me and connor at the movies

me and Connor loved to fuck around in public clearly from our first time.. but this time we were bold and wanted to be noticed... we walked into the theater and as soon as the lights went down we snuck up to he front just in front of the screen... and we layed down and started to 69 while the movie was starting... nobody could see us and Connor was especially excited and i had something special for him.. i grabbed his cock and said "shove it in me sweety i want to feel your cum deep in me"... he his cock deep in me and i felt his balls slapping my ass... i was trying to hold in my moans and screams so it would be a surprise.. i felt Connor already getting excited and swelling in my tight hole.. i smiled up at hims and said" is my ass really still that tight :3" he laughed and leaned over and licked my nipples then he moved up and kissed me shoving his tongue deep in my mouth... he went back to licking and biting my nipples which made me feel amazing..... he whispered in my ear "are you ready Ana im about to cum"... i was so excited and couldn't wait to surprise him so i squeezed my ass around his cock.. he moaned and i had to bite my arm to hold in the noise from him pouring his hot thick cum into my ass.. while he was out of it after he came i started playing with his ass.. i slid a finger in him and his dick almost immediately stood up.. i kept fingering his ass sliding in a new finger until my whole fist was in him.. i watched him squirm around on the ground and saw his dick start jumping... it was time to surprise him and the whole crowd.. i picked him up and we stood naked in front of the screen for everyone to see and i was fucking Connors ass , holding him by his thighs legs wide open as his head layed on my shoulder and the crowd stared at his cock jumping we both screamed as i poured my load into him and his cum shot out so far i think it landed on someone in the first few rows.. we ran out to his car as fast as we could. we kissed and licked each other all over.. we would defiantly be doing that again..
100% (9/0)
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1 year ago
wow made me cum all over myself
2 years ago
hot, i really want to fuck your tight hole
2 years ago
wow your stories make me horny lol
3 years ago
OMG that was so hot i creamed in my oanties thanks
3 years ago
wowthats a hot story ana can i be conner next time lol