Bed time..(so I thought)!!

I was working third shift at a local convience store. Randy was still living with his Mom at this time. I would get off work at 7am and hang out there until 8 until his Mom would leave for work. Randy worked 2nd shift so he liked to sl**p in. I would use my key and slide in the back door. Usually he was still asl**p when I would walk in his bedroom.
I got there this one morning, stopping to make us coffee before heading upstairs. Usually he slept in boxers. I set the coffee on the night stand and proceeded to take of my shirt,jeans and sandals. Lifting the covers to slide in,I found a surprise. No boxers and a hard cock. As I looked at it, I hear him put out a giggle and then say, "I was waiting for you". What a nice morning surprise I told him. Sliding in, with the covers back.. I took his hard cock in my hands and started massaging it. Leaving over, I took the head in my mouth and sucked it in. Pulling him back out, I run my tounge all over the head and up and down his shaft. Reaching back, I unhooked my bra and tossed in on the pile in the floor. I felt him reach for my right tit and start to rub my nipple. I leaned over more to let him slide more of his cock in my mouth. He tasted so good. I start bobbing up and down on his hard cock, letting him pump it in and out of my mouth. I hear him tell me to lose the panties and turn around so he can lick my pussy too. That was all it took... Panties gone!!!
I turned and straddled his face. Going back to sucking on his hard cock, I feel him seperate my wet lips and slide his tounge in my pussy... He loved to nibble on my clit and make me moan. He slid in as far as he could and licked his way out!! He felt amazing. By this time, I was mouth fucking his hard cock so hard. I really wanted that hot cum out of it. He pulled his tounge out of my pussy and bit on my clit as he slid in 2 fingers. He started pumping slow while he was biting on my clit. I was so wet by this time. I start to massage his full balls as he slides in another finger. He is pumping harder now and i really want to cum so bad... i slide my mouth off of him and start pumping his hard cock with my hand.. I was giving it all I had and was so close to cumming when i hear him say... Baby... stop.. please. I stopped, looking back at him.. asking him what was wrong. Nothing he says, only I want to fill your pussy with my cum, not your mouth.
So with that, I moved off of him and was on all 4's! He got on his knees as I bent all the way over. He rubbed the wetness all over the outside of my pussy and onto my clit. Slowly, he slid his hard cock in me. He felt amazing. He sorta laid on me, reaching around and playing with my hard nipples. I fell him pull back and start pumping. As he is speeding up, I start to rub my swollen clit. We both need to cum so bad. He tells me that he has bought us something. With that, he reaches under his pillow and pulls out a 9 inch vibe and some lube. I was beyond excited to see it. With his cock still in me and me leaned over all the way, he opens the lube and puts some on his fingers and rubs it on my ass. He then lubes the vibe up, nice and slick. He closes the lube and tosses it on the night stand. He tells me to let him know if it hurts. I was expecting him to slide it in my ass. He rubs in on my ass and slides in down to my pussy. with a strong push, he slides it in my pussy with his hard cock. I was so full at thie point and wanted him to fuck me so hard. He started to pump me with his hard cock and the vibe at the same time. What a wonderful feeling. I was so full and about to cum for him. As he is fucking me so hard, I reach down and rub my clit. That was all it took. By this point he is about to cum too. He pulls the vibe out and slides to my ass. So easy, he pushes it in me. He got about 5 inches in and starts to pull back. I so moaned for him to give it all to me. He pushes again and got most of it in me that time. As he is pumping his cock in my pussy, he is also pumping the vibe in my ass. Within a few minutes we both explode. I had no idea that 2 people could cum that much. It was all over the bed. As we were about to move, he tells me to hold still. He pulls the vibe out and slides it back in my pussy. He askes me if I can hold it there. I am so wet that it was hard, but I managed to hold it in me. He pulled up a blanket over the wet spot and we laid down to rest. I laid with my back to his chest, the vibe still in me. His arms around me, I was so safe. I fell asl**p with his cock pushed up against my ass and the vibe in me. I woke up about 2 hours later to him sucking on my nipples and his hand pumping the vibe in and out of me.
So much for the coffee!!!!!
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2 years ago
great story
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Lucky Randy. Lucky you!
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ganz nett