High school football game with my hot wife

My wife and I always fantasized about her having sex with younger guys.. I was a bit of a fuck up before getting married and got busted with some stolen property. It wasn't high dollar stuff, but enough to earn me 6 months in the county jail. My wife met me just after getting out, at a party. She was 16, and I was 18. She heard I was a bad boy and it turned her on. She was raised in Catholic schools and had a strict upbringing. We got together that night and we screwed all night. during the evening we got talking dirty and about fantasies. she asked about my time in prison and if I had and sex in jail. I didn't think it would last and figured what the hell. I can tell her anything without an repercussions. I told her i was str8 going in but after 2 weeks of nothing more than a midnight tug or two. it was really horny time. I told her the new k** in my cell was about my age and actually looked much younger. he was kinda cute, but effeminate. he was bisexual and made several passes at me from day one. This night was hotter than hell and we were sl**ping without any clothes on just a pair of briefs. he could see me harder than a rock. He asked if I was losing the battle. I told him i think i was. he jumped over to my bed and said he would do anything to suck me off. My wife was so turned on that we had the greatest sex for a first time. She wanted to hear all about jail sex. I told her a few more stories and she soon began asking if I had ever swapped partners before. I told her i had but I didn't get off on swapping. She asked again on our fourth date. I told her I got off watching the girl I was with get laid more so than me getting some strange pussy. She seemed to really hone in on that thought because it became a topic above my jail house sex from then on. Soon we were going to parties for the sole purpose of finding some young guy for her to fuck. she always had a taste for guys much younger than her.
after we married she was 19 and me 21. We often would go to college towns for weekends especially when a big game was on. This would get her laid and i could get off watching. She would tell me after that she wanted younger guys.
We then started going to high school football games so she could find some horny young guys and bring em to the van and fuck em silly.
This carried on for years. She is now in her early 30's and looks 18. She always wants some 16ish yr old guy to screw her silly.
We found some at the winter fest one weekend. He and his buddy were passing a bottle of Jack Daniels. Peg spotted them and asked for a swig. Soon the three of them were tight. She was kissing them both and they were feeling her up. She asked if they would want to carry this on at her house. They said yes and she said she was married and her husband was cool with having sex with anyone she wanted. They asked if he was nuts or what. She explained it a bit and told them he could leave them totally alone. they were cool with it and said lets go. So they met me at the parking lot and we piled into the van. Peg shocked them but wanted them to know I was OK with it. she stripped down naked and leaned over and kissed them both. She then sat on terry's lap and straddled him. she said OK lets get that little fucker out in the open. he was checking out my reaction as she pulled down his zipper. terry was not hard yet and she soon got him hard. she slid his cock into her and he was soon over any shyness. this brought out the braveness in joey. soon they were both nude in the van and i pulled into the drive way and zapped the garage door open. as we entered the garage, i closed the door and and then we walked into the house. she led the two of them naked into the bedroom. I was left to pick up after them and i was loving it. I got into the f****y room and dropped the clothes onto the couch and sorted and folded them as neatly as possible. I then went to the kitchen and got some soft drinks for all of them, and put them on a tray along with the boys bottle of jack and took it into the bedroom. I tried not to disturb them. they were in various positions. Joey was lying on the bed with Peg straddling him facing away from him as terry was trying to shove his cock into the same hole as joey. They looked so horny all 3 of them. I closed the door and left them there for a good while. after a few hours of me watching television and them having sex. Joey came into the f****y room with a towel around his waist. he sat down and said hi. he was actually more comfortable than most young guys would be. he then asked if Peg's mom's name was Mary K, I said yes. he said he thought so. and then told me his mom and Peg's mom were best friends. He also said he was a little k** at our wedding. I looked at him and thought what the fuck. He started telling me about different things and I remembered them. He said he couldn't believe he just had his fantasy fulfilled. then he told me about how he used to jack off when he was first going through puberty while looking at photos of my wife. he also said he hid in the laundry room once and watched Peg fuck one of his cousins. that fueled his imagination for her for years.
When they both walked out into the f****y room. Joey was grinning like a Cheshire cat. He told Peg all about it and she was red faced. then she asked him how he felt. he said he felt great and wanted to fuck her like his cousin Jerry did. she said oh my gawd you were there, Terry and I were dumbfounded and she said he had to know, cause she let Jerry fuck her in the ass. She said his dick was so long and slender and she wanted to feel what it felt like in her ass. Joey said he had jacked off thinking about it for many years. She also said , " You little fucker, you were in the laundry room watching us when you were 9 or 10" he said Yep.
They spent the remainder of the night and into the morning in bed together and Terry and I had a little party of our own since it turned out that he was bisexual.
Anyway it just goes to show you. them little guys can carry a big torch for an older female especially one who has fueled their dreams and imaginations for many years. Joey has been back again on many occasions. Terry and I have also gotten together during one of Peg's weekends with the guys. Terry still enjoys peg's attributes as well as my ass and mouth.
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1 year ago
my wife and I have this fantasy while we are in bed she talks to me about it and makes me say stuff that pertains to this exact story or even some of the football players
2 years ago
Another great, horny story...thanks for sharing!
2 years ago
A great read.
2 years ago
I loved it, thanks.