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This is my first story and not much of a writer but had an interesting incident this morning so I thought I'd share with you all.

I commute daily from home to work by train like most people living in Japan.
As you all may know, the trains are crammed during rush hour and your touching someone's back or shoulder.

It's like being in a can of sardines.

Anyway, so I get on the train this morning and like always it is crammed.

It is filled with sweaty men and I have been living in Japan for about 6 years now but still can't get used to having a sweaty guys back rubbing against my back.

BTW, occasionally a nice young girl will be next to you and boobies do rub against you too.

But this morning, a chubby lady, probably in her mid 40s was standing next to me with her back facing towards me.

The trains in Japan do have railing to hold onto to help keep your balance.

But this lady kept fidgeting with her phone and every time the train shook she would lean against my shoulder to keep her balance.

It’s hot and early in the morning; I am cranky and was getting annoyed by her entire weight against me.

So I thought, next time the train shook I am going to lean away so she has nothing to lean against.

And the train shook and just as I assumed, she lost her balance wailing her hands to grab something to keep her balance.

I had a smirk on my face and what happened next surprised everyone who was in the vicinity.

There was a handsome business woman standing next to her.

She was probably in her late twenties, wearing a grey suit with a pink button top blouse.

Getting back to the story, the old lady had her hands wailing in the air searching for something to hang on to.

One on the wailing hands was finally able to find something to grab on to.

This was all happening in slow motion and what she grabbed was the business woman’s blouse.

Some how, her hands got between the buttons and the business woman’s shirt just popped open.

The business woman didn’t know what just happened for a while.

And as all the other passengers were staring at her, obviously since her black bra was free to see by everyone on the train.

She screamed and covered herself up but unfortunately the train was too crammed to search for the buttons that popped off and she had to cover herself up.

I really felt sorry for the girl but all the men enjoyed the free show for that split second.

That just made my day!

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2 years ago
I was hoping for something more titillating, but thanks for making me smile!
3 years ago
Definitely a normal day on Tokyo trains. Not surprised.