Brought to Heel

Brought to Heel.

Chloe liked shoes. No that doesn't even begin to do it justice. Chloe loved shoes. Court shoes, stilettos, strappy sandals, ankle boots, whatever. She loved them all so long as they had proper heels that allowed her to show her legs to their best.

Chloe had perhaps 30 pairs, she had never really counted them, she wore them whenever she could, certainly every day she wore one pair or another.

As soon as she came home from work, even while she was still in drab, her feet would be slipped into something with at least 4 inches of heel. Putting them on was almost a ritual, was part of being at home, of being liberated - of being herself.

The feeling of her feet slipping into them at an extreme angle, preferably encased in sheer nylon, was almost sexual. Often she could not hold back a sigh as her toes curled and crunched and her tendons stretched to their limit.

Then the delight of straightening up, standing to her full height, with her calf muscles straining and her knees wanting to bend but not allowed to. It was one of the greatest and most personal delights in her life.

That and shopping for shoes of course.

Chloe had two types of shopping. The rare, occasional, delight of shopping to actually buy. After saving for weeks, sometimes months. Going to specific shops, normally with specific shoes in mind after detailed online research, normally a fairly quick affair assuming that they fitted. Then home for some serious enjoyment in private with her new acquisition.

The other shopping was more frequent and was not about buying. It was part research, part tease and all pleasure. She has small number of shops that she used for this, we won't name them to protect people who might otherwise be identified. Both were not in her home town but about a 40 minute drive away, fairly ordinary stores but both meeting particular and very specific requirements.

• Both had male staff working in the women's section.

• Both opened late on week nights.

• Both were very quiet just before closing.

These are important specifications as will become clear because Chloe is not like most other women. Superficially the difference is that she stands comfortably over 6 foot tall even on the rare occasions when she was in her stockinged feet. There are other differences too.

The way these trips went was as follows.

Chloe would arrive no more than 5 minutes before closing time.

She would arrive, dressing in a simple, long sleeved, blouse tucked into a tight pencil skirt normally just above her knee but definitely not short, sheer neutral coloured tights and a pair of the lowest heeled court shoes that she owned.

She would walk towards the back of the store, already knowing that there were no other customers there, she would randomly collect a pair of shoes with high heels on her way over to the nest of cushioned stools furthest from the entrance.

She would sit, elegantly, and bend over to remove the shoes she was wearing. Normally, before she had removed them one of the staff, male she hoped, would come over and offer assistance.

She would accept, clearly grateful, and ask for the shoes in a size 9 and additionally she would ask if they had anything similar in that size. Sometimes her assistant would send a colleague to the back of the store to investigate sometime they would go themselves.

Her real fun would begin once there was a reasonable supply of open boxes spread around her in a semi circle at her feet. She could sit there and luxuriate in the attentions of her assistant as he helped her into and then out of pair after pair.

If she was really lucky he would cup her heel or ankle with one hand whilst taking one shoe off and putting the next one on. Very occasionally a particularly forward young man would let his hand move further up her leg. She normally rewarded this boldness by deciding to inspect the shoes in one of the full length mirrors and would get up and walk across the store and parade up and down in front of one of the mirrors. She know she would have the man's undivided attention. She knew her legs and pert bottom would be just irresistible, she even thought she had turned the occasional gay head, something that made her particularly proud of herself.

Before her enjoyment became too obvious, and before she had outstayed her welcome she would leave, occasionally buying one of the pairs, just to avoid suspicion, and head home where she would quickly put on her highest most delicate shoes and spend the next hour or so walking up and down her apartment relishing the clack of her heels when she crossed the hall, the tightness in her calves and the glimpses of herself in the full length mirror there.

This is how it had been on and off for at least the last 5 years, normally once a week unless she was particularly wanton and very occasionally less often if work was unusually stressful and intense.

This particular tale is about one of these trips, but one that went rather differently.

Chloe had only been to this particular store once before, it was a relatively new venue for her and she was a little cautious, she hoped that she could add it to her list of regular haunts but was not sure yet.

Unusually for her shopping trips she was not wearing tights but instead had indulged herself with a pair of very sheer black seemed stockings and a delicate black suspender belt which she hoped was not showing tell tale bumps in her skirt.

When wearing a white blouse, as she was on this occasion, she would normally wear a flesh coloured or white bra so that it did not show through but this time she could not resist a matching black bra; beautiful, delicate and lacy with spaghetti straps. It could be seen through her blouse but she really did not care, it was more important to have matching lingerie even if no one else knew or realised.

She has standards.

