I'm not running out of new posts, I'm posting whats allowed.
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Hi, please do not post off site links to the videos. They will be reported and deleted. Otherwise, have fun.
Interests are Nerdy girls, women in glasses, women in platform shoes, platform wedges, platform flip-flops and platform pumps.

One of the sites best German model reference sources.


A newcomer to the site, really a nice person as well as hot.


The Doctor Who theme in an alternative universe.

Lately, I've been getting beat-up for my use of the term chubby. I'm from the Midwest and as someone from the south
can also attest, chubby does not mean Fat, it's something
in between fat and skinny, ok.

With all the drama and crap that's been going on around here lately, I feel compelled to say: This is a porn site, not the center of universe or the United Nations. There's no real power here, except in some poor diluted mind. You can't control what I think, and if I chose to leave, there's nothing you can do about it. We're not your captives

It amazes me how many don't know what the male symbol is,
to clarify, the pictures are of Marta. Not me.

Big Butt Hall Of Fame.

Special Thanks to Legend and the Mystery Woman for the pics.

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1 hour ago
I think you like the girl and her shoes:
11 hours ago
Nice vids
13 hours ago
What a sweet collection
1 day ago
Interesting point.

I'll be happy to take a discussion on this topic with you, but via PM's.

Let me know if you're interested.
1 day ago
2 days ago
Whats up with your stats?
2 days ago
hi you know real man like big butt women thanks for a great page.
2 days ago
If this organisation focused more on a person's IP address, there life would be a lot easier. If a user infringes their TERMS, take the appropriate action & pass the above info to the appropriate authority. Not only would hamster be praised, there 'life' could be easier. In addition, the offender may not even initially be aware of the issue.Have never,understood why this doesn't occur more. Hopefully someone can explain that one.
2 days ago
nice videos
3 days ago
great collection!
3 days ago
you´re welcome :)
6 days ago
very galerie
6 days ago
Killer profile.
6 days ago
Yes, it is. Thanks for stopping by.
7 days ago
Nice page..( :
7 days ago
Hard to believe Mr. Cub is gone. Sad day.
8 days ago
Thnx also for latest string of comments!
8 days ago
8 days ago
Thank you for accepting my invite, great profile!
9 days ago
I miss her as well, I think you'll be ok. Capo has helped with some belligerent persons who I had no prior contact with, and were attacking me for no reason.
9 days ago
Awesome Collection... Thanks for sharing...
10 days ago
Trust that like myself you are well. I realise the user SMILEY could irritate people; myself included. But I enjoyed the 'banter' between us. I think that CAPO THE CLOWN was wrong to ban her. Imagine I will be next now.
10 days ago
great short hair blast...many thanks have enjoyed them
12 days ago
Glad you like it. Here is the full movie. It's part V.
12 days ago
Very nice, thanks.
13 days ago
13 days ago
real nice collection...add
14 days ago
ayee add mee
14 days ago
I like your sit!
15 days ago
Xcelent uploads!!
15 days ago
Hi, thanks for uploads!! Very tasty!
I need the name of this sexy black girl of the latest video titled "Anal only ebony" Thank you!!
16 days ago
WELL, thanx for the update, After some investigating I found vids of her getting ass-fucked, BUT were old & fuzzy, mine was better, I guess all women will take a cock in their asshole, you just have to find them!!
16 days ago
Thnx again for feedback. I agree on Amber, a real pity.
17 days ago
hey doc, as usual your vids are so great I can't keep up with the pace at which you post them for all the time I spend rewatching them. so for that I say thank YOU! question in your vid "blasting by the shorthairs4" @ 3:30 there's a nasty dark haired brunette that I was wondering if you might know her name, and could pass it on to me? if so I'd appreciate it, if not i'll be satisfied with trying to keep up with the great material that you keep providing to all of your followers. thanks and be well, dickie

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