Coffee Shop Encounter (chapter three)

It wasn’t until Friday when I heard from her again. I was getting ready to rush out the door to meet up with my good friends Andrew and Sabina at Bar Seven Five in the Andaz hotel off of Wall Street, when my mobile buzzed. When I looked at my phone, I knew it was her because my phone rarely rings with a “private number’ blazed across its screen.

"Have you been thinking about me?" She asked without preamble.

"Uh huh."

"Do you get excited when you think about me John?"

"Every time" I responded, quietly.

"How do you get excited?"

I was ready for her this time as I felt I understood what she was doing, so instead of my inclination towards silence, I responded, "My cock gets hard."

She was quiet for a second or so then laughed out, "So what do you do about your feverishly hard cock John?"

"I rub hard and release."

"Do you masturbate often John?"

"I have over the past couple of days… thinking of you." I said confidently.

She giggled, but said nothing.

The silence went on for ten or fifteen seconds until she said, "Do you have an erection now?"

"Yes I do" while I firmly rubbed my cock through my trousers.

"Do you want to masturbate now?"

"Mmmmm Yes…” I whispered back playing into her trap.

"What would you think about if you masturbated now?"

"Well, I would think of you… of course."

"Are you touching yourself now?"


“Mmmm that’s a good little boy John.” Clearly, she was used to getting her way and loved playing the dominant role.

"So if you were to masturbate, and think of me, what exactly would you think of, or better yet what would that fantasy consist of?

"I would imagine you teasing me verbally over the phone while I mentally lick your sexy legs and your, um..."

"Cunt" she whispered.

"Yes, your cunt"

"So… that’s it? You would jack off to my word play, and then visualize yourself licking my legs and my pussy? You wouldn't think about sliding your throbbing cock into me to stroke my swollen cunt?”

“Well… I uh…” I replied.

“Or… would you prefer being sucked off? Is that it, John? I bet you would like to put your cock in my mouth and have my lips embrace, then have me suck it off so hard I swallow you balls and all?”

“Err...” I retorted. She had slightly caught me off guard with that pornographic comment, and I was kind of at a loss for words.

She gave a school girl giggle… and quickly said, "That may be what you'd like to do John, but it won't happen. Do you understand? I won't fuck you, nor suck you off."

My then engorged cock softened slightly, and the intense desire to strok it began to ebb.

With cock in hand, I said, "So... you just like to tease over the phone and fuck around with guys? Telephone sex, that's it, right?"

"Well… We can do all sorts of sexually arousing things to each other if you want. You just can't physically touch me.”

"These things consist of what?"

"Well, do you like porn?"

I thought to myself, “This is going in an interesting direction.”

"Sure, I'm a guy, aren't I?

"What would you say if we could both watch each other? She said softly.

"I think I would certainly like that, but what happens when I get aroused?"

"Don’t you mean what happens when we both get aroused?" She quickly added.

I laughed. "OK, I like that… so what then?"

"What you said, you rub and release, right? I do the same thing, John. We aren’t that different you and I… So, do you like the idea of us playfully teasing and masturbating in front of one another?

"Yes, how about right now?” I replied with a hint of excitement and eagerness.

"That does sound tempting… I love to watch guys touch themselves whether in porn movies, or in the flesh. I get off watching them pump their hot creamy streams of ecstasy into the world, and it would have been a shame if you were too shy to explore this further with me, John."

Our conversation continued for another five minutes or so, before I realized I was unforgivably late for my engagement with my friends. At this point, it would have been easier for me to cancel my original plans and continue chatting over the phone to see where this eventually led, but I was committed to my prior soirée, and decidedly took control of the situation to see if I could leverage the conversation in my favor.

I found myself masterfully engaged in properly ending the call on my terms. At the same time, I managed to convince her to set up a follow up date to meet again in person tomorrow, Saturday night.

I was pushing the envelope and was getting off on it…

I offered to set the scene and entice her with a good vintage bottle of red Bordeaux and conversation at my place, but she flat out refused and told me to come to her.

A nice change of pace for me...

She gave her address and telephone number which I promptly wrote down. I then realized I didn’t have her name… Before I could ask, it was as if she could read my mind and she laughed devilishly then said, “My name is Sophie.” She then ended the call without a goodbye, or fair warning.

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