Growing up in the "D" discovering more g

When Neal and I finished our first time having sex in over a year, We got back on our bikes and rode slowly back to my house. I new mom would be looking for me for dinner and I promised I'd be home on time for a change. Neal asked if He could stay. I told him yes. Mom liked Neal and I knew she'd love to see him again cause he was such a cutie.
We arrived and she told us to go wash up. We sat down and she had fried chicken and smashed potatoes and corn. I love her chicken. We ate and after we were stuffed she said she had to go shopping cause Dad would be coming home tomorrow. She left and we jumped in the pool. We stripped off our suits and we would go under and suck and feel each other. Neal was real hard when all of a sudden we heard a female voice ask..what the heel are you two boys doing. I looked up and saw Phyllis from next door. she had her suit on and was gonna come see if she could swim. she saw me while I was under water sucking Neal and she was getting horned up. she was only 12, but she said if you don't want me to tell you better do it some more so she could watch, but to do it out of the water. We did and she began playing with her pussy lips and watching us and directing us. Then she said why don't you corn-hole Neal. I looked at her and asked where did you hear that from. She said her 2 cousins do it all the time and she liked to watch them. I got behind Neal and stuck my cock in his ass. I was only 5 inches but I was slim and it went in real easy. I was soon rocking and bucking real hard. she kept feeling my balls while Neal bucked beneath me. then she grabbed his balls and she then stuck a finger in my ass. She made me shoot a huge load in Neal's ass and I was loving it. I fell forward on him and she said she was bored now and was going home, but she'd like to see me do her b*****r Timmy soon. Tim was a gorgeous young k** and usually was house bound due to his mother being so over protective. he had been a sickly k** and she kept too close and eye on him. she said her mom was going out of town and dad wasn't as protective. She would bring him by in a day or two. Neal said he wanted to fuck that boy so bad. I said Hey what about me. Phyllis left and Neal said how long before mom is back. I said plenty of time. We went to my room where he fucked me and fucked me hard. I loved feeling his big thick uncut cock in my ass and as he began to shoot i could feel his balls shrink up and crowd my cock and balls. Then as the second and third rope of cum shot out he was really moaning and groaning. We collapsed and then we showered. We sucked each other off one more time and we were lying on the bed when mom came in. Fortunately we had the sense to pull on some boxers or she would have known what we were up to..... continued
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Wow another hot one mmm yes more please
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loved it
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I loved all the comments on the last one. if you want me to lose the girl I can