The Wife Saves the Deal

Let’s begin with some background. Ann and I have been married for 24 years. I am 47 and a fitness nut. I am stronger and skinnier today than when I played football in college. My wife is 44 years old, 5’4”, 115 lbs with auburn hair and piecing blue eyes. We own a small manufacturing company in a small rural Missouri town. Since she is a lawyer, she is the CFO handling finances and contracts. I am the CEO overseeing production, marketing, and sales; big titles for a small mom and pop operation. Until 5 months ago, we did ok but not great. After paying our 17 employees and other business expenses we made a combined income of just over $100 grand a year. Not bad but not great either. With three k**s in college and a forth in law school we always seemed to have more month left at the end of our paychecks.
That all changed 5 months ago when we landed a huge contract that skyrocketed our personal earnings from 6 figures to 7 figures now. The company has expanded to 63 employees with plans to build on to our factory and add even more workers. This is a very hectic and yet exciting time for our business and our marriage. Oh yes, I forgot to mention my wife is 5 months pregnant with our first daughter. Financially, we are on easy street. We are looking at constructing a new spacious and elegant home with new furniture and all the best appliances that money can buy. We both drive new cars and our k**s have new cars, also. These are things that we always dreamed of and often talked about if we ever had the money.
We almost didn’t get the contract that made all this possible. During negotiations there was a big snag. The company that we were dealing with did not think that we had the capacity to handle the volume of business that they required. They envisioned our company as the first of many companies that they would contract with to manufacture their product. We on the other hand want exclusive rights and assured them that we could expand to meet their demand. Skyped negotiations were not going well. So, we decided to have a face to face meeting. Our small town and even smaller facility would not be conducive to selling our ability to meet their production demands. Therefore, we arranged to meet in Las Vegas and booked fights and hotel rooms for everyone and a conference room in which to meet. Besides, it could double as a vacation for us which would be our first vacation in a number of years.
For the first three days our negotiations didn’t seem to go anywhere as the same old issues kept coming up. I suggested that we take a day off and see the town and have some fun. That evening we would meet their delegation in the cocktail lounge for drinks before dinner and a night on the town; our treat (can you say expense account). The alcohol was flowing quite freely and before I knew it I had a pretty good buzz. I woke up the next morning only remembering the first half of the night. My wife told me I was amazing and she was sure that after my sales job they would meet our terms. We celebrated by having sex for the first time in two years. Neither my wife nor I realized that it had been that long, but after we finished we both laid back in the afterglow and tried to remember the last time we had sex. My wife said that it had been so long since we had sex that she had stopped taking birth control. We came to the conclusion that we just got so busy with work and k**s and bills that we had forgotten to take the time to make love. We both vowed to never let that happen again. My wife who lives her life on a schedule pulled out her day planner and immediately scheduled fun time with me.
Later that day we signed contracts giving us exclusive production rights. We spent two more days in Vegas having fun and sex often. My wife even jumped my bones in the parking lot of KC International Airport after we got off the plane going home. She was so caught up in the moment that she wasn’t embarrassed that we drew an audience of about 10 male, Labor Day travelers cheering us on and a few mixed gender couples that quickly scurried away as soon as they realized what they were watching. Our sex life has continued quite frequently ever since we got back home. But, 5 months pregnant means that she got pregnant on the trip.
Now to my dilemma, two nights ago as I lay in bed waiting for my wife to get home from a community meeting, I reached into her night table drawer looking for the TV remote. I accidentally came across her journal and she had left it open. I did not intend to snoop but I noticed a passage in capital letters. I SAVE THE DEAL! So, I started to read her journal.
Ever since her college roommate was slipped a date **** d**g and gangbanged, my wife has always watched her drinks in public like a hawk. Additionally, she has always been the one to keep her wits when alcohol was flowing. She usually has 1 drink to my 2 or 3 drinks. She wrote that she caught one of our clients putting something in her drink earlier in the night. I don’t remember: but, she claimed that she told me. She wrote that I responded, “You must be mistaken! They certainly wouldn’t do anything like that.” She wrote that as the night went on my speech became slurred and I was very sl**py. She suspected that they had d**gged me since they had had the same number of drinks as me but did not appear nearly as d***k. Therefore, she told our clients that she needed to get me back to the hotel room and call it a night. The men offered to help. She initially said no but couldn’t move me so she accepted their help. Once they got me back to the room, she went into the bathroom to get me a cold towel and an aspirin. When she came out the men all had their dicks hanging out of their trousers. They suggested that the negotiations would go a lot better if they could relieve some of their stress. My wife wrote, “I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the lack of attention from my husband, but these five men, strangers until this week, banged me all night. It was the best sex I ever had! One after another, I had cock everywhere; anal, oral, pussy. I never thought that I could handle double penetration, but it was great. We must have fucked for 7 or 8 hours non-stop until Jim began to stir. Then, they each gave me one last shot and left. I showered and cleaned up all the evidence. When Jim woke, I told him what a great sales job he did and reminded him that we had a meeting after lunch. They will meet our terms after the smiles that I put on the faces otherwise their wives back in Japan might receive some photographs I took with my cell phone.” I quickly replaced all the stuff in her night table drawer and placed everything back in the exact position and condition I found it.
Shortly afterwards, my wife came home and as usually due to the pregnancy she was in a very horny mood. As I fucked her I couldn’t get the picture of her fucking all those strangers out of my mind. These thoughts are tearing me up inside. I love my wife but she is a slut and she may possibly be having an interracial c***d. Already at Rotary, the other members have ribbed me in good nature about being in bed with the Japs. If that c***d comes out oriental, they will know just how much in bed we were with them. We will have to sell the business and move. In a small town like ours, there is nowhere to hide from scandal.
Yesterday, I searched her phone, laptop computer and our home computer and found no pictures but she has access to a number of computes so they could be anywhere by now. I know my wife did it for the business. I realize that it was just sex; but to me, this isn’t just a marriage. I cannot compartmentalize marriage and sex. My wife overstepped the boundaries of our marriage commitment. Last night, I confronted Ann and she admitted the whole incident. I told her that I was having a hard time forgiving her and that divorce had crossed my mind. We were doing fine or at least we were getting by without their money. Now that we have spent their money on houses, furniture, and cars; we would go bankrupt if I voided their contract like I am tempted to do.
Today, I received a call from Japan. These same executives want to inspect our plant and see the changes and improvements that we are making. I asked Ann if they want to have sex with her again, would she? She replied in a flippant manner that, she couldn’t get any more pregnant, so why not! It would give me more to read in her PRIVATE journal! She continued, “As you read, it was the best sex of my life and it would be in the spirit of keeping the customer happy.” She wants to make me the bad guy for reading her journal. I never intended to read her journal but now I am glad that I did. I told her that providing them with sex in not part of customer service. She replied, “We got the contract didn’t we? I don’t think that I changed her mind.
Ann suggested that since she was pregnant, we should import some talent (hookers) from Kansas City to entertain our guest. Since our guests are all in their 50’s, Ann has matched them with women from late 30’s to mid 40’s. Is this the cost of doing business? I know this is done and I have even been to business conferences where it was obvious that women had been hired to “entertain” the business men. But, I never indulged. This type of “business” sticks in my craw!
Now I wonder if Ann ever encountered this at legal conferences and if she indulged. I never looked at her conferences that way. I always trusted her and now I wonder if my trust was misplaced? I know it is wrong but I now would love to get a look at her older journals. Right now it is tearing me up inside. I don’t even want to look those men in the face for fear that I might start punching them out. I don’t see how Ann can look them in the eye after what she did and they did to her. Oh yes, I forgot, she loved it! She has no problem meeting them face to face. But, how can they have any respect for her?
What really tears me up is that I am still in love with my wife. My question is: How can I find forgiveness in my heart. I feel so betrayed! How can I ever begin to trust her again? I feel like she was a whore for money! Since I am living off that money, I feel like the pimp! I just feel dirty! I know other couples have gone through similar situations. It is natural for me to feel like I want a divorce and yet still love my wife. It just doesn’t seem right. The couples that I know that got a divorce broke up because they came to hate the other person. I just want to cuddle her and comfort her wishing it would all go away! Yet, our values seem so far apart that it seems almost impossible to reconcile.

