new years eve and my wifes brother

A few years ago, We were having our annual New Years Eve party. We invited about 15-20 couples. We were about 30 and My wife's younger b*****r was 18.
He just broke up with his girlfriend and My wife invited him so he wouldn't go out and get in trouble while drinking and driving.
Most of the guests had started leaving within an hour after midnight. We were down to about 3 couples, my wife and her b*****r and I. I was running around picking up bottles and cups and emptying ash trays. My wife's b*****r was trashed. The last of the couples was getting ready to leave. I walked them out after they said their goodbyes.
As I walked back in I saw my b*****r-in-law, (Tom), and my wife doing another shot. I know they had done too many. They were singing and kissing and telling me to do a shot with them, so I said OK, after I lock the doors. I finished locking up and they had poured out six shots. They handed me one and we toasted in the New Year. then they handed another and toasted their Dad's Death. Then they were going to do another. I said it wasn't a good idea.
Tom Kissed Peggy and this was a real good kiss. Mind you we had been doing threesomes for a while but not with Tom. He was real d***k and kissing her open mouthed like a lover, not a s****r.
I was a bit turned on and finished cleaning up some more.I watched them as they went into our room. They were sitting on our bed and Tom had stashed another bottle in our bedroom for later and now had it out. He was feeding peg another shot and then he took one. I asked for a shot too and took the bottle and after doing another shot hid it.They began kissing again and this time he laid back and she leaned over to kiss him. he pulled her on top and she was straddling him as they kissed deep open mouthed kisses. I grabbed her slacks and unzipped and slid them off her ass to the ground. Tom reached down and feeling nothing on her ass, he slid his hands around to her asshole as if he was unsure he was really not feeling any underwear. He then said real low as if he was whispering to everyone in the room....I can't believe what I am feeling and then he slid his fingers into her pussy and was finger fucking his s****r. I felt his hands and slid them in deeper and he said "This is going to be a Happy New Year after all." I then slipped his jeans off and his boxers came with them. He said "0h yes its gonna be real happy, s*s. " Then he kissed her deep again and I slid her up above his now rock hard cock and slid his cock up and down along her pussy to get him wet. Then I slipped his cock into my wife as they continued kissing. I got down and watched his cock enter her and then he took over and began to fuck her like it was his girlfriend.He was slow at first and got a rhythm going as he drove his cock deep into her soaking wet pussy. Tom it now seems had a good sized cock, not enormous, but about 7 1/2 inches and it is really nice and thick. he was under her but wanted to be on top. He slipped her over and got on top and then he pulled her legs up over her head and began fucking her real fast and hard. she was hanging on to him and when Tom started to cum he let her legs down and she hooked them on his ass and was pulling him deep. I undressed them the rest of the way and now I undressed too. I saw him pull out and roll over to relax as she went limp. she had cum and they were both resting. I dove between her legs and ate her pussy good and brought her to another orgasm and tom was watching and he was getting hard again. I suggested she get on all fours so I could eat her from underneath and he could fuck her doggy style. they agreed and i was eating her pussy and as Tom got on the bed and slid into her I began licking long licks up and down her pussy and his cock. He seemed to really enjoy this and was spread real wide. I got my head down between his and her legs and was actually licking her from her clit to his nuts. I wanted to experience a double penetration and this seemed to be the one shot I was going to get so I repositioned then and had him lay down with his feet on the floor and she sat down against him with her feet on the floor and then I slid my cock in and we tried to get a rhythm going but I am only 6 inches and we couldn't to it. I decided to let it go and I waited until he came with my finger against his anus and then when he slid out I went down on him as far as I could go and sucked her b*****r's cock all the way in my throat til his pubes were against my nose and then as he got hard again I slid his cock back into my wife. They fucked again and after resting a few minutes Tom said I want to take my s*s to be d with me so you go to bed in the f****y room and leave us alone. I did and they locked the door and I jacked off listening to them for a few more minutes and then I went to bed. That was my happiest New Year
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1 year ago
Well he is now getting that divorce and he plans to join us on a vacation to michigan in the thumb area. Peg already told him she has missed his cock and wants to fuck his brains out when we get there. He said can I com over tonight. She said yes and tonight they are in our room. I already ate her creampie and sucked him clean once. I am gonna leave them alone for a while and then later go back and see if we can reanact our new years fun.I love watching him fuck his sister and then I love eating her pussy after he dumps a load in her. awesome night.
1 year ago
Last year, Tom was going through a rough patch and he called a few days before New years. He asked if he could join us to go out for New Years since he didn't want to stay home. We really thought he was getting a divorce that year. Tom suggested we go to a hotel party. I knew his wheels were turning and I said I'd love that. We booked a room at the larger hotel in the area and there was a radio station throwing a party. We got tickets with the room. Tom said he would split the room with us. We got champagne and snacks and beer and shots and we even brought a few joints with us. as the party was going on Tom and Peggy said they would go up to the room and refresh their drinks and wondered if I wanted something. I said no go and get a beer for me but I knew it would be a while. She said later that Tom was real nervous about starting something between them but Peggy wasn't. She got him in the hallway and kissed him before going into the room. Tom was shocked as she stripped his clothes off and she was wearing no underwear. She had on a loose fitting black dress that only had a zipper in the back. it dropped to show her naked body as soon as she let it go. Tom kissed her and felt her all over and said he hasn't had sex in over a year. Peggy sid then let me blow you before you shoot on your way in. She said he shot off in her mouth in less than a minute and then she sucked him hard again and he fucked her for a good 10 minutes before they both came. She came back to the party to find me sitting with another couple. We had a good time and peggy and Tom went to the room often to refill their drinks.
2 years ago
I have to come back and re read this from time to time to relive it. I loved it then and I love it now
2 years ago
love these family stories
2 years ago
Very hot hot hot,,,,mmmmmm
2 years ago