Coffee Shop Encounter (chapter two)

I arrived home from work at around nine thirty from an incredibly busy day at the office.  We missed an important internal deadline, and the senior partners were so pissed off they had f***ed the junior partner team responsible scrambling to make up time for the loss time.  Luckily my particular team was ahead of the game with our cases, and I was graciously asked to steer our team over and offer assistance to the culprit team. Being our team’s leader, I accepted without any complaints, as I saw this as an opportune chance for positive team building.  Prior to this new assignment, my day was filled with several case studies and petty research which truly our interns or paralegals could have done easily, but I wanted to do grunt work today.  Boy did I ever pay for making that decision!   We all had a mountain of work to tackle in order to get properly caught up, yet in the end, we tackled it.  Now I was mentally exhausted and in need of the after work down time.    
I had just entered my building, said hello to Thomas my building’s doorman with a high five, and darted up the stairs to my condo.  As I scaled the steps to my floor, I felt the beginning signs of an intense stress headache. “Oh no...” I said to myself.   I’ve suffered from them on occasion, and if not caught in time with at least 1000 milligrams of ibuprofen, I was doomed to unbearable pain for the next several hours.  Just then, I felt my mobile buzz, and without looking at who was calling, I hastily picked up and said, “Hello?”

"Hello John, remember me from this morning?" She said, using a gentle tone.   It was her, the gal from the coffee shop this morning.  I immediately forgot about my ensuring headache…

"Er, sure… how are you?"

She giggled before saying, "I was thinking about you all day today, but I wanted to know if you were you thinking about me?"
I had been, and in fact little else occupied my sexual mind today while I labored diligently in my research and assistance for the firm.  It was a nice image to take to work, and I couldn’t stop thinking about what had actually transpired between us at the coffee shop earlier in the morning. Aside from all the white noise from work, replaying that event provided a private respite of sexual release and some sensual mind play on my part.
"Um, no not really" I lied…
“Oh c’mon, why do you have to lie? What did you see at the top of my legs, John?" She said coyly.

"Oh, that?”  I was covering up, “Sure, I totally remember. How can I forget?"  
She giggled again.

"I actually caught a glimpse of your, naked crotch, but just for a very brief moment of course.  I really wasn't looking you know." I added hastily.

"Yes you were John, you dirty little boy, you were looking weren't you? You were looking at my crotch, and it excited you, didn't it?  You got all hot and bothered looking at ..."
She then paused and said very softly, “my pussy. You got aroused looking at my pussy, didn't you John?  Or would you prefer to say cunt?"  She then hung up the phone.
“What the fuck?” I whispered to myself.
Needless to say I was left holding my phone alongside a rock hard erection that had gradually risen while she spoke to me, and when I glanced at my mobile’s screen, I saw that she called me from a “private number.”
“Fucking crazy bitch?” 
It’s funny though, I found myself clearly enjoying what had just happened to me.   It had me wanting to find out more about this mysterious, yet insatiable desire to play along with her little game of cock tease.  
Thoughts of ultimately grabbing her by the hips, flipping her around while lifting her skirt, and bending her over to f***efully take her from behind entered my mind. 
Wow… that was quite a thought?” I said to myself.  Something extremely crazy was being stoked in my sexually perverted mind, and I begged for more of it to continue.   I hoped she would call right back soon…
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