Desert was great!!

I had been managing a well known restaurant for about 3 years when the supervisor moved me to another one to help it get its sales up. I liked it there, but it was not the same as my old one. I made friends with at waitress there named Debbie. We worked one really slow Sunday and spend some time sitting in the dining room talking. She starts to tell me about this one hot cop that ests there. He was Italian and about 6ft 3 and hot... according to her. I thought.. maybe the transfer might be a good thing.
That following Wed night, Debbie and I were closing.. She come running back to the kitchen, telling me that the hot cop was there and that I had to come see him. I walked out to the dining room to help her bus a couple tables to check him out.. WOW.. He was all that she told me about and more. Gary was his name and he had been a cop here for 6 years. Debbie intoduced us and we talked for a few minutes.. He was a real flirt and I have to say I did enjoy it.
He started eating there pretty regular and had i heard that it was only when he saw my car there. I didn't mind. He mentioned us going out a couple times and I kinda blew him off at first. I finally gave in and agreed to a dinner with him. We went out several times with only a good night kiss. I was beginning to wonder what the problem was. He came in on a hot Friday night and we were so busy.I did not get much of a chance to talk to him. We did both find out that we had the next day off. So we made plans to meet at 7 that night. All he would say was to dress casual.
The next day i wondered what to wear.I decided on a summer dress and some sandals. I drove to meet him and as I got out of the car I hear him say.. WOW. you look great.. He then asks me if i like picnics. I said sure. So we hop in his car and drive about 30 minutes to a nice secluded spot on the edge of his parents farm. He goes to the trunk and gets out a picnic basket. i see a samll cooler and ask him if he wants me to carry it. He says no.. that is for later.
We walk to a really pretty area and toss the blanket. He had bought chicken, potatoes, and mac salad and a nice bottle of wine. We ate and drank the wine.
We laid back was was doing some petting... kissomg and rubbing.. He was so hot by this time. I laid back on the blanket, and starting rubbing up my thighs. I felt him inching up to my wet pussy. He pulled my panties to the side and started rubbing my clit. I sat up and removed my dress. He seemed to love watching. He told me that he was going to the car for the cooler and not to move. He came back with it, sat it down and removed his shirt and pants. HOw nice that hard 9 inch cock looked... so hard.. He opened the cooler and asked me if I was open minded. I could hardly wait to say yes. He laid me back down and rubbed my clit and slid a couple fingers in my wet pussy.. pumping nice and slow.. Close your eyes he says..
I close them and hear him open the cooler. In a minute, I feel him slide something cold in my pussy.. He says.. don't look! I know that it feels like a banana and then i got a whiff of the peeling.. He goes down on me and starts to lick my clit and suck on the banana. He feels amazing. He eats that one out of me and I am so close to cuming. He tongue fucks me for a few minutes, telling me has more surprises. He gets another banana and slides it back in too. He has also gotten a large pillow from the car. He lifts my ass and slides it under me. He reached back to the cooler and got out a can of whipped cream. He inserted the nozzle in me and started to fill me up with it. The cold was amazing. He laid it to the side and got out choclate syrup and drizzled some all over my pussy and the banana. As I am so close to cuming, he dives back in and starts eating me out again. I tell him to turn so I can taste that hot cock. He turns I and take his cock in my hands and start running them up and down his shaft. I start licking on the head and sucking it in my mouth. He is so hard and his balls are so full. I know that he wants to cum so bad. He is loving his desert that he is having from my pussy. I can feel the banana slowly coming out as he is eating it and biting on my clit.
I pump on his cock, hearing him moan makes me hotter. Without moving to far, he reaches in the cooler and pulls out one last banana.. He peels it and slided in back in my wet, messy pussy. He pulls out of my mouth and turns to face me. He asks if i am ready to cum on his hot cock.. Fuck yes is all I could say. He slides his wet cock in me, with the banana in there. I can feel him mashing it as he is pumping it. He pulls my legs up, almost to my boobs and starts to pound me so damn hard. I can hear his balls slapping my ass and the banana squishing in me as he is fucking me. We kept this up for about 10 minutes until we both blew. As we lay there, with his cock still in me.. trying to catch his breath, I informed him that I now wanted desert. So I rolled him onto his back, stuck my pussy in his face and sucked his cock. I managed to get him to cum 2 more times and he did the same to me.
We cleaned up the best we could and drove to my house. We took a long shower together and I woke up the next morning with a hot Italian in my bed with a hard on .... Just waiting on me.!!!!!!

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2 years ago
MMMMM very hot and very sexy. Love this story!
3 years ago
very hot & naughty
3 years ago
dam baby ,,great story and sounds like a lot of phun,,dam spelling,,,keep him hard and wet ,,
3 years ago
It's spelled dessert not desert