No Control

No Control

I'm not sure what's going on right now. He called in to work today and told them he wouldn't be in. He hardly ever does that. But there is something different about him today. Something intense. When I cross his path and he looks at me, it is with a hot look that seers me to the core.

Something is about to happen...

It scares me a bit. Makes me feel a little anxious.

But the excitement is building.

By mid-afternoon the tension is so strong I'm ready scream. I turn to take the laundry to the bedroom and he is suddenly there in front of me. I let out a squeak and dropped the clothes basket. He bends and picks it up while I try to hide my shaking hands. He straightens and looks at me again with that hot look. He is so close to me, towering above me. I can smell his cologne. Feel his power over me. I meet his eyes almost timidly. With a little smile that does nothing to soften the strength of his mouth, he tells me to get ready to go out. To go shower and put on the clothes he has laid out for me. Sparks shoot through my vision and for a moment I can't remember how to breathe.

Numbly I turn towards the bedroom and shower, the laundry forgotten. My mind is racing but I feel like I am moving in slow motion as I dress and apply my make-up. A flicker of movement makes me look up and my eyes meet his in the mirror. He is in the bathroom doorway, dressed in black slacks and a gleaming white dress shirt. He walks up behind me and lowers a necklace in front of me. It's his favorite - the one he says brings out the color of my eyes. I close my eyes as I feel his warm fingers on my neck brushing aside my hair as he fastens the chain around my throat. His hands are so strong. So capable of reducing me to a molten puddle of lava. I feel him gently kiss my exposed ear as he whispers how beautiful I look to him. I quake beneath his touch. I open my eyes and see the ring on his finger. The one that matches mine. I smile a secret little smile of my own. He is mine. Always...

We leave the house and after a short drive arrive at a very nice hotel. One we've never stayed at before. The coil in my belly tightens further. Confidently, proudly, he guides me through the lobby, his large hand on the small of my back. It stays in place as we wait for the elevator, warming me. Lending me strength. The elevator ride to the room lasts forever, yet was over too quickly for my peace of mind. With absolute authority, he guides me down the hall and stops before a door which he opens and motions me to enter. The suite is beautiful, opulent by any standards. All gleaming woodwork and tasteful decor.

He watches me move about the room touching a buste here, a chair back there. I move through the next doorway into the bedroom and stop dead in my tracks as my eyes come to rest on the bed. My heart in my throat, I recognize his attaché case, lying open on the bed.

I recognize the restraints resting inside it. The red silken cords he says look so beautiful against my white skin…

Casually he moves past me and begins the process of attaching the cords to the bed. I am trembling so badly I'm afraid to move. In his calm deep voice he tells me to undress and hang my clothes in the closet. I am rooted to the spot as he moves efficiently around the bed making preparations for what is to come. I stand, paralyzed, mouth dry, heart pounding.

Seeing my dilemma, he comes to me, pulls me into his arms and kisses me deeply. Helplessly I melt against him as he claims me body and soul. Slowly, patiently he calms me, murmuring reassurances against my hair. I cling to his strength. To my faith in him. I step back from him and beneath his warm gaze, begin undressing. He sits back in a nearby chair and watches with appreciation as I peel away the layers until I stand before him, naked but for necklace at my throat, sparkling in the dim light.

Smiling, he nods his head toward the bed. When I hesitate, his eyes and mouth harden. Meekly I duck my head and crawl up on the bed and wait for instruction. He rises and with a hand to my shoulder, directs me to lie on my back in the middle of the bed. His long, strong fingers wrap around my wrist and gently lifts it to his mouth for a scorching kiss to my palm. A kiss I feel all the way to my core. It sets fire to my body. Smiling down into my eyes he stretches out my arm and carefully wraps and knots the cord around my wrist...

