frist time with married lover

I met Peggy Lee online we got talking away and got to know each other really well souse to send each other pics and c2c so I was getting ready to go on holiday and did know what I was going to do for 7weeks so was talking to peggy lee and she said come over and stay with me in in Sharon so I said ok so packed my case and took my kilt with me so flew to USa and met peggy lee and stunning daughter sharon well we got home and we partyed til 7am next day and we where going to the shops and peggy lee husband robert said that he was going to the lake for the weekend and that we could stay or go well I said I just wanted to relax over the weekend from the jet lag so I went upstairs and fell a sl**p well I was woken up 4hrs later by Sharon sitting in bedroom fucking herself so i went to her door and she left it open there she was there lying on my kilt with a 10" dido fucking away getting so wet and shining with white cum come out of her young pussy well peggy lee came up saw me standing there with amassive hard on she whispered in my ear that she was wanting to suck my dick while i fucked her her daughter so I said only if sharon wanted to do it so we asked sharon do you want to ride my hard dick while mum licked it off and she said yes so I went laid back down and Sharon came out of here room with body of a goddess she lowered herself down on this massive dick as she lowered herself her mum started to lick it so it was wet for her so she came on my dick her tiny pusssy made like a suction cup she screamed her brains out as rode me for 6hrs with her mum licking her pussy and my dick well mum said that she was wanting some so I said go for it well peggy lee stripped and those 48dd with shining globes and tits as big as g****s hit my dick frist then oh my god her tight pussy just writing this her screams as my dick went in to her hittting her G spot and she shudded as she rode my big thick dick that night peggy lee came back for seconds and thirds we made love allnight and all day but that another story that I tell you if you ask the more you ask the more I tell you. [video][/video]
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4 years ago
Love the story very erotic