She arrived as normal, 5 minutes before closing, 19.55, and went to the back of the store. A female assistant came over to her when she had sat down and offered to help. As usual she asked for size 9's in 3 different pairs of shoes and off the assistant went to find them. She was aware of a man at the counter who seemed to be ringing up the till.

While her assistant was still away he went to the front of the store and lowered the grill about half to make it clear that they were shutting.

The girl returned struggling behind a stack of boxes and lowered herself to her knees in front of Chloe. The man came over and took the stack off her.

"Cathy, aren't you going out tonight? Why don't you head off, I can help this lady, I have to be here to close up anyway."

"Oh thank you Mr Andrews, are you sure?"

"Of course, off you go now before I change my mind, and don't forget to clock out."

Cathy hurried to the back of the store, failing to hide her excitement at leaving. A door could be heard closing and she was gone.

"Right madam, how can I help you?"

"Oh, thank you, er David." she read his name from his badge, which also said Area Manager on it. "Could you help me with trying these on. I find it very difficult to find shoes that fit me and it always helps if I have some sensitive assistance."

"Naturally." David said, looking at Chloe directly in the eye and smiling ever so slightly. "You just sit there madam and leave everything to me."

With that he very gently placed his hand behind Chloe's calf, lifted her heel off the ground and with the other hand slid her shoe off her foot. Without letting go of her leg he expertly eased one of the new shoes on.

He repeated the exercise with the other foot.

"OK, let's see how those look." He leaned back making it clear that she was expected to get up. Chloe slid forward on the seat and started to rise, David rose first and very graciously took her hands and helped her rise and then stood back while she walked across the store to the mirror.

After a few moments she returned and sat in front of where he was kneeling again. This was repeated with the other 2 pairs, each time David held her calf and she even thought he was starting to caress her leg.

After all three pairs had been tried David sat back on his heels, looked at her feet in a quizzical manner, then looked Chloe in the eye.

"I'm afraid that none of these will do, they are not quite right. I think this might take a while, if you have the time and are keen to make a purchase today I am sure we can find something that is just right."

"That would be lovely David, are you sure it's alright, it is rather late."

"It's fine with me, madam, as the Area Manager I have to be here to lock up anyway and I have the keys to the back exit so there is no time pressure at all. I should lock up first though. While I do that would you like to take a look through the stock?"

"Gosh, is that possible?"

"For you madam, anything, we have a private fitting area at the back where you can try things on surrounded by stacks and stacks of shoes. I find that certain customers find that particularly, er satisfying, and I think that you might be one."

"Oh can I?"

"Follow me."

David stood, took Chloe's hand, helped her rise and then led her towards the private part of the store, initially he held her hand still but then he let go and placed his hand at the base of her spine just above her bottom and guided her past the checkout into the back of the store.

Around 2 corners, hidden amongst orderly piles of shoe boxes was another nest of stools that were pushed together to form a seat about the size of a small bed, with floor to ceiling mirrors on all sides.

"The size 9 shoes are all these ones here." David pointed to a large area of shelves on one side. "Help yourself while I quickly shut up the front of the shop and let security know that I will be working late."

With that David was gone. Chloe breathed deeply, in part to relish the moment in this inner sanctum which was a heady pleasure and in part because her heart was beating faster than normal. Should she really be in this situation, was she safe, what were David's intentions and did she care?

Over the next 10 minutes she found dozens of shoes she wanted to try and when David came back she was sitting almost hidden behind a wall of boxes. He stopped and laughed heartily.

"You really do like shoe shopping don't you. Well I did offer." with that he knelt at her feet and started with the first pair.

Over the next hour Chloe tried at least 20 pairs and set aside 4 she wanted to try again and would consider buying. During this time David continued to hold her legs as shoes were put on and taken off, getting more and more sensual and more and more obvious in his attentions. Chloe even thought that he was sneaking a look up her skirt when the opportunity arose.

Rather than being offended, she found this very arousing. She even found herself occasionally allowing her legs to part rather more than was strictly necessary and was definitely not lady like. She felt a little thrill on the occasions when she did this and knew that he had been able to look up the length of her skirt right to her stocking tops. She even found herself hoping that he could see all the way to the delicate black French knickers that matched her suspender belt.

There was now a very clear tension in the air, very sexual and very highly charged. There were also not very many shoe boxes left that had not been opened. Both were aware, rather reluctantly, that this secret pleasure was shortly to come to an end.

David picked up one of the remaining boxes and flipped the lid off with practiced easy, inside, wrapped in delicate tissue was a beautiful pair of 4 3/4 inch heeled black slippers with faux Marabou feather trim.

