my hot wife's graduation gift to her b*****r

my wife and I had recently begun a venture into hotwifing. We both enjoyed it and it fit our desires better than swapping or any other adventures in the sexual arena.
Her parents planned a graduation party for her younger b*****r, Tom. She is 12 years older than Tom and he idolizes her as she does him.
I have talked to her about my b*****rs before and she said she would feel weird, especially if she told other f****y members.
She and I discussed the possibility of her picking up one of the other graduates and enjoying the evening with him.
With this in mind, she dressed accordingly. she wore a short skirt no panty hose, a skimpy thong a form fitting tank top and no bra. She has a great figure and this made her so desirable. Her mom and dad were busy with keeping guest happy and running the party. Peggy was busy entertaining the young graduates and I was busy keeping her mom and dad happy so they would ignore her.
The k**s were all around the keg. I had taken all the guys keys from them and made sure that anyone needing a ride hm was either not d***k, or I drove them.
as the party wore on and most of the adult guests left, I helped clean up and told her mom and dad to relax and if they wanted to go to bed I would be responsible for watching over the k**s. there were about 15 k**s left. 5 couples and her b*****r and four guys.
As the couples began leaving I gave keys to the sober girls and asked if they would be willing to drive some of the guys home. This took all but tom and his best friend that lived next door. Tom asked if we could go to our house and swim in our pool. Peggy had mentioned that Ray was feeling her up and kissing her for the last few hours. I told them it was time for us to go take a dip.Peg and ray were making out in the back seat. Tom was turned sideways in the front seat and he kept an eye on them and kept glancing from them to me. we arrived in a few minutes and drove into the garage and dropped the door with the remote. Ray and Peg had not stopped making out the entire drive. We got there and I pulled into the garage and dropped the door. we entered the house and I saw ray kissing Peg like they were the couple and he never even slowed down directly in front of me. Tom kept glancing from them to me. I said lets get some. beer and tom and i went to the kitchen to get it. He kept glancing at me as if he wanted to say something. We went out onto the deck and saw Peg strip and jump into the pool totally naked. Ray followed and then Tom looked at me and said Doesn't this bother you? I looked at him and grinned. I stripped my shirt off and then dropped my drawers. I was totally hard and looked at him and said What do you think. I then jumped in and soon after Tom was naked by my side. He said I see your hard, does this mean you don't mind if she is naked with Ray? I watched her wrap her legs around ray's waist and ray dropped his hand between them. I told tom. I don't understand it, all logic says I should be jealous as all hell, but I get so turned on knowing that other guys desire my wife too. He grinned and said wow. that is wierd. I said hell you never know until you try it. He laughed and said yeah right. we stood about a foot apart in the 4 foot end and watched as ray began to fuck her. she had both hands and arms on the side of the pool and was supporting them as ray kept driving deep into her . she was moaning real loud and then ray went limp. he was totally exhausted and they both seperated. She swam back to me and kissed me and then she had an arm around Tom and I and was saying wow he sure fucked me good. I kissed her again and then she leanded over and kissed Tom. Tom wrapped his arms around her and they were soon in a heavy make out . Ray looked beat. I helped him out of the pool and he said Im gonna lay down on the chaise. I helped him there and he passed out. I went back into the pool and Tom glanced at me and said I figured Id do like you said and try it. I laughed and said suits me fine. peggy looked at me and had a glazed look in her eyes. the kind of look she has when she is stoned. I found out later she had taken extacy from Ray in the back seat. She then wrapped her legs around her b*****r and was fucking the shit out of him or vice versa. tom and she were still standing in the four foot section and I could see everything with the dim lights on in the pool. They were humoing like dogs in heat and soon I saw tom lean back and She did too. They came together and both were too weak to remain standing. I went back in to help them support themselves. tom was staggering to the edge and I wrapped an arm around him. then I wrapped an arm around Peggy. We walked out the steps and she laid down on one of the chaise lounges and tom laid on the one next to her. I said lets go in the house as soon as you two are strong enough. Peggy sat up and leaned over and sucked her b*****r hard. I realized he was bigger then average and that his cock was shaped a bit differently than normal. His head was smaller and it got thicker as it dropped to the shaft. then the shaft got real thick in the front whereas the back was straight down from the bottom of his mushroom to the base. it was almost like a baseball shaft but uneven. it tapered from thick to thin as it got the the base. I was still rock hard but now I was stroking it. she said c'mon tom I want to fuck you in my bed. Tom looked at me and said I like it. We went up to the bedroom and she got on all fours. tom got behind her and slid his cock up and down her slit. she rocked back and forth as he slid it getting it slippery with his vast amount of precum. He then slipped it slowly into her doggy style. I crawled under her to eat her while he fucked her. I slipped between her legs and was able to visually see his big thick cock slipping slowly in and out of her. tom was making lots of percum and it was dripping from her luscious lips as he drove forward. I felt it hit my lip and licked it up. it was delicious and I watched as his balls slapped back and forth along with each slow stroke. I was so turned on and then I flet peggy lick my cock I almost came. I wasn't prepared for that. she then slid her opne mouth down to my pubes and sucked up the entire length. I was in heaven. I took to her clit with my mouth and began making love to it. I was sucking and licking her clit and then dipping lower to lick the entie=re length of his cock. we spent another 10 minutes like this until Peggy began to shake with an orgasm. I felt it and it brought me off and then she came again and moaned so lud. tom was moaning and soon I flet him drive deep into her. I slid a finger in his asss and he shot 5 or 6 shots of cum deep in her I could feel his ass opucker on my finger and then I licked up his balls to his anuns and back again. Peggy was about to collapse and I knew it. she pushed me aside and I pulled out from under her and allowed her to collapse. then tom fell to her other side and I leaned over and kissed her saying I love you so much. then Tom said I never would have believed this was going to happen and then he kissed her and said thanks for a great graduation presnet s*s.
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2 years ago
Some sisters have to get drunk and stoned in order to fuck their brothers and/or fathers.

My preference is the female family member be stone-cold SOBER when the "deed is done"!!
2 years ago
SEXY KOOL,sweetie!
2 years ago
2 years ago
hope ther is more to tell of your adventures. 7.7.2012@13.23