first time

The First Time..........

We hadnt gone out for a while so we had decided to go into our local town and have a few drinks. We had been in a few pubs and the drink was flowing. We were just deciding wether or not to go into the club for a bit or if to call it a night. It wasnt that late and the club seemed to have quite a good buzz about it so we ventured in. That simple choice changed our lives for ever. Let me explain. Me and my girlfriend had always had some pretty extreme fantasies but one of them was to for me to watch her being fucked by a complete stranger. The thought of her being totally unleashed, her sexuality there for me to see in full effect was such an incrediable turn on. At first she didnt like us talking about it as she thought she would be cheating on me but i never saw it like that. It wasnt like she would be doing it behind my back and after all it was more of a fantasy then anything else. How that was about to change....

We entered the club and i headed straight for the bar. The music was loud as it always is in clubs and it was hard to even here what i was ordering from the bar. We did the usual and had a scope of the scene in front if us. It was pretty busy. the dance floor was pretty packed. Feeling the drink we decided to hit the dance floor. We held each other and danced away like we was the only ppl there. I decided i needed to nip to the loo so excused myself and fought through the crowd of ppl trying to find my way to the gents. On my return i was looking round. Couldnt see my Jo anywhere.

I went over to the bar to get some more drinks and see if it was a better vantage point to spot where Jo had wandered off to. I had just got to the bar when i had a tap on the shoulder. Jo had found me instead. We kissed and i was gonna ask her what she wanted to drink. Before i got chance to speak she introduced me to this guy who was stood near her. "Babe this is chris". I had never seen this guy before but i assumed he was an old friend of her. "Hi" i said, "Babe grab us a drink, I'm just gonna go over hear with chris" She pointed to an area of the club that was a little quiter. "Ok babe, I will come and find ya". I turned to the bar wich by this time had a little bit of a queue.

It took me a good 10 minutes to get the drinks but after i finally got served i went over to find Jo. I find them sat down in the quieter part of the club. I passed her the drink and she kissed me. Jo always seems to be more effectionate after a few drinks. Jo and chris was chatting away. I couldnt really tell what they was saying as the music still drowned out most it. "Have we still got some beers in the house babe" Jo asked. "I think so babe, What u got in mind". "Just think we could get out of here its noisy and cant really hear each other. We have some beers in the house we could go there and have a proper chat". "Ok". I said. At this point I still thought chris was an old friend or something and they was just catching up. We went outside and I held Jo close to me. It wasnt the warmest of nights and Jo was only wearing a fairly short dress. We hopped in a taxi and was back to the house in only a few mins.

As we got in the house Chris asked where the loo was. Jo went to get the beers as i directed him up to the loo. I went over to Jo as she opened the beers. I wrapped my arms around her from behind and kissed her on the neck. "Who's chris then?". "Ah, Well before i answer that i need to ask u something". "Ok babe what is it?" i asked nervously. "Well u remember how we talked about that fantasy we have?", " Yeah babe?", "Well i thought i would see how far u wanted to take it. I have no idea who Chirs is. I have only just met him tonight". For a few seconds i was speachless. I knew i had to think fast as chris would be back down from the loo soon. Jo quickly broke the silence. "If your sure u want this I want you to watch him fuck me. My mind was racing. I knew i had to think fast and answer quickly and is if to prompt that i heard chris heading back down from the loo. A smile drifted across my face. "Ok babe. As long as your sure though?". Jo turned to me and kissed me passionetly. My question was answered without a word being spoken.

Chris walked into the kitchen as we where still kissing. "Thats better" he says. "Ah the loo is free" Said Jo. "Wont be long babe, Get chris a drink and stick some music on". I passed Chris a beer and headed over the the stereo. There was a RnB cd in and i couldnt be bothered to try and find anything else so just hit play. I wandered in to the living room and took a seat in the chair. In the living room there is only a single chair and a 3 seater sofa so i knew Jo would have to sit with chris. I looked round as i heard movement from upstairs. Jo slowley started to head back down the stairs. She stopped mid way and lifted her the hem of her dress. She had taken off her thong and was showing me her bare pussy. I could see how wet it was already. As i looked back round i realised Jo had stopped at a point on the stairs where only i could see her showing me her pussy. Chris was blissfully unaware of what was about to happen.

Jo came finshed her trip down the stairs and grabbed her drink and took a seat beside Chris. I think Chris was a little bewildered as to what was going on but it was alcohol fueled and he didnt seem to mind too much. We sat chatting the usual rubbish about work and the usual stuff. All the time we are talking i can see Jo rubbing Chris's leg. She loves to flirt and was enjoying every second of it. The conversation came to tattoo's as Jo has quite a few visable ones. "I dont only have tattoo's, I have a few piercings too" Boasted Jo. "How u mean?" asked chris nervously. "Well i have my nipple and my clit pierced too. Would you like to see them?" Chris nervously looked over at me. "Its fine by me" I said.

