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when i began dressing as Ana i had three sexual experiences one with girls and two with boys.. this is the experience i had with my second boyfriend his name was Connor and he was this cute shorter boy with longish brown hair and he was so cute. anyways when we first met i could tell he knew somehow i was a boy but he still loved me and kept trying to be my boyfriend. one night we were in a movie and he began feeling me up.. i let him do what he wanted while we made out because he never grabbed for my crotch that was until now.. he grabbed my cock but he didn't pause or was surprised , but i was embarrassed. he saw that i was and he began stroking it and said "don't worry Ana i always knew you had a cock that's why i think your so sexy" i smiled and blushed so much you could see my red face in the dark while he was kissing and stroking my growing dick and i began pulling his dick out of his shorts because it was just begging to come out. right before i was about to hide in front of his seat and suck on him he stopped me and slipped in front of me i was so shocked because the last boy i was with would never even get near my dick but Connor was about to suck on mine... he smiled up at me and licked the tip which made me grab the arm rests.. i sat back in the chair spasming from the pleasure every now and again. he sucked me like hed done it before.. he was playing with my balls and taking it all into his mouth. he was making me feel amazing he was the first person to suck me off and i was about to cum.. i started shaking and i heard him moaning while m hot cum poured into his mouth. when he got up i was still out of it and he lifted a few arm rests and he layed right on top of me and before i knew it he was kissing me and shoving my cum from his mouth into mine.. i was so amazing i still dream of it. when we left he still had some cum on his chin and i licked it off so no one would know.. he looked at me and took my hand to his car .. on the way to his house i leaned over and started sucking on his cock and i returned the favor by playing with his balls.. by this time my last boyfriend had f***ed my to take his big cock in my mouth and ass so Connors was no problem to take. i was stroking and sucking on it and i could tell he was close .. he layed his hand on my head and whispered into my ear asking me if i would slip a finger into his ass.. i was shocked and surprised that he would ask that .. i listened and liked my finger and slipped it into his tight hole and felt around it was so warm and soft but there was this hard spot that was where the back of his cock would be.. i noticed he would jump a little when i touched it.. so i started rubbing and pressing it while i was deep throating his cock. right as we pulled up to his house i felt him pour so much cum into my mouth.. he came more then than ive ever seen. i slurped up all that i could and then he picked my face up and said lets go inside and he smiled. we ended up in his bedroom naked and he pulled out a box which had a few plugs and a small dildo i wasn't as surprised at this after what he asked .. hi asked me if i would bend over for him.. i listed thinking he was going to fuck me but he slipped a vibrating plug into my ass which felt amazing. i turned around and he slipped a condom on me and asked if i knew what he wanted.. i was embarrassed and excited because this would be the first time i would get to do the fucking.. he leaned back and lifted his legs in the air.. i saw his clean shaved hole and he looked at me ask asked "Ana pleas shove your cock in me" for the first time i felt the warmth of his tight hole wrapped around me. it felt so amazing and he just kept moaning and shaking as i fucked him and i was having an amazing time with the plug vibrating on my prostate.. he looked at me and begged me to take of the condom so when i came it was in him.. i slipped it off as fast as i could and went back in. it felt so much better and it was a little dry so we had to add some lube. as i was fucking him i could hear my cock sliding in and out of him and i could feel his hole stretching out. i grabbed his cock and began stroking it as fast and hard as i could while hitting the same spot i was in the car in his ass. i felt myself coming close to cumming and he was begging me to cum in him. i started humping him so hard and fast you could hear our bodies slapping together, and when i finally blew my huge load in his ass his cum flew up out of his cock and hit me on the chin , and the rest landed on his face and chest. i slipped my cock out of him and a lot of my cum poured out too. he was laying in bed exhausted and i licked all the cum up off his ass and his body and face, and i shared it all in one big kiss with him... from that night on Connor would beg me for my cock every time we could fuck
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3 years ago
Fantastic, keep up the good work! x
3 years ago
Yes thats nwhat ineed a relationship thanks