Whore becomes lesbian slave

This was a first for me. Mr A. had been to see me before and told me about this fantasy he had. I thought OK, Yes it it just a fantasy and would never happen.

Last night Mr A. phoned me to book me and tell me that we wanted to carry out his fantasy, he lives on a House Boat just outside of London.

I arrived in my high school uniform, you know the sort of thing, short skirt and white blouse. My black bra peeping through the thin fabric. I arrived and Mr A. ushered me in.

Mr A. told me to go up to the living room and wait there. After about 5 minutes the 2 women entered. I was then introduced to Amy in a pink thong and bra wearing a 12 inch strap on, then you had Denise in a white bra and panties with a pink trim. She had a 10 inch cock on her.

They told me to sit on the bed and being to rub my self through my panties. I sat down and lifted up my skirt, I began to rub my self slowly switching attention from the clit to the pussy lips. I began to moan and I felt my pussy getting soaked. After 10 minutes I was told to stand up and strip.

Now naked Amy picked up my knickers and sniffed them. Smiling to herself she said to me
"bend over slut". I bent over leaving my arse in the air. I was told to open my mouth and the moment I did it was greeted by inch of plastic cock. Then I felt 12inches thrust into my pussy. I screamed into the cock but kept sucking and began to rub my clit at the same time.

It wasn't long until I climaxed. Then any lay on the bed and I straddled her cow girl style and began to bonce on the cock. Now I had a pair of white, wet panites thrust in my mouth as the now naked denise shoved her 10inch cock up my arse!

I moaned and screamed at the same time as I took 22inchs into my body. I was still loud so I felt my own panties shoved into my mouth. Once I was spent I was told to suck the cocks clean. If i tell you the truth I love the taste of my own pussy almost as much as other women's.

I had to leave my undies behind, so when I took a taxi home the taxi driver had a great view of my naked pussy, which I aided by subtly spreading my legs in the back seat. He certainly enjoyed the sexy sight and I got a free ride home!

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funny and exciting