my fun at the glory hole

without any girl outfits still ive always been sad that i cant go out as Ana and find some nice boy or girl to go home with and have them fuck me.. but today i found somewhere that had a glory hole near by..i was so excited to hear this because i could do everything i loved to do before.. i arrived around 8 seeking in and once i was in the room it wasn't long before i heard someone next door.. i was so nervous to say the least.. i hadn't had sex or sucked dick for three years could i do all the things i did before as well as i use to.. well anyways i heard someone walk into the room next to me and i saw the biggest cock ever slide through the hole.. i put both my hands on it and there was still some sticking out of them.. i was so nervous but i started licking the tip slowly ans stroking his thick shaft. he began pumping his hips, and i decided i was going to try taking his big cock all the way.. i wrapped my lips around his cock and began sucking and taking it deeper and deeper in my mouth.. i started remembering what happened with my first boyfriend .. but i took his cock deeper and deeper and soon i had his cock all the way to his balls... i felt his thick shaft choking me as it slid in and out of my throat.. soon i heard him asking .. let me fuck you .. i was so embarrassed because i usually warmed up to my dildo that was around his size.. but i took out a XL condom and some lube i brought and i smeared it all in my ass and on the condom. i felt him slide in me without even trying.. it felt so amazing having a real cock again.. i was on all four and didn't even notice what was on the other side of the room. it was another hole! i was staring into it while the man behind me was fucking me with his giant cock.. another one slid in the hole and almost hit me in the face when the man behind me was pumping his hips.. i didn't even think about what was happening and i warped my mouth around the cock in front of me.. i was in heaven my ass had a giant cock in it and i was being throat fucked by another man.. they fucked me for an hour like this and when i heard the men telling me they were going to cum i knelt down between the two of them and stroked their hard cocks until they shot their hot loads all over me .. it was the most amazing night ever.. but it also showed me how much i miss having a bf or gf that likes to fuck like i do.. i wanted to kiss and cuddle with someone once everything was over... i need to find someone that loves me
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2 years ago
I'll go with you
2 years ago
where is this gloryhole
i would luv to find one here in hollywood
2 years ago
Great story. If only i could be so lucky. :)
2 years ago
Beautiful story, i have been sucking lots of cocks on Gloryholes.
2 years ago
Well me would rather just get fucked its so incredible i cumalll over myself thanks great story