"Oh madam, I so like your taste. These are exquisite and will look fabulous with your long legs." David slipped them on one after the other.

"Please, you must let me see you walking in them." He was almost begging Chloe.

She rose elegantly to her feet, David sat back on his heels and she walked across to the nearest mirror. She proceeded to parade back and forth in front of the mirrors admiring the sandals from all sides but also making sure that her bottom swayed seductively while she did so.

She was, of course, very aware of David's gaze and was enjoying playing up to his attention.

"They are a delight, they so suit you, you simply must have them, they make your fabulous legs absolutely spectacular, irresistible."

"But not perfect. Something is not right madam, something should be changed."

David tilted his head to one side in thought as Chloe stood there a little deflated in front of him.

"I have it." David actually clapped as he said this. "These shoes, they are not for the office, not for public display, they are surely for the boudoir. These shoes should be worn with only the most elegant lingerie, with a floor length satin or lace gown. They should be worn to seduce."

"Really, are you sure David?" Chloe knew of course that this was right but there was a game to be played here, one that had started an hour ago without either of them acknowledging it, one that caused Chloe to smile inside and that gave her butterflies in her stomach.

A delightful, naughty, delicious game of seduction. Like a pavane danced chastely in Tudor courts through which there was an underscore of passion and surrender.

Now Chloe had a bit of a dilemma. Did David realise? Did he know her big secret? She had no illusions; although she was pretty passable, at well over 6 foot tall it was hard to be totally convincing.

She was really enjoying her evening, not just the shoes but David’s company too. He was nice, friendly not camp but not totally macho either, pretty much the right balance. He was a little older than her she guessed and had not gone totally to seed.

She decided to see where this might lead, to give him a chance to take it further.

Chloe put her hands on her hips and looked directly at David. “Oh I would love to wear these shoes dressed like that, that would be fantastic. But I don’t have an elegant gown with me.”

There was a tense, pregnant pause.

“But you do have the lingerie, do you madam?”

“Of course I do David, I always, but always, wear the finest lingerie.”

Chloe was u*********sly fiddling with the top button of her blouse and swept the other casually across the front of her skirt. She was just checking that she was not showing at all, the way the conversation had turned had caused her some arousal and although she was carefully tucked away she did not want to break the illusion just yet.

“Well madam, if you want to try them on as they should be worn then you have nothing to fear from me. I am the very soul of discretion and you have nothing to hide. Why do you think I sent Cathy home as soon as you arrived here?”

“You knew all along and said nothing, you bad boy.”

“Well I wanted you to enjoy yourself, I didn’t want to intrude and I was rather enjoying myself anyway.”

“Hmmp I thought I saw you looking up my skirt, you bad man. I don’t know if I should be offended or flattered.”

“Oh don’t be offended madam please, you are so pretty and elegant and feminine and ……well attractive.”

“Really? Well don’t just sit there like an idiot. Wont you help a lady out of her skirt? And by the way my name is Chloe.”

David stood, and went over to Chloe, he moved around behind her and undid the button and zip at the back of her skirt; he let it drop to the floor, enjoying the sound it made as it slid over the nylon of her stockings. While he was doing this Chloe had unbuttoned her blouse.

As she started to ease it from her shoulders he took it from her hands and eased it down her arms and off. She was now stood in front of one of the full length mirrors with just her matching black lingerie, sheer black seemed stockings and of course the black high heeled slippers.

Standing behind her, David was enjoying the view of her in the mirror, her legs just seemed to go on forever and she looked both elegant and deliciously sexual at the same time.

He gently placed his hands on Chloe’s waist and slowly moved them round until his fingers were either side of her belly button. She sighed luxuriously and leaned her head back so that it rested on one of his shoulders.

He leaned forward and kissed her very delicately in the corner of her neck where it met her bare shoulder. He turned his head slightly and repeated the kiss, moving up her neck to the sensitive skin behind and below her ear.

Chloe reached behind her and grasped David’s sides pulling him into her until she could feel his erection pressed against her panty covered bottom – where had that come from she wondered?

David’s hands slid down, over her panties to feel the bare skin above her stocking tops. As they move up her legs again his fingers curled round between her thighs then stopped as they reached the crotch of her knickers.

There, David could feel the base of Chloe’s clitty where it was tucked away so as not to spoil the front of her panties.

“I think this charade is rather unnecessary now don’t you think Chloe?” At this he deftly hooked a finger into the gusset of her panties and pulled them to one side so that Chloe’s semi erect clitty was released and immediately taken in David’s hand.

