Asian Checker

I've always liked Asian women. There was an Asian girl
in my high school that I always thought was the prettiest
girl in school. She didn't win most beautiful for the
annual, of course, because most of the guys were
seriously lusting after the girl with the biggest tits.

Also in those years I saw a girly mag with a pictorial of
an Asian girl that I remember to this day. My friend told
me I just liked her because she had her legs spread in
most of the pictures and there were some great pussy
shots. I think though that I just like the look of finely
featured and petite girls in general, and there are many
Asians who qualify for that body style.

Then, while I was in the military, I spent some time in
the Philippines and enjoyed the women there who really
know how to take care of a man in bed and don't make it a
big thing if the guy wants to fuck a lot. Also I like a
submissive woman and what I have seen and read of the
culture in Asian countries is that women do what they're
told. So it really pisses me off that all the Asian women
who come to the U.S. all of a sudden start acting just as
tight assed and bitchy as the American women.

But I do know at least one who will never be a prissy

After my stint in the military I came back to the States
and took a job as an assistant manager in a grocery
store. I hated the job because most of the people who
worked there were kind of low lifes and not very bright.
Most of the interesting people that I got to work with
were the high school or college k**s who worked part time
and needed a little extra money.

I was in my late twenties so they weren't that much
younger than me, and I hung around with some of them
occasionally and dated a couple of the college girls,
although that was risky and awkward since they worked for

After I had been there about two years the manager hired
a girl named Mai Kim who wanted to work as a checker
through the summer and then go part-time for her senior
year in high school. She was Korean and had been in this
country for several years but still had an accent.

It turned out that she was happy that she was allowed to
work because her father was really 'old school' and
strict and she wanted to be doing the American Girl thing
with and have the freedom of her own money and so on. She
was also absolutely beautiful. She had really delicate
features and was petite without being frail looking. Her
breasts were small but seemed to have nice roundness them
when I could see them outlined under her shirt. She was
shy and did not wear revealing clothes and she
immediately became my main fantasy girl.

I knew there was no chance that I would get to go out
with her. For one thing she was nearly eighteen and that
was a little too risky even for me. Also the more I got
to know her the more I came to realize that while she was
reserved and a little shy on the outside she also was
pretty proud of herself and could be a little bitchy.

It was obvious that none of the other employees liked
her, or she them, and on occasion I would hear her being
snotty to a sacker or another checker when she thought
they weren't working hard enough. She would occasionally
give me a snotty/uppity look when I was flirting with the
girls or chatting with the guys.

One time I put my hand on her shoulder and she pulled
away sharply and asked me not to touch her. I thought,
'Damn! What a bitch.'

Also she wouldn't go out with any of the boys and they
thought she was stuck up. I figured that her father
probably didn't let her date.

So we worked together through the summer and she got more
confident, I guess, and more snotty as time went on but I
still liked to look at her. After the school year started
she worked only two days during the week and usually the
weekends. She would sometimes ask off on the weekend for
school events and she took a Saturday off for her 18th
birthday party.

When she worked I would always assign her to the register
that was closest to the managers office because I could
then sit in there and look at her through the one-way
mirror while I did my paperwork.

One day shortly after her 18th birthday I was sitting
there when I looked up and saw that she was checking out
another really fine looking Asian girl. Needless to say I
was watching them pretty close when I realized that Mai
was only pretending to scan most of the girl's groceries
(actually mostly make-up and magazines).

She then took the girl's money for those few things that
she had really scanned and put it in the register just
like she had scanned the whole load. She then let the
girl walk out with a bunch of free stuff. I stood there
stunned! I could hardly believe that little miss prim and
proper was ripping the store off!

I started to keep an eye out for that other girl to come
in to the store again. And the next time she came in I
went to the office as soon as I saw her and focused the
stores video camera on Mai and her register.

Sure enough the girl chose Mai's line again and I got
really good tape of a fairly slick scam. As a matter of
fact I did this three times while I was trying to get up
the nerve to follow through on a plan that was forming in
my nasty little mind.

It was about a month after the first event and around
7:30 on a Friday night when I got the third tape. Mai was
scheduled to get off at 9 and at about 8:00 I called over
the loud speaker that Mai should close up her register
and come see me in the office as I had something for her
to do.

When Mai came in to the office it took her about two
seconds to realize that she was in big trouble. I still
had the camera pointed directly through the window at her
register and it was obvious that I had taped her little
larceny. It was her first time in the office and I guess
she didn't know it was a one-way mirror and I am not sure
she even knew that that is where the office was.