Before Chris got chance to answer Jo had already lifted the Hem of her dress up showing chris her shaven wet pussy for the first time. Jo had been rubbing his leg the whole time almost touching his cock under his jeans. Chris's growing erection was becoming quite visable. Chris was speachless. He looked over at me again. I just winked at him and smiled. Jo grabbed his hand and slid his fingers over her wet pussy. "See i have a my clit pierced. Feels nice dont it". "God yeah" was the only words Chris could muster. Jo sat up a little, Turned to chris and kissed him. I could see the passion in her building like i had never seen it before. The lust she had for this stranger was intoxicating. She lifted her leg and straddled chris feeling his cock getting even harder under his jeans. She kissed him more before stopping to pull her dress over her head. Here was my girl completely naked sitting on the lap of a complete stranger. It was the horniest thing i had ever seen in my life.

Chris's hand started to move over her body as he started to relax. He knew he was going to fuck her sensless and the fact i was in the room was soon forgotten. As they kissed Jo removed Chris's shirt. I could faintly hear the unmistakeable sound of a belt buckle being undone. Jo wanted to see the cock that was going to fuck her. Jo stepped off Chris's lap and quickly removed the rest of Chris's clothes. Jo took a sharp intake of breath as she saw his cock for the first time. She knelt down beside him and took chris's cock in her hand. A smile creeped across her face as she looked over at me. With out speaking Jo looked straight at me and mouthed the words "I Love you".

As soon as she saw me smile she closed her eyes and took the head of Chris's cock in her mouth. Chris groaned as he felt my girls wet lips around the tip of his cock. It was such an amazing sight to see my girl so sexually unleashed. Jo took more of chris's cock in her mouth. Jo had always been amazing at sucking cock and i new what kind of experiance chris was having. "Does that feel nice baby" I said. "mmmmmmmm" was the only responce i got. "She loves sucking cock", "She's good at it too" Chris replied. The fact that i was in the room watching him being sucked off by my girl didnt seem to bother him anymore. I watched as Jo slowly worked on Chris cock. It was a little bit longer that mine and a had little more girth to it. Chris had moved his hand from Jo's and had inserted his fingers into her wet pussy. "God babe i want his cock in me". Jo had lost her inabitions. She stood up and facing me she straddled chris. "This is gonna feel so good inside me babe. Can u see". "Yes babe.It looks amazing" I replied.

Jo lowered herself down until the tip of Chris's cock was was touching her wet pussy lips. She grabbed hold of his cock and rubbed it against her clit. She looked up at me as she sunk the tip of his cock into her pussy. She lifted back up as she looked at me. Jo was actually teasing me. She sunk back down onto his cock a little more. She could see me smiling. "Slide it in babe. Slide that cock into your pussy" Jo needed no more encouragment as she lowered her self onto his cock. "God this feel good babe". "It looks amazing". Jo slowly started to slide up and down on Chris's cock. Her pussy was so wet i could see her juices had coated his cock. Her fingers where working on her clit as she slid his cock in and out of her pussy. "God im cumming already" Said Jo as her body shook and trembled as her first orgasm from this strangers cock flowed through her body. "mmmm Chris i want u to fuck me" Jo said as she lifted off of his cock.

She stood him up as she knelt down on the sofa facing me. Chris moved behind her and slid his cock back into her pussy. She reached out to grab my hand as chris started fuck her hard and fast. "mmm can u see him fucking me babe... God his cock feels so good in my pussy". I move from the sofa and sit in front of her. I kiss my girl pationatly as this stranger is fucking her. "God I love u babe." I was watching this stranger fuck my girl harder and faster. Jo's second orgasm started to rock through her body. She cried out, "Oh god I'm coming again" her hand gripping mine even tighter. She was looking straight into my eyes as her pussy squeezed this strangers cock as she came. "Oh god im gonna cum" cried chris. "I want him to cum deep inside me babe". Hearing this chris fucked jo harder ready to explode deep inside her.

"Oh god i can feel him cuming babe, He is cuming inside me...". The feel of this stranger cumming inside her sent a third orgasm rocking through her body as her pussy milked his cock. I kissed jo passionatly as chris slumped back on the sofa exhausted from fucking my girl. Jo turned over and laid out slightly.. I could see the cum dripping from her pussy. It was so horny. My turn i thought now.

I found some covers chris so he could sl**p on the sofa. Didnt seem right to be sending him away. I took jo by the hand and led her up to our bedroom. Jo was still very naked with cum dripping from her pussy. I quickly got undressed and we got in bed. Jo looked at me a little worried. "God that felt good, Are you sure your ok?" I looked into her eyes and stroked her hair. Kissing her i let my hand wander down her body carressing every inch of her. My fingers found her pussy i could feel how wet she was from there combined juices.

