28 year old bisexual Japanese Female

So, I have this friend who is also a colleague that is bisexual.

If you a looking for a story with me fucking her with another girl or guy you should skip this because I never fucked her and never will.
There is no sexing or erotic about this story but I thought it was interesting to share with you all.

I have been working with her for few years now and she is one of the closest colleagues at my work place.
She is intelligent, beautiful, funny, outgoing etc.
She stands about 5ft 6 (168cm) nice figure, long legs with a cute firm ass.
Her ass is the only thing I touched erotically on her.
She looks very exotic and doesn’t even look Japanese.
She looks like she is Turkish or something to me.

If your asking why I haven’t fucked her is probably because she doesn’t want to fuck me.
But that is all good.
I’ve had bad experiences fucking with a colleague and I’d like to maintain the friendship with her.

As captioned, she is bisexual and she always has been and I recall that was one of our first conversations.
We would hang out for beers, I have met her past boy friends and girl friends, and I guess she feels comfortable with me and I feel the same way about her.

So earlier this week, she comes to my office and asks me for a beer after work because she has something she wants to talk about.

After finishing my work, I stop by her office and head out to a bar across the street.

After a couple of sips, I ask her what is on her mind.

She tells me she found someone special and that she has been seeing this person for sometime now and she said that it was the first time that she fell in LOVE with someone.
This was the first time she said this to me.
She usually just says, I have a new boyfriend, I broke up with my boyfriend, I have a new boyfriend, I broke up with my boyfriend but now I have a girl friend and so on.
What is cool about her is that she never has a boyfriend and a girlfriend at the same time and always faithful to her partner.

I congratulate her on her new love and ask her if it is a boy or a girl this time.

She says, neither.

In my head “?????????” just question marks.

I ask her, then what is IT?

She says, “I am in love with a Transvestite”.

I never imagined this one coming.

All I could say is “Oh, Oh ummmm…. Cool. Ummmm… Give me some more details. Do you have a picture of her? Or him? Umm.. so….. umm….”

She says, “She is not a normal Transvestite”

“She” as my friend says, is a bisexual Transvestite.


A bisexual girl dating a bisexual Transvestite?
My friend’s new love hasn’t gone through the whole operation so she has breasts but also has a penis but no testicles.

This is way too confusing and how often do you meet a couple like this?

My friend said that she is perfect because my friend likes sucking and fondling breasts and she also likes dicks in her pussy.
She said that it is like killing two birds with one stone.

I’m gonna meet the Tranny next month.

It’s gonna be hell of a night!

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3 years ago
Thanx for posting this. I'm enthralled with the possibilities!! Please update us as info becomes available. LOL
3 years ago
Happiness is all that matters.
3 years ago
Kinda kinky in a weird sorta way. I was thinking over the possibilities between the two of them. Love to watch them, though.