I didn't even say anything and by the time she had been
in there for ten seconds she was just standing there
bawling! She was so scared I couldn't believe it. I don't
know what I expected her to say or do but she surprised
me by immediately beginning to beg me not to tell her

I told her that I was going to have to call the police
and that I expected her parents would find out whether I
told them or not and she started bawling even more, tears
running down her face and snot coming out of her nose and
the whole thing. I was wishing some of the bag boys could
see her now. But I was just getting warmed up.

After letting her calm down a little I went over to the
camera and asked her if she wanted to see the tape and I
guess this embarrassed her even more and she started
crying hard again. Instead of taking the tape out of the
camera I turned the camera around and pointed it at her
and turned it on. The audio recorder was turned off so I
was getting silent movie footage of her crying so hard
she shook, and looking really sloppy.

She starting to really beg me not to call the police or
tell her father because he would be so mad that he would
beat her and probably not let her go away to the college
she wanted to go to. But I kept telling her that there
was really no way that I could let her get away with it
and after a while I could tell that she was becoming
resigned to her fate and was calming down.

After she had finally got herself mostly under control
she ask me in a quivery little voice, "Is there anything
I can do?"

And I said, "Take your panties off and give them to me,"
just like that.

She got this frightened and confused look on her face and
she said "wh--what?"

So I said, "Look Mai you know you're in big trouble and
have done something very wrong. Now you are going to do
what I tell you to do, or you can go to jail and I will
call your father. You are wearing a skirt and I want you
to take off your shoes and panties. After that we will
discuss the way it is going to be for a while."

She broke down again and this time she started to get a
little loud with her sobs. I told her that if somebody
heard her I would not be able to offer her the deal and
she immediately got quiet again and I knew I was going to
get my way. Finally she calmed down again and said she
would do as I asked.

But she was real slow getting started and by this time I
was getting worried that we would run out of time since
her father picked her up every night when she got off so
I told her to make a decision for real and move faster.

It was interesting how much effort she took to keep from
lifting her skirt too much as she pealed her pantyhose
off and then hesitated a long time before continuing with
the panties. She had to have an idea of what was coming
but I guess she wanted to keep her modesty as long as
possible. It didn't last long.

After she finally had her panties off she just stood
there letting them dangle from her hand so I walked over
and took them from her and put them on the desk. I told
her that in the future when she came to work she was not
to wear any panties and she realized that I wasn't going
to let her off with just that evening's activities.

I then took her by the hand and the led her over to the
desk. I told her that she was going to get used to me
seeing, and touching what was under her skirt and that we
were going to start right now. I pushed her gently until
she was up against and facing the desk. I then pushed her
upper body so that she had to bend over the desk.

She resisted a little but I kept up a firm push until she
was completely down on the desk with her butt facing me.
I put my foot between her feet and pushed her legs apart
until she was no longer standing. Her soft skirt was now
d****d over her butt and it had formed down into her
crack which was very nice looking so I studied her there
for a few seconds while she was getting even more

I then reached over and gently put my hand on her ass
over her skirt and kind of rubbed it around for a while,
pushing it down into the crack of her ass and feeling her
ass and pussy gently through the skirt. She was steadily
sobbing softly and jumped a little when my hand pushed
into her crack through the skirt, and again when I
reached her pussy.

After I had been rubbing her ass through her skirt for a
minute or so she once again began to quiet down. I came
to realize that the crying increased in volume when ever
I did something new but that as she got used to the new
thing she would calm down some to a kind of quiet
sobbing. So when she started to get used to me rubbing
her ass I said "OK, I am going to lift your skirt now and
play with your naked ass for a bit."

As expected the volume increased again as I said it, and
even more as I actually did it, but she didn't try to
move off the desk only squirmed a little. And man she had
a pretty little ass.

At this point I placed my left hand on the middle of her
back so that it would not be easy for her to get up and
started feeling her butt. She had narrow hips and enough
of a butt to be slightly round, but as she was bent over
the desk her cheeks did not meet in the middle and her
little brown asshole and part of her pussy were plainly

Some Asian girls are kind of darker brown down there and
this one had a light brown asshole but her pussy lips
were very fair and pink. I just stood there and looked
for a few seconds while I rubbed my hard cock through my
pants and then reached down and started to caress her
naked ass.

I didn't take long for me to move my hand from her ass,
down the back of her thighs and then to reach my fingers
between her thighs to touch her pussy. The sobbing
increased a lot at this point as I rubbed her pussy lips
and then tried to work a finger into her hole. It was so
small that at first I had trouble finding it. When I did
it was completely dry so I reached my fingers up to my
mouth to get some spit and then put it on her cunt and
rubbed it into her hole a little bit. After I got my
finger in her hole a little way it became clear, not
surprisingly, that she was a virgin. I knew that wouldn't
last long.

