beau and my milf

My wife has had several encounters with younger guys. The one I liked the most was when we took our father-in-laws boat out to the lake. Her younger b*****r Tom was in high school and several of his friends came along in separate vehicles. Another of his friends took his dads boat out too. We allowed her b*****r tom to take turns with the boat. I was out on the boat with 3 other guys and they were taking turns on the Inflatable raft. I came in to give Tom a turn driving and noticed my wife sitting on the picnic table talking with a very cute and slender young man. He had just turned 17 and was an Adonis with longer blonde hair. She introduced him to me and we shook hands. We noticed that everyone else went out on the 2 boats. I mentioned that we wouldn't see any of them for the next half hour. Peggy said she had to use the bathroom. Beau said he needed to drain his lizard and asked which direction the rest rooms were. Peggy said follow me. She came and gave me a kiss and said I may be a while. I sat down with a beer and relaxed in the chaise lounge. I fell asl**p and the next thing I know there were a ton of people around me and Tom said Where did Peggy go. I said I wasn't sure I fell asl**p. One of the other guys said Where is beau. I said I remember him going to the restroom and then I never saw him again. I said Maybe she went to get more beer.. I said I am going to the bathrooms. I walked in that direction and called her cell phone. It went to voice mail and I told her everyone was looking for her and beau. I also said I told them you guys may have gone to get beer and reminded her there was beer in the extra cooler so she could make it look like she bought beer and they could carry it back as their excuse.
I never heard back but wandered up to the parking lot and saw the car was gone. It at least gave some credibility to the story.
About 15 minutes later they came back with the cooler of beer and said she went to get more beer and ice. She came up to me and kissed me and explained the She and Beau went to the restroom and as they got there they checked for anyone around and seeing nobody they went into the men's room. She was kissing him and feeling his cock and he said do you have a car here. They went to the car where she found out he had a cock that was uncut and eight inches long and very thick. she said she was enjoying the fucking she got from him as he seemed like he was never going to cum. She came so many times before he came. She got the phone call just as he came. She laid there kissing him for a long time and then she said she needed to check her voice mail. After checking she said everyone is looking for us and she said I have an idea and then explained my idea to him. She was sitting with me and said lets get the barbeque going and feed these guys and then she wanted to take beau home to fuck him some more. I agreed and she helped me get our meal ready. We cooked sausage and hot dogs and burgers and she made a big bowl of potato salad and baked beans. The guys mowed everything we brought and then went back out on the boat. Peggy told Beau to mention he was going to try to hitch a ride home and then to leave the picnic area and walk to the parking lot and we would give him a ride. a little while later, I told Tom We were going to take the boat back unless he promised to take care of it and to bring it home and wash it as his dad would. He agreed. Then we started telling everyone goodbye and one of the guys said Beau left and was going to try to hitch a ride, and if we saw him maybe we could give him a ride. We said good idea and then we went to the parking lot. We saw beau near the car talking to a girl. Peggy said, Hey, Beau, Did you need a ride? He said yeah. then he ran back to our car and hollered good bye to the girl. As he climbed in the back, Peggy said she was going to talk with him in back of our van. I pulled out and no sooner than we pulled past the guard shack then they were making out. He had plenty of experience kissing from what I could see. and no wonder since he was so gorgeous. I could see her lift her ass off the seat even though I couldn't see since they were in the thrid row. I knew she had taken off her bikini bottoms and she made sure there was no doubt when she dropped them onto the middle row seat. I then saw him lean over her and as he laid her down on the back seat she disappeared and his back was up in the air and the next thing i saw was his bare ass come up slightly and then he was going up and down and she was moaning slightly. I turned the radio up a bit to drown the sounds and they were fucking like two dogs while I drove home. I pulled into the garage and lowered the door and went into the house and left them alone out there. A little while later she walked in with her coverup on and said she was going swimming in our pool with Beau. Beau was right behind her and walked right past as I saw his profile of his rock hard cock under his suit. he was massive. She said she had nothing on under the coverup if I wanted to take a quick lick before she joined him again. I got down on my knees and sucked her pussy for a few minutes and then she said I gotta go before he comes looking for me. I watched her remove her coverup and walk naked into the pool. Our pool is above ground and is mostly hidden from the neighbors, but we added a cover so no one can see in because it steams up on the inside and it is not possible to see in or out unless you wipe the inside. Peggy knows this and also knows that I like to watch through the skimmer cause from under the deck I can kneel down next to the skimmer and watch 90 of the inside of our pool. I saw Beau's cock as he sat on the opposite deck and she was sucking him off. she was a bitch in heat. she loves sucking big cocks especially young uncut big cocks with big nut sacks and his was a huge nut sack. she was sucking him and fingering his asshole and soon she had a mouthful of come. Beau jumped into the pool to rinse off and pulled her under to and then he was kissing her. I thought wow he doesn't mind a bit of come.....I was coming right there under the deck.
I went back to the kitchen and got some steaks out and put them on the grill along with 3 baked potatoes and some corn on the cob. I got everything going and put the grill on low and then went back to watch again. he was fucking her doggy style and she was moaning real loud now. I figured he's got balls. he didn't care If I knew or not. Next thing I saw was he slid out of her pussy and slid it up her ass. She groaned in pain and he stopped and said I wont slip it in anymore until you say OK. Then she said do it, and he did. She was buried up to his big balls and I could see his cock going in and out of her ass. I was really turned on again but wanted to save it, so I left again. I gave them another 15 minutes and then said OK, Peg, dinner is ready.
Beau wound up spending the entire weekend with us and I was able to lick them both clean, as it turns out Beau is bisexual and I was in heaven. He wanted me to join in on the way home. He said he knew I knew since he could hear me on the voice mail.
He has been fucking her now for 5 years and even fucked her on his wedding night cause we got is wife so d***k she passed out. The weird thing about that was that there were 2 other couples in the room with us and they went int the suite bathroom together. One of the brides maids asked where Beau was. I said I think he went to see if he could get some drinks from the bar. She went looking for him and he came out while she was gone.
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yes that was great
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Very hot, very well written!
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I love this guy.