it out and was licking it as Cerome walked in. He grinned and said You have a wonderful wife. I told him I knew it. I then slid my hand up and lifted his shirt a bit to expose her ass and let him know I was in approval and knew what was going on and then I slid my fingers into her pussy in front of him again. He looked and smiled as I rubbed her and she leaned in kissing me. I was so turned on. I asked if she thought she could get away with wearing his shirt to the car or should she dress. Cerome said I'll help. she said no, I am ok. Most of these people will be gone and it would be dark, she said she wanted to drive home like this in the back row with Cerome. I said Kewl. We picked up our mess and I carried one of the k**s while Cerome carried the other. Peggy grabbed the cooler on wheels and rolled it to the door and then she took a look around and said OK, let's go. we walked to the van and put the k**s on the rear floor of the van behind the third row and then we placed the cooler up near the door on the second row and they climbed in to the back with Peggy revealing her ass to Cerome and I. As i slid the door shut, I noticed a young k** was a few cars over from us and he must have gotten the same view as he was sporting wood. I grinned at him and he blushed and turned away.I got in the van and drove off. I slowed the van as we passed the k** and he looked in as we drove by seeing Peggy near naked in the third row with Cerome who was by now naked and was guiding his cock into Peggy for probably the 6th time so far this evening. I drove the van up the driveway and hit the remote. I pulled and and lowered the door so they cold go in without the neighbors seeing them nude. I carried one of the k**s in and came back and got the other while they continued to fuck in the car. when I had them both tucked in I came back out and grabbed the cooler and all of their clothes and took them into the house. Cerome and Peggy came in half an hour later and were kissing all the way in. she walked over to me and kissed me again and said I love you so much. then she said thank you, thank you, thank you. I Kissed her and said, No, thank you!. She kissed me again and went int to our room and I slept in the guest room. Our rooms share the master bathroom, so we were able to have him come out of the guest room for appearances in the morning and I would already be up. We arose in the morning and as thought, the k**s slept in. I made breakfast and took the k**s breakfast into their room and set it up on their table and said they could have breakfast in bed or on the table. they both wanted me to serve them in bed. I did and then I went in to our room and Peggy opened her eyes as i served both of them breakfast in bed complete with mimosa and an omelet with English muffins and jell, Bacon and hash browns. Cerome said oh wow that smells so much better than ship slop. I laughed and as he ate he said I can't ever imagine that this is how my weekend was going to be. I grinned and said it ain't over yet.
We took the k**s to Grandmas since they were going to go to a church picnic. We had told them of our plans to go to a big party and there would be lots of drinking and a big pool and Mom got worried and said why don't you leave them with us. so we did. When I left they were looking a little mischievious and I figured i woldn't even be out the door before they would be screwing again. I dropped off the k**s and came back to find them fucking right in the middle of the f****y room. I asked peggy if she was going to want to go to the party with her friends. she said oh yes. I want to show him off. He laughed and said oh and now I am a piece of meat. I said hell yes you always were.....we all laughed. he sat down and was wiping his cock and I got between Peggy's legs and wiped her clean with my tongue as she held my head in place. I started dipping my tongue into her pussy and was loving it. Peggy said Cerome why don't you come her and kiss me while he eats me. I was wondering what she was p to and then I felt her hand rubbing my bunghole. she was up to something. I then felt Ceromes bigger fingers rubbing it too and then he shoved one in and was fingering my ass. then she said I wonder if 2 fingers would fit. I kept eating her as he slid a second finger in my ass. it took a minute to get used to and then he said oh hell yes. Peggy must have asked him if i could suck him hard and then if he could fuck my ass. He pulled my head up and slid it over above his cock. I was almost out of breath from being turned on as he lowered my mouth over his cock. I sucked it in and got as much in as I could which wasn't much. he was about 9 inches and fairly thick. I was loving it when all of a sudden he got up and since I was already on all fours sucking him he got behind me and nudged his cock against my pooper. I felt all tingly and not sure if i wanted it or not, but my legs betrayed me and spread open and backed up against his cock. he rubbed it up and down a few times and then he slid it in. I was overcome with emotion and pain as it went in 3 inches on the first push. I tried to relax but again my legs betrayed my desires and pushed back against his cock once more and I was in now about 5 inches deep. he was just a groaning and moaning and so was Peggy. she said I want to suck your dick and she slid under me so she could experience what i enjoy so much. as he slid it all the way home Peggy said Oh my gawd. and then she sucked my cock and he was pumping away. I shot a load in her mouth with no warning to her or me and then Cerome came in my ass like a fire hoes. I was rocking back and forth in time to his rhytm and he finally fell against me and almost collapsed me onto Peggy. she realized what happened and rolled out from under me before I collapsed on the bed. He rolled off me and we were all three exhausted . to be continued
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Very hot ,,mmmmm and juicy ,,, mmmmm thanks
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there will be more to cum