my mom part 2

After watching Stephen fuck my mother I was so fucking horny luckily I had the knickers that Stephen spunked in earlier so I grabbed my cock and start rubbing it where his juicey bellend spunked and my mothers filthy cunt was I shot so much spunk over them which made it more fun to lick them clean every inch of them.

Weeks later Stephen and my mother decided to bring me on holiday with them to Crete of course as an 18 year old I would rather be with my mates then with my mother and her fat cocked boyfriend.We checked in to the hotel which was right beside the beach and went to our room we got a room which was a double bed and one single bed and my cock twitched with excitement.

We went up to the room my mother insisted that we all head to the beach so she went in to the toilet to get changed and Stepehn turned to me "Say you can't wait to watch me pound your ma can ya if your lucky I might even pound you " I didn't think I would be so turned on but over the last few weeks all I wanted was to taste his cock after it was in my mothers cunt.My mother came out of the toilet a few mins later in a red bikini skin tight could see her lil pussy lips and a lil bit of hair poking out the side.

We went to the beach it was beautiful looking around there was alot of topless women with out hesitation that her son was there my mother took off her top to reveal those beautiful pale tits and beautiful nipples I was oozing pre cum.My mother went down for a swim watching that lil bikini between those ass cheeks I just wanted to smell them and where that hot lil shithole was.Stephen looked like he was having fun with his bulge growing and watching that hairy daddy body was driving me wild.
"How about I have a little fun with your mother in the water" he said
"what you talking about"I said
"I'm gonna make your ma cum in public and its not the fucking first time" Stephen said.He then walked towards the beach with that cocky swagger of a man who was gonna get laid.He stood behind her in the water just rubbing her back then his hands got lower and lower in the water,his hand was then moving really fast in the water and looking at my mother with her his closed shaking the dirty fucker had his hand right in her dirtbox.She was shaking it looked like she was gonna have a anal orgasm just when she was shaking more and more with people all around us none paying attention which was strange he stopped and left her their just on the verge of cumming but she looked like she wanted him inside her big time.

We got back to the hotel and my mother went for a nap while I decided to go in for a shower,like at home we didn't use locks over her so I was pumping my foreskin back and forth thinking of earler
when I looked beside me and Stephen was their naked dripping with sweat and watching it drip down his hairy body was so hot.He was having a piss but his cock was getting fatter and fatter it was making it more difficult,"You like what you seen earlier bud,I haven't washed my finger you want a taste of your mas shithole" Like earlier I don't know where it came from but I said "yes daddy" he rubbed his finger over his piss slit then put it in my mouth fuck me it tasted so good.I told him to relax on the toilet while I spread my cheeks on the glass of the shower door I looked over my shoulder at him and said "come and get it daddy fuck me like you fuck that slut".He stood up pulled the door open and rammed his tongue his in my dirtbox "your gonna get it baby you ready for daddy" he said,I just moaned and begged him to fuck me.He pulled his foreskin back and exposed that massive helmet and rubbed his pre cum soaked cock on my hole I begged him to edge it it but he trust it so hard inside me I nearly fell.
"First your ass then your mothers later gonna have her taste your ass off my cock you love that wouldn't ya" Daddy said.
I knew he was close his strokes were getting deeper and deeper I could feel his cock leeking even more pre cum inside me as he was getting harder.
"Cum daddy fill me up"
"Here it is baby gonna fill you up ya cunt"
Fuck it was the best feeling in the world feeling a juicey cock unload a massive load inside me,he pulled his cock out and feeded me some spunk from my ass he said I do this from your mothers cunt all the time,he didn't ask but I wanted to taste my ass off his cock it tasted so good even going soft that bellend was huge.

"Hope your mother didn't hear" Daddy said.We looked over at the door and their she was my mother watching us naked rubbing her cunt "Looks like I'am not the only slut in this house now it's time for us 3 to have a little fun".

More to come.
comment if you like.

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7 months ago
hot hot hot
7 months ago
fucking great stuff
7 months ago
Fuckin hell babes I want the mmf now xxxx
7 months ago
7 months ago
7 months ago
mm you know i loved that wanking away as i read it!
7 months ago
Can't wait of part 3
7 months ago
fuck that's hot.
7 months ago
Can't read part 1 so why read part 2
8 months ago
Hot story.