At this point I looked at the clock on the wall and
noticed that it was a little after 8:20. I felt like time
was running out since after I was done with her she would
need some time to calm down before her father showed up
so I decided to just fuck her like that, bent over my
desk, even though I wanted to see her tits too. So I said
"I am going to fuck you now Mai" and reached to unbuckle
my pants. She wailed, "No, Please!!" and started to get
up, but I pushed her back down and said "You don't want
to do that! Stay down there or go to jail, that's the

She bent back down to rest on the desk totally defeated
while I dropped my pants and underwear down around my
ankles. My dick had been very hard ever since she come
into the office and was dripping pre-cum from the tip. I
thought I might as well be nice and let her have her
choice so I took it in my hand and began to rub it up and
down along the crack of her ass, paying special attention
to her puckered brown asshole. All the while she had been
maintaining a steady stream of "please don't's" and "oh
no's" and so on while sobbing and sniffing.

As I rubbed my dick against her little brown hole the
pitch of her whining and begging went up and she added in
some rather f***eful "please not there's" so I said "OK,
pussy it is" and moved my dick down and started to rub it
on the outside of her pussy. With the pre-cum and the
spit the outer part of her pussy was by now quite
slippery and I had no trouble pushing forward until I
could feel the resistance of her hymen against the tip of
my dick and I kept rubbing it in and out and around her
pussy for several seconds.

I really wanted to just jam it in there and fuck her real
hard but on the other hand I didn't want to turn her
against sex completely or hurt her so bad that she would
need medical attention so after a while I said, "This is
going to hurt a little bit," and started pushing steadily
in deeper and then pulling out, in deeper, then out.

After several strokes I pushed a little harder on an in-
stroke and felt the pressure ease against the tip of my
dick. So I kept going in deeper, then out, and as I got
deeper I could feel some of her natural lubrication
starting to ease the way. Or maybe it was just bl**d,
because on the out strokes I could see bl**d on my dick.
By this time her sounds had changed. I kept listening for
a moan that might indicate that she was starting to enjoy
it little bit but to be honest it sounded more like a
quiet, high-pitched wail of despair.

When I finally reached the bottom and was able to make
nice full strokes I realized that I was going to cum at
any time, but I wanted to fuck her for a while so I tried
to think of something other than the sexy, tight little
virgin pussy that I was fucking, so I wouldn't cum too

I looked at the clock and it was a little after 8:25 and
I decided to try to fuck her until 8:35 and then cum,
which would allow her 25 minutes to clean up and compose
herself before Daddy came to get her. I thought about
grocery store paperwork, my car and some other stuff and
I maintained a slow steady in and out fucking motion
while she maintained a low whine that would increase a
little on the deep strokes.

I managed to hold off my orgasm until the clock hit 8:35
and then I grabbed her hips a little more firmly and
looked down at her ass-hole and started to pound in and
out harder and faster. It took only a minute of this
before I felt my balls tighten up and my cum started to
spurt itself out of me. It was so good having her tight
little Asian twat wrapped around my dick as I cummed in

I was pretty certain that she was not on the pill and
that I should pull out, but I just could not make myself
do it, so I pumped my cum up in her until she was full
and over flowing, so that I could feel the cum and bl**d
spilling out of her and down my balls.

When I was done cumming I pulled out slowly and looked
down to see her raw red pussy standing wide open and
dripping a mess on to the floor. By this time she was
just collapsed on to the desk crying and after about a
minute I went and got her panties and used them to wipe
myself off with and then used them to clean her up with a
little bit. I told her to get up and turn around and sit
on the desk.

She sat there for a while and calmed down and then went
to the ladies room across the hall to clean up some more
and wash her face. After she came back I told her that
she should tell her father that her register had been
short, she must have made a mistake, and that I had
really chewed her out and that was why she had been
crying. I also told her to remember that she was not to
wear panties to work in the future and that she could go

So, that was the start of it. I worried for a while, of
course, that she would change her mind and tell her Dad,
but I didn't hear any repercussions and the next time she
worked I checked and she was naked under her skirt. She
was nowhere near as confident and uppity after that and
would occasionally break out crying when someone made her
mad instead of getting all nasty and it was only a couple
of weeks before I decided to press my luck a little

I could go on and tell the whole story of how this
pretty, sweet, intelligent and innocent little ex-virgin
spent the next ten years of her life, but I think I'll
save it for another day.

I still see her on rare occasions but she doesn't have
any appeal to me anymore. These days she has that run-
down whorish look that I usually associate with I-HOP

87% (9/1)
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1 year ago
You passed up that little Korean bitches starfish? Do tell me that you hit it at a later date. I might have given her a Sophie's Choice situation. Risk getting knocked up and loss her virginity, or take it up the ass like the little yellow fuck machine that she is.
1 year ago
Great story. Really enjoyed it!!!
1 year ago
tell more