First time

The wait had been near painful, we have been texting and phoning for months, life has a way of taking priority over fun. But the wait was nearly over, I had spent hours getting ready and taking my time driving to the hotel and I was still early, what am I going to do for 2 hours!!
You had text me to say you were stuck in traffic and would be a bit late, keep myself amused. We had been arranging this for so long it seemed unbelievable it was actually happening.
I booked into the hotel room to wait for you to arrive.
I redone my makeup wanting to make sure I looked perfect for... I ran myself a hot bath and tried to relax in the warm soapy water, I found myself thinking about what was going to happen and began washing myself gently exploring every inch of my own body letting my hands linger on my breasts tweaking my nipples and then trailing them down to my aching clit and my pussy, eyes closed imagining it was you.

I stopped myself from playing and making myself orgasm wanting to save myself for you. I slowly dried myself feeling the roughness of the towel against the softness of my skin, I took a while drying my pussy pushing myself ever closer to orgasm and then stopping knowing that nothing would beat the feel of your cock as it enters me for the first time. Time was going so slowly
I was lying on the bed naked, face down on my stomach when you came in to the room, you did not say a word you just undressed and you climbed overI could feel your cock already hard against my skin you began slowly massaging my shoulders and neck placing kisses down my spine, slowly rubbing my back and working your hands down my body.
You applied some oil, rubbing it into my soft skin, working your way from the back of my neck, across my shoulders, down my back and pausing for a moment on my arse, massaging both cheeks, then down the backs of my thighs and down to my calves, and then slowly you worked your way back up, massaging up my thighs, just trailing your fingers across my pussy as you worked your hands back up onto my arse, slowly kissing my lower back, making your way back up between my shoulder .
I was really relaxed gently moaning as you continued to massage me, slowly working down from my neck, over my shoulders and then teasing passing down the side of my breasts,working your way down the middle of my back placing soft kisses on my cheeks I was aching for you to take your fingers down to my wet wanting pussy but no your fingers were just out of reach. You concentrated on the massage still straddling me; the head of your cock would just touch between my arse cheeks as you massaged my back I could feel your pre cum on my back.
I could not stop myself opening my legs apart and lifting my arse up just enough for you to see my wet pussy, I was so wet and was aching for you to touch whispered in my ear that you had not even begun to work on me yet, but you will.
I tried to remain in control as this is our first time together we have not had sex, and I wanted to have a long night of fun. We spend a lot of time apart and have text sex, but tonight it’s the real thing.
You carry on massaging me as I reach around with one hand and start to stroke your growing cock, slowly I tease it by rubbing it up and down my wet pussy, but I keep stopping short of letting you push your hard cock deep inside me, this drives you crazy and you have to stop for a while so you do not cum..
After a while we began kissing you run your tongue over my lips softly biting them and then you move down my body to start kissing biting and licking my breasts. I reach down and dip my fingers deep into my pussy then rub them on my nipples so you can suck them tasting me.
I sink my fingers back inside me again and then I covered your cock with my juices and then I begin to lick, suck and caress your hard cock.
I find it so horny tasting me and you on your cock.
I climb over you my pussy and arse staring at you straight in the face I slowly suck your cock, You start licking my wet pussy. You push your tongue slowly in. You spread my lips apart and ease in a finger slowly fucking my pussy; pulling it out and tasting it then pushing it back in then you continue to eat my pussy.
I am pushing my pussy back and forth as I continue to suck you.
You grab my arse and spread my cheeks and stick your tongue in my pussy then into my arse. Darting your tongue in and out of my arse, as I relax you dip in a finger into my pussy and then slowly guide it in to my waiting arse.
I slowly rock back and forth on your finger while at the same time you are eating my pussy and I am sucking your throbbing cock.
Suddenly you feel a finger at your arse as you relax I push a finger deep inside you I am pushing my fingers in you while my warm wet mouth is sucking your cock
You push another finger into my arse while sucking and biting my dripping pussy.
I am rocking back and forth on your fingers and you are ready to explode in my mouth I am now fucking your arse with two then three fingers.
We are both so horny i think we are going to explode if you don’t fuck me soon.
You reach down and squeeze out some pre cum from your cock and rub it on my nipples, then you lean over and suck it off carefully pulling on my nipples with your teeth, stretching my nipples and then letting go.
By now I am fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit, you continue to suck my nipples first one then the other.
I grab your cock and begin to lick up and down the shaft and swirling around the head before taking it deep in my mouth.
You then lay me on my back and push your cock into my pussy sinking in up to your balls. We start to fuck slowly at first then harder and deeper I reach down to play with your balls while you are buried deep inside me.
You lean down and suck and lick on my breasts. I whisper in your ear that I you to cum deep in my pussy, and that I want you to eat my come from my pussy afterwards
You ask what I will do in return; I said it depends on you, if you get hard again you can fuck me in the arse. I told you if you do not get hard again then I will fuck you in the arse until you do get hard again..
We are now in a fucking frenzy, I felt your balls throbbing deep inside me, as your cum explodes in my pussy .
As your cock stops throbbing and pumping you start to eat my pussy, I grab your head and f***e your face into my fucked pussy. I roll over and straddle your face, your cum is deep in my pussy and you lick and tease my pussy and clean everything that we have put in there.
I reach between your face and my pussy and finger myself while you lick and suck me. You push your tongue in deep and spread my lips apart so not to miss a drop of our cum.
You eat my pussy pushing your tongue deep inside me I can feel myself building knowing that if you carry on I will cum all over your face.
Looking down at your limp but slowly growing cock I decid that it is your turn to get fucked as you have let me down by not getting hard.
You are too tired to argue I roll you over onto your hands and knees and begin stroking your cock to milk out the last drops of cum which I stuff into your tight arse with a finger.
I then reach for the anal lube and rub it into your arse I then begin to ease in a finger, you were still a little loose from earlier as I work my finger in I apply more lube and then put in another finger, then another, three then four, you are delirious moaning with pleasure.
Your arse is getting used to it now as you relax,I reach for the toys, I pull out a small vibrator and it slipped right in so I get the next larger one and begin fucking you, I can see that you like it and that you deserve what is coming because your cock wasn’t hard for me.
More lube and I push a larger dildo into your arse, it is the same size as your cock, slowly it parts your arse and I work in the head and slowly drive it all the way, I then pull it all the way out and then slowly back in as far as it will go.
I roll you over onto your back working the dildo into your arse. I am now pumping the and out, stopping from time to time to completely remove it add more lube then sink it back in. Fucking you
I lower my head and suck your cock as I fuck your arse.
Your cock is rock hard,
You reach down and grab the dildo and stick it hard into your arse, while I suck and lick your cock.
You keep pumping the dildo in and out of your arse until finally it is all the way inside you I can feel your balls throbbing as i suck your cock ; I know you are about to come so I stop sucking you after all now you are hard you still had to fuck my arse!!.