Slowly he moves around me securing me to the bed. His fingers slide across the bottom of my foot as he wraps the cord around my left ankle. As I watch with growing arousal, he bends and feathers a kiss across my lower belly as he takes hold of my right ankle and draws me into a spread eagle, tying it in place. As he works he tells me I must not speak. He finishes tying me down and turns to remove something else from his case. With his back to me I can't see what he has, and he hides it from my view until the last possible moment. At last he turns and I see what he holds in his hands.

A blindfold...


My heart slams in my chest and I can't stop the wild "No!" that escapes me. Futilely I struggle against the ropes, total panic setting in. I struggle to breathe as my mind screams it's protests; sightless, soundless.

He knows all my secrets...

...all my worst fears...

I bite my lips to keep silent, pleading with tear-filled eyes, silently protesting with my entire being. But he knows me too well. Spread open as I am he can plainly see the evidence of my arousal. He can see the wetness seeping between my swelling lips. He knows I am throbbing with need. He sets beside me, his weight on the bed oddly reassuring to me. He looks into my eyes and puts a finger against my trembling mouth. I am able to draw a ragged breath as his touch eases me. My fear recedes and I am able to control myself again. He lowers his mouth to mine and kisses me slowly, deeply, lovingly.

Grounding me...

Setting me free...

When he straightens he brushes my hair from my face and arranges it to his liking. With a reassuring smile, he turns my head and gently inserts first one earplug and then the other. He bends and kisses each of my eyes and quickly pulls the blindfold in place.

I am plunged into darkness and silence. Time ceases to exist as I struggle to stay calm. I turned my head this way and that, struggling for the faintest glimmer of light, the tiniest sound.

There is only velvet blackness...

Only ringing silence...

Only the ropes...

Moments pass. Or hours. I can't tell which. I wait, trying to keep myself relaxed. Trying over and over again the strength of my bonds. His touch on my belly is so unexpected I cry out and my body jerks in heated response. The heat of his hand soaks into my sensitized skin. I become aware of the brush of cool air across my breasts, the cool puckering my nipples. An icy breath flowing across my thighs to tickle the wetness in between. Suddenly the scent of plumeria is nearly overwhelming around me. The smell of burning wax stings my nostrils. He brought my favorite candle. I draw the sweet scent deeply into my lungs and let it out with a blissful sigh of appreciation. His small kindness touches me deeply. I let myself drift with the scent, falling into a kind of trance state, savoring the sensations. Relaxing into the crisp sheets beneath me.

But my body will not relax for long. The hunger inside me is too strong - my need too deep. Mutely I try to draw his attention. Arching my back. Thrusting my breasts into the air in invitation. Squirming and wriggling sexily. As much as the ropes allow. Straining to open my legs even wider. Beseeching. Begging. Softly moaning my need to him. Bucking my hips.

No response. Nothing. I can't even tell if he is still in the room with me. I moan again this time in loud frustration. Petulant. Pouting.

It earns me a stinging slap to my left breast.

I yelp in surprised pain. My entire body flinches convulsively. Tears flow, soaking the blindfold. Something brushes the fingers of my left hand. His thigh! Desperately I stretch my fingers, seeking him. But he is gone again and I am left alone with my sniveling echoing loudly inside my head. I don't dare move for a very long time. I am so ashamed. The stinging of my breast nearly made me lose control. My nipples are so hard. My clit aches unmercifully for his attention...

I struggle to wait quietly, obediently. My senses are heightened and I’m more aware of the sensations of the cool air moving across my body, the drifting scent of the candle wafting over me, the feel of the sheets beneath me, sensual against my sensitive skin.

Suddenly something soft and cool touches my lips. I suck in my breath and I’m surrounded by the scent of roses. The soft velvety petals caress my skin stroking down my throat, making lazy circles around my nipples, sending shivers of delight across my skin. The rose strokes between the valley of my breasts and down over my belly, across to my right thigh, down to my toes. Then very slowly the rose brushes up the inside of my thigh to barely brush against my moist, swollen lips. I moan softly and lift my hips seeking more contact but the rose is moved away back over my belly, leaving a damp trail of my arousal behind.

