me and connor say goodbye..

Connor and i were f***ed to separate some time ago due to his f****y moving for work. he never specified where but when he told me this we only had a few days together before he had to leave.. we spent the next day trying to figure out if there was a way for us to have a long distance relationship, and we did our favorite thing to do which was to walk through sex shops together, and we saw some kit to clone a dick.. i got excited because i thought maybe i could give it to Connor as a piece of me so we would stay somewhat close... Connor didn't know i was making it but i had it ready the day before he left... two days before he left i just layed around with him holding him and kissing him as much as i could, and on the last day and night Connor and i wanted to remember the night for the rest of our life's. we started with our usual we kissed and held each other while our cocks began getting hard against each other.. and before we began i looked at Connor and said "i love you so much don't go" Connor replied "i wish i could stay with you forever..." we kept kissing and i almost cried. Connor dried my tears and began stroking my cock .. all i could do was take my mind off of what was going to happen by making this night the best it could be.. i layed down and pulled Connors cock into my mouth so we could 69.. i began feeling Connors cock swelling in my mouth, so i began fingering his ass.. i felt him jump when my finger slid into his ass.. he grabbed his fave but plug and sucked on it for a moment and slid it in my ass.. i felt it fill up my ass and Connor kept moving it around .. i kept fingering his ass, but i remembered something he was always trying to get me to do.. i slipped my cock out of his mouth and sat behind him while he was on all fours. h always tried to get my to lick his ass but i never did, but tonight was the last chance.. o buried my face between his cheeks slipping my tongue all the way into his ass, while i was stroking his cock.. all i heard was moaning and i saw him with his head on the floor... he mumbled "fuck me Ana please fuck me" i slid my slick cock into his wet ass hole and i saw him squirm and moan with pleasure. because this was our last chance i thought we could try something ive always thought about.. i lifted his ass in the air and stood above him. i managed to slip his cock into my ass while my cock was in his! he was moaning so much as i rocked back and forth.. and for the first time i began screaming and moaning with him along with talking.. "Connor your so big you feel amazing im my ass, and i love the way your ass squeezes my cock" he was screaming "yes ana yes your so amazing!" i felt my cock swelling as his did in my ass.. i looked down at him and said "please baby shoot your big creamy load in my ass" he listened almost immediate and cum began pouring fum his cock into my ass. i was moaning in pleasure, and Connor shot so much it began leaking out of my ass. it felt so amazing it made me do the same to him.. watching him squirm and orgasm under me made me feel so special and amazing .. he looked so cute and when he stopped i slipped out of him and he squirmed. i lifted his ass back in the air and licked all my cum from his ass, and while i did that he licked his cum from mine.. i leaned down and held him after we got it all out of each other , and we shared the best cum filled kiss ive ever had.. Connor layed there in ecstasy and i just sat there looking at his cute body.. i brought out his surprise and slipped it into his ass. i pretended to fuck him by moving my hips with the dildo i made.. i then left it in his ass and slid my cock into his mouth.. he looked so confused and surprised... "Ana .. how are you in my ass and y mouth at the same time?" i laughed and told him it was a surprise since we couldn't be together. he looked so happy and continued sucking on my cock... i leaned forward and we were 69ing again... but this time i was fucking his ass with my dildo at the same time.. after a little i felt him shoot a second load in my mouth , and after i swallowed it i said" you enjoyed your surprise then?" he laughed and said he loved it.. i slipped my cock out of his mouth and slipped it into his ass again.. by now he was nice and loose but he made me cum pretty fast and when i did i filled his ass with my cum, then i took the dildo and slid it into his ass too covered in cum.. i watched him squirm and scream in pleasure while i fucked him with 2 of my cocks i fucked him for an hour straight watching him cum 3 times in a row. after slipping my cock out the dildo fell out .. and i slipped my whole fist in his ass. i watched him keep squirming and moaning , but when he orgasmed he didn't cum and when i felt his balls they were so small ans light. around 4 in the morning we ran out of cum and layed in his bed cuddling until we fell asl**p... i wrapped the dildo with a letter in his clothes and then Connor was gone... and worse off i received a package from him containing the dildo i made and a letter with a fake return address so i couldn't contact him anymore.. Connor had left me...
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