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Hello dear friends of xhamster.

Like most guys, I love watching porn and that is the reason I am here.

I am not actively seeking a partner since I currently do have more than enough partners to enjoy sex with on most of my horney off days.

I am not a sex addict and need sex everyday.
Call me weird but sometimes I would rather masterbate than have sex.

I am just a normal guy, not here to steal porn and claim that it is mine.
Some videos are not shot by me but a approved by the maker to post on this site. (Except one that was downloaded from a separate site)
All the actors and actresses are over 20 years old and do know that they have been posted on this site.

They will occasionally come and see comments so I would appreciate if you can give me feedbacks so that I can shoot better next time.

However, the main purpose for the posting is for personal keeping and filing and I am not here to show off.
If you don't like them that is fine with me.
Just don't harass me for the quality unless you have a better collection.

I also hate men who like asian women but do not know where they are from.
I see many posts with "Korean" but the girls are Japanese or vis-a-versa.
If you love asian women, please study more on the geography.

I love asian women, but I have no borders.
I have been with women of different cultures and nationality.
I have friends all over the world.
And SEX has no languages it is the art of communicating with your body.
All interations have been great but in the end, Japanese women are awesome.

I would lastly like to inform that I am purely billingual at both Japanese and English.
I was born and raised in the US in a traditional Japanese Family.
So please feel free to contact me either by English or Japanese.
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12 days ago
Thanks for the invite.(^^)
1 year ago
Thanks for your friendship and your hot sexy avatar !
Please, have a look at my selfmade video :
I need to be your slut whore submitted to all you whims !
I'd love to become addict to your intimate smells !
Could we swap some smelly pants or pantyhoses ?Contact me on Skype : angela-on-cam
1 year ago
welcome friend hope you like our movies.comments to our movies are always welcome as well Thanks
1 year ago
2 years ago
nice art gallery and collection you have
2 years ago
Hey man, thanks for the awesome videos! I would be greatful if you uploaded the rest of the girlfriend n.26 video. Thanks a lot and yoroshiku onegaii shimasu.
2 years ago
Hello. :)
2 years ago
Hey Dr Pepper!
You've got some great videos!
Thanks and please, keep it up.
2 years ago
great vids there
2 years ago
2 years ago

japanese GFの何番さんが東京在住なんですかね、楽しみですねw
2 years ago
thx..great collection
2 years ago
Thanks invite
2 years ago
Very nice vids
3 years ago
3 years ago
nice selection
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
As always, thanks for your great pix & vids!!!
3 years ago
will do
book mark your page for later

3 years ago
お茶でも飲みますか! 縁側でw
3 years ago

3 years ago
私はpure japaneseですよっ。

私たち昨日お友達になったばっかりで結婚を考えるのは、さすがに早すぎるのでは・・・www :P
3 years ago
What a nice collection you have here DrPepper. Thank you very much for sharing those with us.

3 years ago

inviteありがとうございます。 :D
3 years ago
3 years ago
You have some super stuff, Dr Pepper!
3 years ago
Hey! thanks for the comment and I don't think there is anything wrong with her teeth either. So many guys are so petty and love to point out things that arent there just to hide their own inadequacies. Peace!