Twink pedestrian in a storm 2

When I woke up after sl**ping the night with Beau., I realized I hadn't drempt this whole situation. I wanted to continue, but my head was throbbing...(not ot self....slow down on the AK 47's).
I looked at Beau lying there naked and his cock looked marvelous. I figured I needed a water and a few aspirin. I got that behind me and then wondered what he would feel like behind me. I crawled in next to him and spooned up to him. I felt his cock touch my ass and his arms reach over me and he cuddled while awakening. I felt so good just then. I just scooted down a bit and allowed the tip of his hard cock to slide up to my puckered ass hole. It was so nice. I then began sliding back and forth and letting his cock warm against me. This caused him to start oozing precum. he was oozing quite a bit and I felt it dripping along my ass and down to the bed sheet.
I stopped and felt him begin to push forward. I was going to help him aim when all of a sudden his cock slid up to the hole and I felt a tingle as it began to slowly slide in. his aim was excellent and he shoved a little and then stopped. I kept concentrating on relaxing and pushing back. he finally got the entire head in and then he shoved a bit further. I was really beginning to feel the pain. I relaxed a bit more and pushed out and as I did he took it as a go ahead and shoved in much more. I felt like he was all the way in. but when I reached back i felt a huge gap between his belly and my ass. I then felt down to his cock and kinda measured with my hand on his cock and felt a good 3-4 inches remaining. I took a deep breath and said OK now push it all the way in. He shoved it home and I asked him to wait a few. He did and he also kissed my neck and planted little kisses on my ears and shoulders. I said OK lets start. he then withdrew a bit and shoved back in. he did this a few more times and then he began a longer withdrawal and shoved it home again. Now he started to grind in addition to the in and out. I was feeling his cock rubbing my prostate and it felt so good. he whispered to me that this was only the third time he was the fucker. he was used to being the fuckee. I said it was only my third time as a fuckee. I never got this opportunity much. We continued for a good 10 minutes and then as he was talking dirty to me and saying who's your daddy, I said you are. he then shot a huge spurt of cum in my ass and I could feel the heat. I also felt his cock tremble and then another load shot out and it kept on continuing as he shot 3, 4, 5, and finally a 6th shot in my as I reveled in this feeling. he was by far the largest cock ever to be filling me. I loved it and he stayed deep in me until he shrank and finally slipped out. I felt so loved at that moment and then he said thanks for not forcing yourself on me. I kissed his arm and held him there. he then turned me over and we kissed eahc other and slipped a bit of tongue in each others mouth. We laid for a few more minutes and then we took a shower. He sucked my cock and said thanks for everything. We finished in the shower and we got dressed. I told him I was hungry and the free breakfast was over cause it was now 11:30and we had to check out. I went and checked out and met him at the car. he asked if I was really going to Detroit and would I really allow him to ride with me. I said yeah why would you think otherwise? he said he is always being lied to. I said well I like your company and not just for the sex.
He smiled and we both got in to the car.
I asked where he was going in Detroit. he said he thinks his aunt lives near Detroit and he was going to try to find her to see if he could live there. He asked what I was going to /Detroit for and I told him I lived there with my wife. he Said I didn't know you were married. I said yes, and as a matter of fact, I'd like tom share her with you if you don't mind. he looked shocked and then said hell yes. We joked about a lot of things and then we passed the Ohio border into Detroit.. To be continued.
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2 years ago
Yeh that was it great story
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2 years ago
Another good hot one, ya more please
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