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11 months ago
really duke ?????? be happy she sealed the deal, I've done business in Asia, good pussy always firms up the negotiation :)
move on, enjoy the money, take her puaay and ass anytime you think about Vegas
1 year ago
Sorry to hear your tale. I must agree that in your situation I would much rather have found the evidence and then know the truth. There is no excuse for this - it's not 'just for the deal' or whatever. Regardless of whether she was drugged or not, by not telling you about any of it and making up a cover story that just makes it plain deception, and from someone who is supposed to be your partner.

Personally I would not be able to accept it, more due to the deception than anything else. In my eyes that is someone making a fool of you. And once the trust is gone I for one would not be able to rebuild it. But I'd much rather know about it and see proof etc. Much more preferable to having suspicions but no proof. and being fed lies.

Peace and best wishes to you
1 year ago
Either way I look at it you have an amazing wife that loves you in ways other wives never would appreciate what you have trust me you are a very lucky hubby, you need to find a way to get yourself into some action of your own, I think she wants to make it up to you I had similar experience with my first wife, although she may seem out of control to you she wants you to be in control she wants to make it up to you ,
1 year ago
You should have believe her when she told you they drop something in the drink, now you want too be mad cause she fuck too get your contract; next time stay up an join her fuck her first. Better yet fuck her more than ounce every 2 years, Get a pair an stop being a bitch. Your already spending the money an enjoying a nice richlife
1 year ago
Get fucking real,,,,if you'd been a man in the first place you'd have been keeping her happy,,you didn't,,,they did,,get over it and start a new life as a dutiful, obedient and loving cuckold.
1 year ago
I agree with "pipelayer". or you could join her with them or, you could be a cuckhold husband.
1 year ago
Of course now the first comment shows....good grief
1 year ago
She should let you fuck her friends, every single one....and the hottest piece of ass in the factory too! Then you'll feel better......
1 year ago
Don't worry about those little rice dicks!
1 year ago
She should let you fuck her friends, everyone of them.....and the hottest bitches in the factory too! Then you'll feel better, besides, don't worry, those Japs got little rice dicks! Hahahahahahhaha!
1 year ago
She did what she did for you both, thats a lotta love for you. So perhaps you should love her back and move forward together
1 year ago
Duke I know the feel.
My first girlfriend betrayed me in a similar fashion. I might not be the right guy but just leave her to rot on the money of the Japanese. Who knows, she might be fucking your kids too.
1 year ago
climb off your cross...
use the wood , build a bridge,
1 year ago