A warm hand cups my breast, lifting and kneading it as the thumb brushes over my nipple. Nothing matters now but the feel of the hand on my breast. The thumb teasing my rock hard nipple. The wet throbbing need between my thighs…

The fingers of his other hand brush across my hip, feathering across the top of my moist open mound. I gasp at the rush of heat that surges through me at that simple touch. I strain to touch him but the rope stops me short. I arch and writhe beneath his hands as he draws circles over my belly, his fingers slowly, teasingly stroking lower and lower toward my throbbing core. I am on fire, panting with the need to feel him touch me there - to relieve the aching hunger…

His mouth descends on my left nipple sucking it hard, teeth scr****g and tormenting just as his fingers curl into the wet heat of my womanhood - rocketing me into heaven as I writhe beneath the dual sensations…

When another mouth closes over my right nipple I scream with wild surprise and my body convulses with pleasure and fear - there’s a strange mouth sucking my nipple!
He’s allowing a stranger to touch me - to see me this way! Wide open and vulnerable with no control over what is happening to me! To touch me any way they desire and there was absolutely nothing I could do but lay there bound to the bed and enjoy every blissful moment of it! As that thought crosses my mind the fingers teasing my core deepen their caress, molten pleasure surging through me. I try to discern which mouth is his and which is the stranger but they are equally skilled and I’m given no clue and no chance to gather my s**ttered thoughts as they demand my total attention and reaction.

Both mouths begin to move over my body, licking, kissing, nibbling. More hands than I can keep track of stroke and tease, cup and grip until I’m drowning in a sea of sensation. I writhe and twist beneath the onslaught, my body responding with wanton pleasure even as my mind tries to be outraged - tries to calm my body’s wild response to this other’s presence. But it’s no use - I can’t deny the intense pleasure building inside me. I’m lost in the bliss that comes with the freedom of being unable to do anything but respond to my body’s pleasure.

Hands frame my face and a mouth closes over mine and kissed me deeply, a tongue driving in to taste my mouth slowly and thoroughly. The mouth pulls away and is immediately replaced by another mouth and tongue and a kiss so sensual and deep I bliss out. But they won’t let me slide away from them. The fingers stroking my center are replaced with a hot moist mouth and probing tongue and I scream with pleasure as that mouth drives me into a hard orgasm that left me gasping and sobbing in it’s aftermath. I writhed beneath that mouth that keeps demanding more from me until, unable to escape I am driven into another shattering orgasm.

The mouth pulls away and I feel a body slide between my wide open legs and a man’s weight settles over me. A thick cock pushes into my creamy aching core. I hiss with pleasure as he slowly spreads me wide open on his thick hardness, my body arching and straining to accept him. The friction is incredible as he begins to slowly rock against me. Another body brushes me as my shoulders are straddled and a cock is driven into my willing mouth. I sucked feverishly, my tongue working against the base of his shaft as he rocks forward driving himself deep into my throat. I groan as my body is rocked back and forth between them, their thrusts coming harder and faster as they drive themselves and me higher and higher. The man between my legs shudders and stiffens as he drives into me and holds himself there spurting great jets of cum deep into me. The cock in my mouth pulses hard and I suck for all I’m worth and am rewarded with his hot seed which I work hard to swallow as it fills my mouth again and again.

And the night is only beginning…

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2 years ago
You really know how to craft a story and build excitement and leave the reader wanting more, please more.
2 years ago
Very hot!!
2 years ago
Great story! Thank you for sharing. Loved the visual of the red rope against your white skin.
2 years ago
was really great!!! thanks for sharing
3 years ago
fantastic - I hope that there will be more in this series
3 years ago
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! I have 2 more stories posted here - just go to my profile and click on the name of the story...
3 years ago
Fucking fantastic story! I loved it, you are an excellent writer