Chloe sighed, she couldn’t stop herself actually, the relief of being released together with David’s electric touch on her hardening clitty was most exhilarating.

With her head still leant back on David’s shoulder she closed her eyes and reveled in the stimulation. David was now slowly stroking her from the base to the very tip rolling her foreskin over the head before bringing his hand back so that the head was exposed and her foreskin stretched back down her shaft.

Each time this happened Chloe received a tingling stimulation which increased her pleasure until she was fully erect in David’s hand. She was also acutely aware of David’s erection pressing into the groove of her buttocks through his trousers and her panties.

She moved her hands until she could reach the front of his trousers. Her turn to undo the button and lower the zip. Without bending at all she dropped his trousers, they did not fall down immediately as the bulge at the front of his trousers did not allow but with a little wiggle of his hips they were down.

Chloe then hooked her thumbs into the waist band of his boxers and started to lower them too. To do this she had to bend over herself, which just served to push her bottom back into his now significant hardness.

His underwear joined his trousers in a pile around his ankles. One of his hands moved to Chloe’s back and rested there, letting her know that he wanted her to stay like that as he stepped out of his clothes. Still stroking Chloe’s clitty, David now started to dry hump Chloe’s bottom through her panties.

His cock was very slick with precum which was now being smeared across the back of Chloe’s panties, she could feel it as slightly colder and sticky and it made her feel totally wanton, she started to move her hips in response to David’s movement, rotating them and grinding her bottom back into him. David now held the base of his cock and guided it so that the head pushed between Chloe’s buttocks and against her closed ring and there he continued with his humping motions against her rocking back into him.

The roles in the room seemed to have reversed, the customer, once the dominant party, was now making little girlie whimpering sounds and the shop worker was no longer deferential, deferring to “madam’s” wishes but was taking control and forcing his will on the weak woman in front of him.

Chloe moved her feet wider and wider apart, as she was taller than David this meant that her bottom became more accessible, with her legs locked straight she looked fantastic and David was now rubbing his swollen cock head up and down her bottom smearing precum all over the back of her pretty knickers.

Reluctantly David moved back and away from Chloe. He sat back onto the seats where Chloe had previously sat, leaned back on one elbow for all the world like a Prince in his court.

“Alright then Chloe, let me see you work those lovely slippers, give me some catwalk, give me some wiggle, I want you to use those long legs of yours.”

Chloe smiled to herself – this would be fun. She tucked herself back into her panties and started walking up and down the small areas, surrounded by stacks of shoe boxes almost to the ceiling, admiring herself in the mirror and looking like a lingerie model at a Paris show. Crossing her feet as she walked to maximise hip swing, her shoulders back and her small chest out and her bottom standing out like an advert …. Which of course it was.

David was lying back and openly admiring Chloe, paying particular attention to her legs and her bottom – perfectly natural, as they were spectacular.

After a few lengths of the small “room” David sat up again and beckoned Chloe over to him. She stood, relaxed, about two or three feet in front of him. He reached out and took both her hands in his and gently pulled her towards him until she was standing right in front of him, her shins almost touching his knees. He looked up at her, towering over him where he sat and slowly let go of her hands moving his to the back of her nylon covered knees. He rubbed the sensitive skin behind her knees and then moved his hands higher up the back of her thighs, over the top of her stockings to the bottom of her panties.

Here he stopped, lowered his gaze so that he was looking straight in front of him at the front panel of her panties. Where one might have expected the smooth flatness of a ladies lower abdomen there was a most ladylike bulge with what appeared to be a darker wet spot at the top of it.

David pulled Chloe towards himself without unbalancing her and at the same time moved his own head forward until he was able to plant a delicate kiss on the front of her panties right where the apparent damp spot was.

Chloe moaned aloud and moved one of her own hands to the side of David’s head.

He kissed her panties again, this time using his lips and tongue to trace the shape of the bulge in them. More kisses, travelling up and down the bulge while his hands wandered freely over her satin covered bottom.

His hands travelled to the top of her panties and hooked into their waistband for the second time, this time he lowered them slowly until the tip of her erect and engorged clitty appeared in full sight. No sooner had it appeared then it was gone again but this time not hidden behind the satin of her lingerie but taken into David’s warm and moist mouth.

Another deep and a****listic moan from Chloe made it clear that this was much appreciated, David took her to the back of his mouth, rolled his tongue around her and then pulled back slightly only to bob back down its length again without allowing it to leave the welcoming warmth he was offering.