Jo still had a worried look on her face. This soon changed as her hand found my hard cock. She started stroking it gently as i kissed her again. I rolled her back and moved between her legs. The head of my cock psuhing at her well fucked pussy. "I Love you so much" I said as my cock slid inside her. I slowly slid in and out of my girl making love to her to remind her how much i loved her. An orgasm rocked through her body.

It had been so exciting watching my girl being royaly fucked I couldnt last very long. "Cum deep inside me babe, I want to feel your cum inside me too". I didnt need much more encouragement as i felt my cock pulsing inside my girl. Cumming deep inside her.

I slumped to the side of my girl. Still a little d***k but very exhausted. It was around 2am and had been a very long yet exciting day. We both cuddled into each other and very quickly feel asl**p. Images and flashbacks of the nights activities rocking through our heads.

I had woken up a couple of hours later. I turned round looking for jo but she was no where to be found. "Must have gone to the loo" I thought. I settled back down waiting to fall asl**p when i heard a very faint moan. I slowly got out of bed and moved as quietly as i could to the top of the stairs. Hidden out of view i could see jo. She was straddled over chris again fucking him for all she was worth. A wave of jealousy flushed over me, But rather than being angry it was turning me on again.

I loved seeing my girl being this sexual a****l. It was a whole new experiance to see her from this vantage point. I could just hear her whispering in chris's ear. "God your cock feels good inside me. I just had to have it one more time". Chris took the encouragement and and laid jo down on the sofa and climbed on top of her. He slid his cock deep inside my girl fucking her hard and fast. Jo's head rolled back her eyes rolling in her head.

Suddenly her eyes snapped into focus. She had spotted me at the top of the stairs. I Quickly smiled at her. A smile crept across her face as she closed her eyes and relaxed again as chris carried on fucking her deep and hard. I crept back to bed waiting for my girl to finish fucking her lover. There fucking had gotten a lot more vocal. I could here jo screaming as orgasm after orgasm rocked across her body. With me out of the way chris was going crazy with my girl giving her the fuck of her life.

Jo was in a real dirty mood. I could hear her telling chris how good it felt. Suddenly the voices stopped. Things went quiet fo a second or do. I couldnt imagine why they had suddenly gone quite. I didnt have to wait long for an answer. "God your cock feels good in my ass". They had stopped to slide chris's cock deep into my girls ass. I could tell chris was fucking her slowly at first But as the pace picked up I knew he would be cuming inside her again very soon. "Thats it fuck me hard" Jo cried. I heard chris moan as he dumped another load deep inside my girls ass.

A few minutes passed until my girl climbed back upstairs and climbed back into bed. My cock was rock hard. "I'm sorry babe, I was so horny i had to have his cock again. I tried to wake you but you was fast asl**p". "Its ok babe" I replied, " you can tell how horny it made me". She moved her mouth to my cock and gently licked the tip. It glistened from the precum as she licked the head before taking me deep in her mouth. I slowly fucked her mouth until i was at the point of no return. "Im gonna cum in your mouth babe". "MMMMMMMMMM" was the only reply. My cock pulsed as my cum splashed inside my girls throat.

It was about 4am so once more we slumped back on the bed and snuggled up with each other trying to get a bit more sl**p. It had been an amazing night and an experiance i never wanted to forget. Exhaustion got the better of us and we fell asl**p in each others arms. We had had some fun but the closeness of being in each others arms was amazing. Being able to share such an experiance but still feel loving and caring.

We woke up again around 9. "Morning babe" I said to my girl with a rye smile. "Morning babe.." Jo said with a little chuckle. I reached over and kissed her. "How are you feeling this morning?" I enquired. "Very fucked" Jo laughed. She sat up and threw a dressing gown on. "Coffee time i think" she said. "Good plan". I threw on some boxers and found my way to the loo. I wandered down stairs. Chris wasnt ont he sofa and i heard some moaning from the kitchen. I open the door to the kitchen to see my girl just about to slide chris's hard cock back inside her from behind. I wandered over to her and kissed her on the lips feeling her clit as chris's cock probed her pussy. "Sorry babe" She said. "would u make the coffee's. I got a little distracted...."

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3 months ago
Very, very hot!!
2 years ago
Get her best vibrator/dildo there is if she getting what she wants at home the no need for her go anywhere else
2 years ago
Nice story but thts not really good her going to fuck him whithout telling you, how do u kno she not going to do it all time.
2 years ago
Really enjoyed your story. Thanks for writing and sharing it. Have the incredible desire to watch my wife with another man.
2 years ago
Horny story, its nice to know what goes on in those pervy minds of yours. Thanks for sharing. x
P.S. I can be your bull
2 years ago
I have some ideas for more. They will be along the same lines with loving cuckold stuff rather than the humiliation stuff in the usual stories
2 years ago
Great! Very horny story. Got more?
2 years ago
Really good story! Reminds me of the one time I have been that Chris!!