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[Story] Horny threesome for Roxy

Jane came into the room and was not happy with Ian. I threw the quilt over my semi naked body. Jane and Ian went into the bathroom to talk about the situation. She shouted a bit then cried then it went all quiet and I didn't know whether to get my clothes on or stay under the quilt.

After 15mins they both came out of the bathroom and Ian said to me "everything is fine now, Jane would like to have a glass of wine" Jane sat at on a chair at the dressing table right in front of me and Ian sat on the end of the bed. Jane was wearing a gorgeous skin tight short red dress with black suspender be... Continue»
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A hot threesome with Michelle Gold and another la

I knew I was due to stay the night in Stratford, East London, and having made a booking weeks back with my dear friend Michelle Gold, I wondered what extra spice I could add to the evening. I searched for other local ladies and sent a speculative e-mail to LTP. I was delighted by her prompt and positive reply and we teased each other with numerous suggestive e-mails and texts over the next few days - LTP enjoys such banter and it certainly adds to the spice of a tryst with the lady.

I reached the hotel ahead of LTP and she picked me up in her car outside to give me a quick tour of the envi... Continue»
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[Story] Punter becomes sex slave

Drewan had been getting hornier and hornier for Jess ever since he had found her on the Internet via one of her naughty blogs. They had exchanged several e-mails and then he spoke to Jess on the phone. D was captivated by J's sweet soft Highland accent - he had had lots of English ladies via AW, a few Welsh fillies and even a Sheila, but never any Scots lassies. Distance was obviously a problem, but eventually they agreed on a meeting at a chain hotel near Glasgow, which they could both reach by road. Obviously it would need to be an overnighter, and Jess promised a hot one!

D became more a... Continue»
Posted by drewan 2 years ago

[Story] Lingerie party

I was running late as usual! I just couldn't seem to get anywhere on time this week. Why in the world did i ever agree to attend a lingerie party at Cathy's house? With Frank away on business and it being a week night, i had had enough trouble finding a sitter for the k**s as it was. Now i was so tired and the prospect of watching a lingerie show was the last thing i wanted to do, but Cathy had invited me over a month ago and had promised an "interesting evening". How did i get roped into these things?!? Oh well, a few of our other friends were going to be there, and i hadn't seen some of them... Continue»
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[Story] Hooker enjoys strawberries and cream

The glorious spring sunshine flooded the bedroom with warmth, and golden rays fell across the bed, only

slightly filtered by the pale curtains.

Luke passed me a carrier bag as we entered the bedroom. As I opened it I saw a canister of squirty dairy

cream, a punnet of shiny red strawberries and a frosty cold bottle of Moet. I wrapped my arms around him in a

passionate embrace, savouring his warm moist tongue probing my mouth while his hands carressed my breasts

and stomach,then glided up my legs under my skirt and over my bare bum cheeks. I held him a little tighter

as I ... Continue»
Posted by drewan 2 years ago

[Story] Whore becomes lesbian slave

This was a first for me. Mr A. had been to see me before and told me about this fantasy he had. I thought OK, Yes it it just a fantasy and would never happen.

Last night Mr A. phoned me to book me and tell me that we wanted to carry out his fantasy, he lives on a House Boat just outside of London.

I arrived in my high school uniform, you know the sort of thing, short skirt and white blouse. My black bra peeping through the thin fabric. I arrived and Mr A. ushered me in.

Mr A. told me to go up to the living room and wait there. After about 5 minutes the 2 women entered. I was then intr... Continue»
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[Story] First time

The wait had been near painful, we have been texting and phoning for months, life has a way of taking priority over fun. But the wait was nearly over, I had spent hours getting ready and taking my time driving to the hotel and I was still early, what am I going to do for 2 hours!!
You had text me to say you were stuck in traffic and would be a bit late, keep myself amused. We had been arranging this for so long it seemed unbelievable it was actually happening.
I booked into the hotel room to wait for you to arrive.
I redone my makeup wanting to make sure I looked perfect for... I ran mys... Continue»
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