New Years Eve

A Owen and Eve short story

Story tags: M/F, Adultery, consensual,

10 am, December 31st

Eve finishes packing an overnight bag with everything that she needs for the night. Including a surprise for Owen. She had picked up a silky blue coloured teddy with matching thong, along with other fun stuff.

11 am, December 31st

Owen has finished packing an overnight bag for himself, then packs a bag with food, booze and pot, and heads out the door to where he will be house sitting for new years while his wife holds a girls night and told him to find somewhere else to be for the night.

12:30 pm, December 31st

Owen makes it to work on time, and walks past Eve's desk. They share a quick secret smile as their eyes meet. He heads to his desk and drops of his bags of at his desk. He settles in to work.

4:30 pm, December 31st

Eve and Owen both arranged to get off work early, they meet at the bus stop, he discreetly hands her a bus ticket and as the bus pulls up and comes to a stop they get on. She sits in the back and he sits behind her. He leans forward and softly whispers in her ear "I will tap your shoulder when its our stop ok angel" she nods her head in understanding.
They quietly ride the bus then as the stop approaches he taps her shoulder the pulls the cord to signal a stop. She gets off with the front door and he exits from the rear door. They both wait for the bus to leave then he steps close to her and wraps his arms around her and hugs her close, finally after a month of chatting and stealing moments together they are able to just be together and not have to sneak around, or hide their relationship.

They quickly walk to the house and get inside, the door is quickly closed and the booze is loaded in the fridge and the frozen pizzas in the freezer.

Eve sits on the couch and owen quickly joins her. The nervous tension of the past month fueling the desire between them, he turns to her, she turns to him, their eyes meet, they lean into each other, eyes closing, then in a magic moment their lips meet, a month of waiting over in an instant, his arms slide around her, her around him, he pulls her into his lap, she climbs into his lap, their love for each other grows and inflames them, their desire swells, and the kiss deepens. After forever has passed twice they finally break for air, "Wow" Eve says and Owen just smiles and grins like an idiot, his brain trying to catch up.

He leans in and kisses her again, his hands sliding down her back and cupping her perfect butt, giving it a gentle squeeze.

They spend the next two hours kissing and teasing each other, then their stomaches make hungry sounds, the mood broken for the moment, Eve gets up and heads to the bedroom with her bag and closes the door behind her and Owen starts to heat up the oven to cook the pizzas. He then heads to the bathroom with his pyjama pants and gets into them, keeping his boxers and under shirt on, wanting to keep his promise that he wouldn't start anything more than kissing tonight, not knowing that Eve had other plans.

He gets back out first and pops the pizzas in the oven and starts a timer for them. As he hits the start button Eve comes out of the bedroom in a heavy robe. Owen raises an eyebrow but quickly forgets why as she slips into his arms and their lips meet again, time just melting away.

The timer sounds after what feels like just seconds after being started, the 25 min has passed in a flash, he quickly gets out the pizzas and sets them out to cool, as he moves back to Eve and comes up from behind her, his arms sliding around her and his lips brushing over her neck, kissing her over and over. Eve just standing there and enjoying every moment of it, she then turns to him, kissing him to get his attention then asks "what movie you want to see?", he replies with "I'm not picky, what ever you want to watch". She gets a grin on her face as she heads back to the bedroom and grabs a pair of unmarked dvds. She pops the first one in and then pushes Owen back onto the couch and turns on the first one, but Owens attention is not on the screen, its on Eve.

She slowly starts to move with the music that comes on, her hips swaying as the bass line starts to build up, then as the bass line drops to a low sound she drops into a squat, Owens eyes catching a quick flash of blue fabric, she continues to dance and gyrate to the music, then she slowly un ties the knot in the cord keeping her robe closed, first one side is open, then the other. Owen just about passes out right there, the bl**d quickly leaving one part of his body and rushing to another, his eyes drinking in the sight of her perfect body framed in the blue silk teddy.

She slips back into his lap and they start to kiss again, only a few scant layers of cloth between them now, his hands rubbing and touching as much of her as they can, her hands doing the same to his body.

To be Continued....
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very good start