At the same time David lowered her panties over her suspender belt and stockings until they slid feely down her nylon covered legs to gather at her feet still in the beautiful heeled slippers.

After a few minutes of this attention Chloe started to move her hips with the bobbing rhythm of David’s head and was starting to moan continually, her clitty was as hard as it could get and she was clearly approaching a climax.

With a hurt and feeble groan Chloe put both hands on David’s shoulders and pushed him back while she herself moved her hips backwards her clit slapped against her stomach once it popped out of his mouth.

With one hand on his chest she then pushed him further until he was lying on his back on the seats with just his shirt and tie on – and of course his staff badge. His erection was sticking straight up to the ceiling professing he arousal in no uncertain terms.

With feline grace, Chloe climbed onto the seats with her knees either side of David’s legs she slid up his body, almost but not quite touching it, until she was able to kiss and nibble his little man nipples making them hard in their little nests of hair.

David let his head fall back and his eyes shut as he reveled in the attention. Chloe moved a little further up so that she could kiss David ever so gently and tenderly on the lips. At that same moment there was also contact for the first time between their cocks which both twitched at the electric contact. They moaned at the same moment and fell into a passionate and deep kiss, tongues exploring each other, cocks touching and pulses starting to race.

Chloe moved her hips forward so that the base of her bottom started to slide up the length of David’s cock until she managed to hook it under herself and feel it along the length of her bottom.

One of David’s hands held the base of his cock so that it stood upright and ready for her. Chloe knelt up bringing her hips further forward, now that she no longer needed to rest on her arms she was able to hold her buttocks apart so that the end of David’s manhood, slippery with precum, was now positioned at the entrance to her willing pussy.

Before coming out, Chloe had taken the precaution of putting plenty of lube into the entrance of her pussy, that together with David’s precum covered cock head should be enough.

She started to lower her weight slowly and gently onto David. He wasn’t too big so it wasn’t too painful …… and then he was in. Just the head at first as she got used to the feeling but it was lovely to feel a man in her again.

Totally in control of the situation, Chloe gradually sank further onto David’s erection, rising occasionally before lowering herself further still. Before too long she was resting on his thighs with his full length embedded in her. David was lost in the feelings of pleasure radiating out from his groin.

As Chloe increased the pace of her movements and started to ride his length he was able to reach out and stroke her body, running his hands over her stomach and up to her chest, then back down again to finally take her now semi erect cock in his hand.

Before long he had her hard again and he was given the pleasure of seeing her hard cock straining upwards as he was able to watch his own cock disappearing into her pussy. He loved to see it sliding in and out of her and feeling the delicious tightness of her at the same time.

Before they became too consumed in their love making David pulled Chloe down to him, like this he was able to kiss her deeply without pulling out from her. They kissed for a while and then he rolled her slightly to one side, still managing to stay in her, until she was now on her back and David was between her legs.

They kissed again, David now on top, he pulled away from her and encouraged her to open her legs as wide as she could and to draw her knees up towards her. Chloe put her legs around behind David’s back and hooked her ankles together. Like this she was totally open to him and felt deliciously vulnerable and feminine.

For his part, David was now able to control the pace of their love making and the depth of his thrusts. Before long he was taking full and deep thrusts and enjoying the feeling of bottoming out in Chloe so that she had every millimeter of him buried in her.

It did not take too long before he could feel his climax starting to build.

“Oh God Chloe, I am going to cum soon. Do you want me to slow down.”

“Don’t you dare, I want you to fill me, I want you to cum in me and fill me with your seed – fuck me harder David, fuck me and fill me.”

This was the last straw, with 3 or 4 more deep and long thrusts, David tensed, paused in his stroke and then started to empty himself deep into Chloe. There must have been at least 8 or 9 ropes and it seemed to go on forever, the pleasure almost unbearable to him.

With the last of his cum now deep inside Chloe, David leaned forward again and kissed her deeply with clear and unambiguous passion, his cock still in her but now unfortunately shrinking fast.

David rolled to her side, still kissing her and took her in a close and tender embrace. He popped out of her but continued to kiss and stroke her.

“My God that was fantastic Chloe. “

David’s stroking continued and one hand started to move round from her back to slip between them and head towards her clitty.

“Now for you Chloe ……….

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1 month ago
Loved the story, imagined my self there.
2 years ago
Enjoyed this story a lot. You captured many of the same traits I find alluring in shopping for heels as well. I may have never such an experience like this, but I can fully understand the attraction to heel shopping enfemme. It's amazing.