Molly and Vick

After a long exhausting week at work,it was finally time to unwind. I stopped in at a local bar for a beer with a buddy of mine. We caught up on our sports and just talked shit for a few hours. After knocking back a few my buddy gave me "The look" and is staring over my shoulder. I turn to see what he was looking at and... I almost choked on my beer. Over my left shoulder standing at the other end of the bar was one the sexiest women I'd ever seen. She was tall, about 5' 10" but looked over 6' with the heels she was wearing. Thick hips, ass, and thighs. Long chocolate brown hair. She was wearing a purple shirt and tight fitting jeans. We both waved at her and she waved back. She smiled, slammed her drink, and started making her way toward us. As she walked her breasts moved with every motion she made. Her tiddies danced to the rhythm of her heels tapping on the floor. I noticed her long toned legs and tattoos on her feet. I was in awe! She moves in between my buddy and I and turns her back to him. She smiles and stares directly in to my eyes. She had a beautiful smile but I sensed mischief behind it. The kind of smile a bad k** gives when they know they're up to no good. "Hi I'm Molly! What's your name?" I struggled to let words loose from lips. I was completely speechless. "Ummm" I said. "Well nice to meet you Ummm!" She said letting a chuckle out. My buddy at this point is wide eyed shaking his head at me. "My name is Vick " finally there were words. "Vick ...I like that name. Its gonna be fun to scream that later." My jaw dropped and I was speechless once more. She chuckles again "k**ding!" We laugh and I buy her a drink. My buddy kindly makes his exit as Molly and I get acquainted. A few shots into it I was staring into her sultry green eyes having some prime bar conversation. Sexual fantasies, likes and dislikes, and most of it was coming from her. We both were pretty hammered by this point. She touches my leg and asks me if I wanted to get out of there. Without hesitation, I paid my tab and we were off to her place. She brought me back to her house. It was dark and her house was huge. She turned on a few lamps and held my hand as she guided me to the upstairs. "Shhhhhh!" With her finger over her plump lips. "My roommate is asl**p. " she points to a door as we pass it. We go into another room and Molly flips on a light. She dives into a bed filled with pillows and she giggles. "C'mon in its nice and soft. " I was tempted to but the liquid inside my belly wouldn't allow it. I asked to use the bathroom. She directed me to it and said "Hurry back I might fall asl**p! " I make my way to and from the bathroom. I opened Molly's door to the sight of porn on her tv. I looked on the bed, Molly is completly naked on all fours rubbing her clit frantically between her legs while watching porn. Her body was milky white with freckles heavy on her shoulders. She had a colorful zodiac mural tattooed on her back . Molly moans quietly and looks over at me. She stands up and takes her wet glistening fingers and sticks them in my mouth. She tasted wonderful! Like lust and the tequila sunrises she had been drinking all night. I went in for a kiss but she stopped me with her hand. "I don't want to be kissed ...I just want to be fucked. " she whispered. As I shook my head to agree she unbuckled my jeans to tease my already very stiff member. She lowered herself in front of me. Slowly caressing my cock as she put me in her mouth. I felt Molly's warm saliva and soft tongue embrace my head then the shaft. She bobbed her head slowly while stroking my cock and making a slurping sound as her lips made their way back up to the head. My eyes rolled back in my head and I felt the spread of goosebumps fall all over my body. She stopped sucking me and stood back up. She was only a few inches shorter than me at 6'2" so she looked me right in the eyes. She spun me around so that my back was towards the bed. Molly put her hand in the center of my chest and gave me a f***eful push on to her bed of pillows. She grabbed my rock hard cock and climbed on top of me and put me inside her. As she did I felt her juices flow out her and down my balls. This amazon was beyond wet. She let out a quiet moan and started rolling her hips to get familiar with my thick erection. I grabbed her very big perky C-cups and tweeked the barbells in her pierced nipples. Her nipples got even harder. She continued to grind and raising her hips upward to get the full penetration. She started to moan louder but would catch herself and muffle the sounds. She was so tight and wet I couldn't hold my load for much longer. I felt her wetness flowing freely underneath me at this point. I was completely soaked. Her tiddies bounced harder and faster as she rode me like one of those mechanical bulls. Her hair flowed through the air as she moved up and down. I was cumming and I couldn't hold out any more. I told her to get off but she smiled and bucked even harder and faster. The wave of ecstasy rolled over me as I filled her juicy pussy up. We were sweaty, panting and laughing. "Mmmmmm! Cum makes me even more horny!" she says. Molly rolls off the top of me and lays on her back next to me. I look to find her rubbing her clit, playing in the mess we made. "If you eat my pussy Vick, I promise you won't regret it." I could not turn her down. I dove tongue first between her legs licking everything I came across. She purred and grabbed my head and started grinding herself onto my tongue. I tasted her and me as juices began to run down my chin and neck. She gyrated harder and harder as I flicked my tongue faster on her swollen pearl. "I'm cumming!! " she yelled. I flicked my tongue faster doing longer strokes with it. I felt a rush of liquid that quickly met the capacity of my mouth and I pulled back. As I did Molly screamed with pleasure letting loose a shower of pussy juice that covered me and six pillows in a 3 foot radius. She spasmed and shook. Molly laid there for a moment catching her breath. I layed next to her rubbing her soft belly and hard nipples. She opened her eyed and smiled. "Okay you can go. " I was confused for second. She then proceeded to point at the door. "You can let yourself out." she says as she starts to get comfy in her bed sorting out the soaked pillows and covering up in blankets. "It was nice meeting you Ummm." Molly said yawning. I finished getting dress, walked out and said "My name is Vick." I closed the door. :P

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