Hooker enjoys strawberries and cream

The glorious spring sunshine flooded the bedroom with warmth, and golden rays fell across the bed, only

slightly filtered by the pale curtains.

Luke passed me a carrier bag as we entered the bedroom. As I opened it I saw a canister of squirty dairy

cream, a punnet of shiny red strawberries and a frosty cold bottle of Moet. I wrapped my arms around him in a

passionate embrace, savouring his warm moist tongue probing my mouth while his hands carressed my breasts

and stomach,then glided up my legs under my skirt and over my bare bum cheeks. I held him a little tighter

as I adjusted my balance so that I could open my legs as wide as my pencil skirt would allow while my right hand

reached between his legs cupping his balls and caressing his erection through the fabric of his trousers.

Before we got too carried away we pulled ourselves apart and sat down side by side on the edge of my bed.

I began opening the bottle of Moet while he pulled out two cigarettes, lit them both and passed one to me.

I passed him his glass of champagne and we toasted 'decadence and pleasure'.

After a couple of drags on my cigarette I put it on the ash tray and knelt on the floor between his legs, my

skirt riding high to reveal the tops of my stockings and my tiny thong. While he sipped his champagne,

I carefully unbuckled his belt, unfastened his trousers and slid my hand inside. With one hand I reached for

my cigarette and inhaled deeply whilst my other hand teased and tickled his bulging erection. I let my long

finger nails drag along the fabric then teased it aside so that my fingers were touching the smooth skin

of his cock. As he sipped his chammpagne, his breathing became coarse but he tried to contain his excitement

by continuing to smoke his cigarette and sip from his glass. I took another drag on my cigarette to prolongue

his anticipation. I picked up my champagne flute and dipped my index finger into the cold fluid then dripped

it over his smooth shaven balls slowly making them wetter, then began to do the same thing to his cock.

I watched with excitement as his face flushed with arousal then sat back beside him to finish my cigarette.

I knew he loved to be teased so that he never quite knew what the next experience might be.

Stubbing out his cigarette, he took me in his arms and as he kissed me, he pulled me down onto the bed so that we

were locked together in an embrace, then his fingers slipped up under my skirt again and pulled aside the

flimsy fabric of my thong until they were gently rubbing my hot moist pussy. My pulse was racing and my pelvis

was slowly starting to move with the rythm of his fingers. First one finger slid inside my pussy and my hand

slipped down to his erection once more, the anticipation of what was to come causing my pussy juices to ooze

onto his finger tip so that his finger was sliding in and out of me with no resistance. My skirt had ridden up

around my waist and my silky transparent blouse was untucked and tangled around me. His finger slipped from

my pussy to my bum and slid inside as I writhed in his arms. Without pausing I rolled on top of him and rubbed

my pussy hard on his erection, loving the hardness of him as it pressed on my clitoris. He bagan undoing the

buttons of my blouse and pinching both of my nipples between his thumb and index finger, the excitement

building to a point where I felt I might soon explode. I jumped off him and stood up. I took one last drag

on my cigarette and slowly and deliberately stubbed it out in the ashtray.

"I think we should take off our clothes", I demanded.

My blouse and bra were off in seconds while he still fiddled with his shirt buttons. My skirt fell to the

floor and I sat back on the bed to to slip my thong over my stiletto heels.

"Lie down", he said standing over me, then he reached for the canister of cream. He squirted it onto each nipple

causing me to squeel as the cold cream hit my hot nipples. Then he squirted a great dollop of the foamy cream

onto my pussy.

He took a strawberry and dipped it into the cream on my left nipple and took a bite, the pink juice shining

on his lips, then he dipped the remains in the cream on my right nipple and put the strawberry into my

mouth. As I chewed and swallowed he took another strawberry and dipped it deep into the cream on my pussy,

then took a bite, savouring the multitude of flavours from the strawberry, the cream and my pussy juices.

He took another strawberry and did the same, this time feeding it to me. I loved the taste of my juices

mixed with the other flavours. He inserted a strawberry between my pussy lips and bent over me to take it

into his mouth whilst licking the remaining cream off me at the same time. As I watched him licking me, I felt my

body flush and my pussy flood with the love juices which had been building within my groin.

Unable to resist temptation any longer, I rolled him onto his back and took his cock into my mouth. Sucking deeply,

I flooded my mouth with saliva and greedily opened my mouth and throat to accommodate his huge eretion.

I picked up one of the largest strawberries and bit off the top, then rubbed the chilled fruit on the tip of

his erction. I licked the salty fluid with the tip of my tongue then took a mouthful of cold champagne,

swilled it around my mouth then swallowed. I kissed his lips, probing his mouth with my tongue whilst rubbing my

pussy against his cock and balls. I pulled away and took another strawberry, again biting off the stem then rubbing

it against the tip of his cock. I took a nibble then rubbed it again so as to absorb the salty flavour of

his pre-cum. I greedily took the whole strawberry into my mouth then kissed his mouth whilst grinding my pussy

hard on his cock and balls. I reached behind me and took a large swig of champagne, then slid to the floor,

onto my knees and took his cock straight into my mouth together with the icy cold champagne. His gasp of

surprise came out louder than either of us had expected as his cock jumped further within my mouth, forcing some of

the liquid down my throat. I stifled a cough then began sucking him while his hands took firm control over my head.

my hair gripped in his fists. He thrust my head up and down with more and more speed as his aroused cock

bulged with the bl**d and sinews. My sticky strawberry fingers grasped his balls to try to stop him choaking me but

the heat of passion and the strength of his arousal was too much for me to control.

He took his cock from my mouth and slid down my body, then thrust his cock straight into my juicy hot pussy. I gasped

with surprise, pain, pleasure, throwing back my head and arching my back; I didn't know what had hit me but my legs

wrapped themselves around his waist and my finger nails clawed at his back as he thrust in and out of me, faster

and deeper with every thrust.

My groin was soaked with the cocktail of our juices, champagne, strawberries and cream. His cock slid out of my pussy

and with the next thrust slid staight into my arse. Once more I gasped with the shock of penetration. I could not

breath as my body greedily rose to take his cock ever more deeper into my arse. His head reared back and his neck and

face flushed to the shade of the strawberries as and again he thrust deep into my arse.

With a roar from deep within him and a groan from the depths of my soul we clung to each other as we reached

the most intense orgasm, our bodies rigid and grinding into one another.

After several minutes, we began to relax and his cock slowly softened inside my arse. I arched my back to release

him from within me.

Predictably, we reached for the tissues to stem the flow of fluids over my sheets, not that I was worried about

that, but as always the gentleman, he wiped his spunk from my arse and pussy before going to the bathroom to

take a shower and dress.

I lay back on my bed, my breath still rapid from the intensity of our passion. While he dried himself from

the shower I put back on my pencil skirt, blouse and stilettoes. I didn't need to put anything more on

before I said my goodbyes and went to take a hot steamy shower in readiness for my next appointment.
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