You pull the dildo out and grab my hair pushing me down onto the bed, you tell me you are now going to fuck my arse!!
You rub lube onto and into my arse then you push your finger deep inside me, I cannot stop myself pushing myself back onto your fingers feeling them tight inside my arse, You pump in and out for a while and then bend down and flick my arse with your tongue making me groan with pleasure, you are so horny now. You place the head of your cock in my pussy and push it deep inside me pulling out you push it against my arse.
You start to push the head of your cock into my tight arse slowly start pushing it in harder and harder
Your cock pushes into my arse until you are inside me as far as you can go with your balls pushing against me, you stop for a second letting me get used to it then you pull all the way out just in time to see my arse close up and then you push your cock all the way in again repeating this time and time again watching as your cock slides deep inside of me.
I reached down for my rabbit and started to work on my pussy, I now had your cock in my arse and a vibrator up my pussy I was delirious with pleasure and my pussy was gushing,
You were finding it hard to stay focused and I could not stop squeezing your cock with my arse. We both held on for as long as we could you told me you needed to cum, I was so close I could feel your cock throbbing I screamed fuck me fuck me harder and you thrust as you could ,I was rocking on your cock when you exploded shooting your cum deep into my arse, I felt your hot cum as it filled my arse deep inside me, this pushed me over the edge and my pussy gave way to an explosive orgasm I could feel the cum as it ran out of my pussy onto your balls.
We both collapsed in a heap on the bed and stayed that way cuddling .
I must have fallen asl**p because a few hours later I woke up to find you tying my wrists to the bed posts!!!
But that is another story
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cool story tfs
3 years ago
Great story. One I'd like to experience! X