me and connor at the beach

well Connor always liked to parade me around and i loved it we would always be down by the beach together because he lived neat it one special night we decided we would have sex in as many places as we could all in public we went walking down the beach and he layed out a towel for us to lay on and as the sun went down Connor was sucking on my cock and nipples then he fucked me so gently it was amazing and everyone was staring at us but i loved it... Connor loved me to fuck him as well and i was a little taller then him but he was so cute to me i would love to embarrass him too but he wouldn't anymore after we were hanging out for a while.. i was standing on the main walk way leaning on a pole withe Connor was on his knees in-front of everyone he was sucking my cock like a slut and right as i was cumming i shot my load in his mouth then knelt down and kissed him licking my cum out of his mouth at the same time..i took connor into the nearest bathroom and started sucking on his cock and balls then i would kiss his neck and his nipples. he wold squirm and moan all the time. i sat down and he sat on my lap then i spread his legs wide and our cocks were just laying on one another ... once i lubed my cock up a little i slid it in and Connor screamed like a little girl .. i kept fucking him and i would hold his hands out to the side to keep him from stroking his cock .. me and Connor kept fucking in the stall , and i even opened the door.. people walked in and saw while we were fucking and we loved it... we loved one another and only wanted each other ... about a half hour of fucking a man walked in and pulled out his cock and said he was gonna make Connor suck it.. i stood up and slid my dick out of Connor , and while he was in ecstasy to my side i yelled at the man saying he was a perv (lol XD) and said he was harassing us and told him to leave.. by then Connor was awake and just looked at me in the loving way he always did and the only thing i could do was hold him..and after that it was almost 10 o clock and me and Connor figure we could fuck one more time and then we would go home and most likely fuck some more... i took Connors hand and with our cocks still hard from before we walked around trying to find the best place to have sex we could go in the movie theater we could have sex on the ride we could walk into a random restaurant or just have sex in the middle of the street..after a while i began stroking his cock and fingering his ass while we walked then he did the samw for me.. we sat down on a bench that is in the middle of a mall that is a block or two long and we sat there our cocks still hard infront of everyone.. i slippe his cock ot snd started sucking it the he was sucking mine and we were 69ing in the middle of the mall.. people were gasping and some were cheering us on as they walked by.. i told connor to fuck me over the bench so if they didnt know i had a cock they wouldnt see... connor loved to fuck and be fucked.. he bent me over and shoved his cock in my ass.. his cock was a little bigger than mine.. i loved it people were crowding around watching and cheering he was grabbing and slapping my ass as he pounded me .. people were taping us and i just smiled for the cameras.. Connor leaned over and whispered he was going to cum.. i knew it was gonna be fun to surprise everyone, and i was close.. when Connor began screaming and pouring his hot thick cum load in my ass my cock was beginning to pour mine out as well we stood up revealing my cock and my cum shot so far it almost hit some people .. we ran through the crowd with out cocks out and cum dripping it was so much fun :3
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2 years ago
Thats crazy, and i love the story thanks for posting
3 years ago
Wow what a trip thanks